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  • Banking Options
  • Mobile Experience
  • Payout Speed
  • Customer Support
  • Betting Experience
Overall Rating

Top Features

  • High betting limits
  • No bans on winning punters
  • Good racing odds
  • Easy-to-use website
  • Good website and app
  • High betting limits
  • Competitive racing odds
  • Multis and combination bets available
  • No live chat functions
  • Average sports odds
  • Could use more markets such as player props
  • Minimal payment options
Mike Jones
By:Mike Jones

Topsport has been part of the Australian betting scene for a long time, but it hasn’t traditionally been recognised as one of the major players in the industry. That’s beginning to change, with the experienced bookie making waves as one of the fairest going around, one that caters to both occasional punters and the big-time earners. Topsport is a betting site which ticks most of the boxes – reasonable odds, decent array of markets and solid customer service, and while they might not necessarily excel to the same extent as some of their competitors in many areas, they do manage to avoid too many deal-breaking flaws. In this review, we’ll break down in detail all the different areas of the bookie based on our experience, from what they do best to what they could improve, so let’s get into it.

Topsport profile

Website: Year founded: 1998
Company:Merlehan Bookmaking Pty Ltd Contact information/Support:
[email protected], or call 1800 TOPSPORT
Live betting number: 1800 TOPSPORT (1800 8677 7678)

Sportsbook License & regulation: Licensed by the NSW Government and regulated by Greyhound Racing NSW Sponsorship Deals:No sponsorships but approved wagering provider for AFL, NRL, Tennis Australia, Basketball Australia and Cricket Australia
Address/Headquarters: Miami, Queensland 4220 Features: High betting limits, rarely ban winning punters, wide range of sports
Deposit Methods: Debit/Credit Card, Bank Transfer, POLi, Cheque Withdrawal Methods: Debit/Credit Card, Bank Transfer, POLi, Cheque
Apps Devices: Available for iOS and Android Odds Providers: Topsport creates their own odds
Owner: Lloyd and Tristan Merlehan

Topsport Strengths and Weaknesses

On the whole, Topsport will cater to the needs of most punters, and there are few things that would unequivocally turn a punter away from them. As with all betting sites though, they have their strengths and weaknesses; let’s take a look at what they are.

✔️TopSport Strengths

  • High betting limits: This is the most commonly talked about strength of Topsport, and one which makes them a very attractive proposition for punters of all shapes and sizes. They’re renowned for their high betting limits and the fact that they rarely, if ever, limit winning punters, and this is almost certainly their biggest strength.
  • No bans on winning punters: How much this matters to you probably depends on whether or not you are a winning punter! Many consistent winners, however, do have issues with regularly being banned from various bookmakers – purely as a product of the fact that they win! Topsport generally doesn’t do that, making them a popular choice for pro bettors
  • Easy-to-use website: Most decent bookmakers these days have a solid enough website, but there are still a handful which are clunky and difficult to use, and this can be a major deterrent. Topsport isn’t one of these, and their user-friendly website is a definite tick in their favour.
  • Good range of different sports: If you bet on the most common sports like AFL, NRL and cricket, this probably won’t matter, but for those who like to search for a bit of value in the more obscure sporting events, you can do just that with Topsport.

❌TopSport Weaknesses

  • Average odds: As all punters know, while slightly varying odds across bookmakers might not have a major effect on small individual bets, their impact adds up over time. Topsport certainly isn’t the worst in this category, but they’re by no means an industry leader either.
  • Lagging markets: Topsport isn’t typically one of the first bookies to have markets up for events, so if you’re one to try to find value for an AFL match early in the week, for example, you might be better off looking elsewhere.
  • Could use more prop markets: Prop markets are becoming increasingly popular, with many punters recognising the potential value to be found on betting on individual player performance rather than entire matches. Topsport offers a few of these for major sports, but compared to some other bookies there’s not a lot on offer.


These strengths and weaknesses will likely mean different things to different people, and something which is a non-issue for one punter could be a deal-breaker for another. If you’re seeking to find value in prop markets or by betting early you might want to find another bookie, for example, but if you’re a big punter or a regular winner, then they could be ideal for you.

Topsport Full Review

Topsport has been around for more than two decades, making them one of the more experienced bookies in the heavily saturated Australian sports betting industry. They have not, however, typically been one of the bigger names going around, though they are starting to make a few waves now.

