Betting On Super Rugby

Have you been wondering where to secure the best Super Rugby betting odds? Which is the best Super Rugby Sports Betting Sites?
Search no further when looking to bet on Super Rugby.

From January to June, the southern hemisphere’s best domestic Rugby teams meet again in what’s set to be another thrilling Super Rugby season.
The odds table shown directly above are the best available of all the Super Rugby betting odds, lovingly compiled by our team of odds experts and Super Rugby gurus for your convenience. Our panel only compares betting odds from Australia’s best Super Rugby betting site operators that qualify through our stringent in-house site review test of all the online bookies.

At BettingTop10 we show you;

  • Quality Super Rugby betting tips and betting sites.
  • A professional Super Rugby betting strategy based on securing the best Super Rugby betting odds at all times.

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How to choose the best betting site to bet on Super Rugby?

Of course, you’ll want to use only the best Super Rugby betting sites as you seek to implement your personalised winning Super Rugby betting strategy. Our panel of impartial experts has uncovered that the secret to that process is to make sure that without fail you place your bets at only the very best Super Rugby betting odds available so that you always give yourself the best opportunity to maximise each punt you make.

What makes up the very best Super Rugby betting site? At BettingTop10, we consider a number of unique Super Rugby betting components;

  • Along with the European Rugby Champions Cup, Super Rugby is the world’s most attack-minded tournament and at times, defence-free Rugby competition. As a result, we find the best Super Rugby betting sites, that can provide you the best Super Rugby betting odds in the attacking/offensive categories like most offloads, most line breaks, fewest kick metres gained and of course, top try scorer betting markets.
  • A compilation of Super Rugby betting sites that offer tipping advice and weekly blogs, that neatly complement BettingTop10’s own weekly expert Super Rugby predictions.
  • Our chosen betting sites offer quality Super Rugby betting odds for upset winners. Remember the Jaguares storming into the Super Rugby title in 2019? The strength of the Super Rugby competition these days means any side can beat another on its day, and when it does so expectedly, you’ll want to make as much profit as you can by accessing great underdog Super Rugby betting odds.
  • Super Rugby titles are usually won by the most attacking teams and players. At BettingTop10, we unearth the Super Rugby betting sites with the best Super Rugby betting odds on individual player and team prop bet categories in defence and attack, and;
  • With Super Rugby matches are frequently hidden behind the expensive pay TV wall, we’ll advise the Super Rugby betting sites that offer the matches on free live streaming for your viewing pleasure without needing to subscribe to an expensive pay TV service, or visit a pub or sports bar.

Super Rugby Betting Markets

  • Bet on any Super Rugby Match – 1×2 – (Win, draw or loss) – Wager on any Super Rugby match to win, lose or draw in ‘1×2’ betting. Suits those punters that prefer simply choosing the winning team.
  • Conference Champion Betting – Place your bets on which team will be the winners of one of the 3 Super Rugby Conferences (i.e. Australia, New Zealand or South Africa. Tip – Australia and South Africa are easier to pick than the strong New Zealand conference).
  • Over/Under Super Rugby Betting – A over/under bet involves a match bet to finish within a specified number of points or not. Over/under betting is great when a strong side plays a lesser team and the over/under betting odds can potentially blow out and open up your money winning opportunities.
  • Top Tournament Tryscorer – Place your wagers on which player will score the most tries in this year’s Super Rugby tournament.
  • Super Rugby Half-Time Betting – Super Rugby punters can bet on halftime outcomes with a range of updated betting odds, including 1×2 bets, totals, first try scorers and more.

Super Rugby Betting Specials

Each Super Rugby season special betting markets are available where you can enjoy a wide range of enjoyable and interactive prop betting options;

  • In-play Betting – Place bets on Super Rugby matches live at changing odds in real time (Due to Australian law – available by phone only after you have completed your online sign up with an Aussie betting site).
  • Anytime scorer – Bet on any individual player (even unfashionable prop forwards, hookers, locks etc) to score anytime in a Super Rugby match.
  • Double Chance Betting – A Super Rugby double chance wager covers two of the three possible match outcomes (lose, win or draw) all in a single bet. Usually better odds than a straight out 1×2 bet.
  • First Try Scorer – Punters predict which team, or player will score the first try in a match. Big wins can result due to the excellent betting odds available.
  • First Points Scorer – Predict which Super Rugby team or player will score the first points of any match (drop goal, penalty goal or try etc).

Super Rugby Outrights Betting

  • Outright Betting on Super Rugby Winner – Which team will win the Super Rugby title? The very best Super Rugby betting odds with the best potential returns are usually available before the tournament begins each season.
  • Top Super Rugby Point Scorer – Punt on which Super Rugby player will score the most points of the tournament each season.
    Tip Frequently the top point scorer is usually a goal kicker of one of the 4 semi-finalists (more often than not, a Kiwi!).

Best Super Rugby Betting Strategy

Each year, more and more major upsets are beginning to occur in Super Rugby, so you can pretty much rule out only betting on the big favourite New Zealand teams any more as your primary Super Rugby betting strategy.

As a result, the best recommended Super Rugby Betting strategy is to;

Win more on each Super Rugby bet. Ensure yourself the best Super Rugby betting odds every single bet by joining more than 1 quality online betting site.

Super Rugby Fixtures 2020

In 2020, Super Rugby begins early than ever before on 31 January 2020.

Key dates:

  • Super Rugby 2020 Home and Away Season – 31 January 2020 to 31 May 2020
  • Super Rugby 2020 Finals Series – 6-14 June 2020
  • Super Rugby 2020 Grand Final – 20 June 2020

Super Rugby Betting FAQs

  • Which are the best Super Rugby betting online bookies in Australia?

    BettingTop10’s recommended betting sites are all reviewed by our panel of impartial experts for and offer the most competitive Super Rugby betting odds in the business

  • What is a Super Rugby Multi Bet?

    Super Rugby punters must correctly predict the winners of two or more matches in a Multi Bet. All of your selected teams must win, or the entire multi bet is lost. You may pick 4 of 5 selected games correctly, however, such a multi bet is still a losing one. On the upside, pick all correctly for big wins at huge odds – great risk for big reward!

  • Can I bet on Super Rugby matches by App on my phone?

    Yes. BettingTop10’s recommended Super Rugby sites all offer Super Rugby betting markets accessible from an enormous range of mobile devices, PCs or laptops.

  • Is my money secure when betting on Super Rugby online?

    Yes. All of BettingTop10’s recommended Super Rugby betting sites are equipped with the advanced Secure Socket Layer (SSL digital encryption - just like your bank, Amazon, Qantas, Virgin etc) to protect all your data, money and personal details.

  • Which Super Rugby teams should I bet on?

    Up to you. You may want to bet on your home state team (NSW, ACT, QLD or VIC), but if not, you’ll need to check team form and how teams match up against one another each week. However, as stated earlier, beware that underdog upsets can and do occur. Check and/or sign-up to receive Betting Top 10’s news, blogs and predictions articles for all the latest Super Rugby betting information and team news.