Far and away the most notable feature which separates them from other bookmakers is the fairness with which they treat successful punters. Where most other bookies place significant limits on bet amounts, Topsport – though they do have some limit – are very generous in this regard and for the most part allow big bettors to place bets of a size of their choosing. They also generally avoid banning punters who consistently win – you probably think that seems only fair and a rule all bookies should abide by, but unfortunately they don’t and as a result pro punters can have a tough time finding a place to bet. Topsport is something of a haven for these bettors, which is why major successful punters often choose them.

For your average Joe, this may not be a big issue – most of us aren’t trying to make a living this way nor do we bet hugely significant amounts. However, there are a number of other reasons to bet with Topsport. They perform well on most major metrics – their racing odds are usually quite generous, they cover a huge range of different sports, and they have a very user-friendly website and app.

As always though, there are some things they could improve on. The lack of a live chat function can be frustrating when you need immediate help on a minor query, while their odds for many major sports aren’t as good as some of the other major bookies. On top of that, while they cover a wide range of sports and have lots of markets, they could improve this element of their agency by including more markets that many of their competitors have, namely player props.

On the whole, however, Topsport is a fairly decent betting site and one which will generally cater to the needs of most punters. They are by no means the best in the business and can’t compete with some of the biggest bookies, but they are far from the worst either and will generally perform the function for which they are intended for most punters, particularly those with bigger bankrolls.

Topsport Overall Score

Betting Variety: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Good range of sports available, but prop markets on offer could certainly be increased.

Banking Options: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
They’ve got the basics covered, but in terms of the less common payment methods there isn’t a lot on offer.

Mobile Experience: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
TopSport has a very high-quality app which makes it easy to bet on the go!

Payout Speed: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
No major issues here – generally payouts are made reasonably quickly.

Security: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Again, no reason to complain. There is no history of security breaches with Topsport.

Betting Experience: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
For the most part, the overall betting experience with this bookie is a pretty good one because of the high betting limits.

Customer Support: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Another solid part of the site – good options and helpful customer support agents! No live chat though.

Topsport Racing

If you’re a racing punter, then Topsport should be able to fulfil your needs. Their racing markets are easily accessible, listed down the left-hand side of the page on a menu that you can toggle to from the list of sports markets. You can choose from ‘Next up’ or type of race, or alternatively you can select a day to see upcoming races.

If you click on ‘Today’s racing’, for example, you’ll see a list of all Australian races from today, with all international races underneath – a flag which accompanies each meeting tells you where in the world that meeting is happening and is a useful feature to make scrolling that little bit easier.

Generally they have all major meetings around the world on offer, so whether you like to bet on Aussie races or international ones, you should be able to find what you need. Another tick in Topsport’s favour with regards to the racing section of their website is the odds which are on offer – while their odds for individual sports aren’t exactly industry-leading, as we mentioned above, they do offer very good value for racing when compared to most other bookmakers.

On the whole, the experience you’ll most likely have when betting on racing with Topsport’s is a good one. It’s easy to locate the markets and scroll through the various meetings taking place around the world, they have a range of markets comparable with the best bookies, and perhaps most importantly, their odds are extremely competitive, making for a quality all-round experience.

Topsport’s Sports Coverage

The sports coverage available on Topsport is by and large very extensive. As always, you have the standard sports such as Australian rules football, cricket, rugby league and union and basketball, but where bookmakers can separate themselves from competitors in terms of sports coverage is in the presence of lesser-known sports. With sports like chess, futsal and even hurling, Topsport certainly does that.

For the most part, however, punters will be looking at markets available for the most popular sports, so let’s dive into some of them.

Topsport Australian Rules Football🏉

Footy, as it’s known throughout much of the country, is one of the most popular sports in Australia, and it’s little surprise that it’s subsequently one of the most bet on sports. Topsport’s coverage on it is generally very good – they do, of course, offer markets on all AFL games, but they also go a little deeper in offering markets on the major state leagues around the nation, such as VFL, SANFL and WAFL. In terms of the markets available on individual games they could certainly improve, but for their range of leagues and games, Topsport performs well

Topsport Cricket🏏

If footy is the sport of choice for many Australians in the winter, then come the warmer months most of them turn to cricket. It’s often said – somewhat facetiously – that the role of Australian Test captain is up there with the Prime Minister in terms of importance, and while that may be a slight exaggeration it is indicative of the popularity of the sport. Topsport offers a solid choice of markets here – any upcoming internationals involving Australia will always be available, as are some of the bigger domestic leagues both here and abroad. They could improve by including more internationals not involving Australia and more domestic leagues, but nonetheless there is enough to keep most cricket-loving punters occupied.

Topsport Basketball🏀

The NBA is increasingly growing in popularity down under, while the improvement of the NBL has also seen more and more fans flock to our local league. Topsport offers markets on all games in these leagues, while you can also find WNBA and various other markets. However, they do lack a little bit for markets on other major leagues around the world, many of which are offered with numerous other Australian bookmakers. If you’re just looking for markets on the biggest basketball leagues you’ll be fine, but if you’re after something a little more niche then you may have to look elsewhere.

Topsport Rugby League🏉

While much of Australia is fixated on the AFL in the winter, the north-eastern states of New South Wales and Queensland prefer to give their focus to rugby league, namely the NRL and State of Origin. Topsport offers a wide range of market on each and every game in both of these competitions, as well as many others, including the UK Super League and the smaller domestic events in Australia, such as the NSW Cup and Queensland Cup. Like with the AFL, they offer a lot of markets but are a little lacking in some areas – namely player props – but in terms of leagues available, there are more than enough to make them competitive with most other bookies.

Topsport Horse Racing🏇

We mentioned earlier that Topsport excels in their horse racing odds, and that’s a major drawcard for many punters. Much more so than for their odds available for sports, the horse racing odds that you will get with Topsport are comparable with some of the best in the industry, and as a result horse racing pundits are much more likely to flock to this bookie than are sports punters. Given many pro punters often do much of their work in the horse racing realm, the high limits and fact that they rarely ban customers makes Topsport an attractive proposition for these punters.

Topsport Sponsorship Deals🏆

Topsport doesn’t have sponsorships deals with specific clubs, but they are affiliated with a number of different sporting leagues. They are an approved wagering partner of the AFL, Tennis Australia, Cricket Australia, NRL and Basketball Australia.

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Topsport’s Best Sports Features

Topsport is certainly not perfect, but they do typically offer a solid all-round betting experience for the punter. And while there are a handful of things about this bookmaker which might deter some potential customers, they also have a range of great features, and these are some of the best of them.

High betting limits

As we mentioned, this is one of the major reasons why many of Topsport’s customers are drawn to them. All bookmakers limit bets at the high-end of the scale to some extent, but just how high those limits are can vary significantly. With Topsport that limit is very high, which makes them an ideal choice for bettors who punt large sums.

Bans on punters are very rare

In much the same mould as the high betting limits, this feature is what sets Topsport apart from other bookies for big punters. Bookmakers obviously don’t like losing money, but some people would be surprised by how trigger-happy they can be in terms of banning punters who consistently win. Topsport is a lot less prone to doing that, and as a result professionals and other winning punters often settle on them as one of their main bookmakers.

Live betting

Live betting is an increasingly popular way to punt, but not all bookmakers offer it just yet. Fortunately, Topsport does. They don’t have the most extensive range of markets here, but they have enough to keep most bettors happy, and the ability to punt on events after they kick off is a major drawcard for many potential customers.

Easy-to-use website

This might not exactly be a feature which is unique to Topsport, and there are many other bookmakers which also have high-quality websites that make it easy to get where you need to go. It is, however, a valuable asset for any bookmaker, and can easily be the determining factor in whether a punter chooses to use them. Topsport’s is very functional, with everything you need to find exactly where you would expect to find it, and loading times are generally very good.

Good range of sports

As with the above feature, Topsport isn’t the only bookmaker in Australia to offer a wide range of sports, but nonetheless it is a noteworthy feature. Their range of markets for each of them is not necessarily the best, but they do have the basics for virtually every sport you can think of, from the most common like AFL and NRL through to things like chess and hurling.

Topsport Betting Markets & Types of Bets Available

Above we went through many of the sports on offer with Topsport and how they fare in terms of the leagues and competitions offered for some of the most popular of them – now it’s time to look a little deeper. Some bookies offer very few different bet types, even for the most popular league, while others offer an enormous range, and this difference can be very significant for many punters. Topsport fits somewhere in the middle – there are plenty of other bookies who offer more in-depth market types than they do, but on the other side of the coin they are far from the worst. Here are some of the most common types of bets that they offer.

Topsport Betting Markets

  • Moneyline
  • Line bets
  • Half/quarter-time markets
  • Total markets
  • Player props
  • Alternate handicaps
  • Futures

Topsport Types of Bets Available

  • Single bets
  • Multi bets
  • Same game multis
  • Combination bets (doubles, trebles etc.)

Topsport Apps

It’s becoming increasingly popular among punters to use a mobile to punt, be that through the mobile version of a bookmaker website or, more commonly, the mobile app. As a result, virtually all of the best betting agencies offer high-quality mobile sites and apps which generally offer all of the same things as the website, but without the need to open up your computer in order to access them.

Like most bookies, Topsport has a mobile app for both iOS and Android, and they’ve recently updated it to match their website. It’s easily downloaded – just head to the App Store, Google Play store or wherever it is that you get your apps from – and you can start punting on your mobile within a matter of minutes.

The home page of the app closely resembles that of the website, only a little more streamlined to ensure it comfortably fits on the much smaller mobile screen. As with the website, it’s relatively quick and easy to navigate – you can toggle between racing and sports very easily, and should have no troubles rapidly finding what it is that you’re after.

Importantly, both the app and the mobile website generally run without too many hitches. You may think that should be a given, but unfortunately many bookmaker’s mobile programs have a tendency to lag and even crash fairly regularly, which can be particularly frustrating if you’re trying to make a last-minute bet. In our experience, the Topsport app and mobile site don’t have this tendency – they run smoothly and efficiently, and don’t seem prone to many, if any, significant glitches.

On the whole, this is a well-produced element of the Topsport experience. As with the website, it can’t claim to be a match for some of the best mobile designs in the industry, but in general it performs its function to a high level and rarely poses problems for punters, something which can be an issue with some other bookmakers.

💳Topsport Banking

Opening an account is easy enough – once you’ve done that though, you need to know how to actually get punting. With Topsport it’s fairly easy. A deposit button is easily located on the top part of the home page, and upon clicking on it you’ll be taken to a new page with a range of different deposit options. This range, however, is by no means as exhaustive as some bigger bookies – you’ve got the standard ones like credit/debit card and bank transfer, while you can also use POLi or cheque, but that’s about it. Most punters use credit/debit card, and for the sake of this review so did we. As with almost all bookmakers this deposit process was immediate, with funds landing in our account as soon as we deposited them. For most punters this is more than enough, but if you’re someone who uses the more obscure payment methods like some of the new ewallets that are out there, you won’t have that option with Topsport.

For withdrawals, you have much the same payment methods, but as is always the case with bookmakers, it takes a whole lot longer for the money to return to your bank account than it does to be taken out. If you don’t need the money too quickly this won’t be an issue, but if you want it within a few hours you’ll likely be left disappointed. We used the bank transfer this time – the money landed back in our bank account a little over two business days after the withdrawal, which is about industry-standard. It’s worth noting, however, that this delay is a function of your bank’s processing times too, so your own transfer could take a little less or more time.

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Topsport Customer Support

Customer support is an increasingly important part of any bookmaker. You might not think you’ll ever need to get into contact with your betting agency, but it’s not uncommon for issues to arise or for punters to have queries that are fairly easily resolved, so it’s imperative that you can easily contact your bookie without wasting too much of your day. Topsport does a decent job of doing this, but there is one major drawback to their customer support service, which we’ll touch on below.

To access your contact options with Topsport, there is a clear ‘Contact’ button at the top of the home page. Upon clicking on this you’ll be taken to a page with a list of your options, which are a toll-free number for people both in and out of Australia, a couple of different email addresses, a fax number and a postal address. The last couple of these are relatively redundant and won’t be used by many, if any, customers, but using the first two you will typically have your query resolved.

The lack of a live chat function, however, is a major drawback. The vast majority of quality bookmakers now offer this feature, and it’s generally by far the quickest and easiest way to have your query resolved. Emailing simply doesn’t offer the same speed of resolution, and though phone calls can be a little quicker there are plenty of people who would prefer not to have to ring up to get answers to minor queries. Many bookmakers make their live chat function very accessible with some even offering it 24/7, so this is an area in which Topsport falls behind and could significantly improve on in the future.

Topsport How to

In this section, we’ll walk you through the steps you need to take to undertake a variety of important functions with Topsport.

🔎How to open an account on Topsport

Whether you’re an experienced punter or new to the whole thing, you shouldn’t have too much trouble opening an account on Topsport and should be through the whole process, from pillar to post, in just a couple of minutes. Here’s a quick rundown of how it’s done.

  • Head to the Topsport website.
  • Click on the ‘Join’ button in the top righthand corner of your screen.
  • Provide your personal information, such as name, address and contact details.
  • Create your account details, such as your username and password.
  • Confirm the above, and you’re ready to deposit.
  • Verify your account by clicking the ‘My account’ tab.
  • Click the deposit button in the top part of the screen and select a deposit method.
  • Start betting!

🔎How to place a bet

Now it’s time to go into a little more detail about the last of those dot points – actually placing a bet. The Topsport website is pretty similar to many other bookmakers so experienced punters will have no issues here, but if you’re new to the game then take a look at the below rundown to better understand how to go about it.

  • Click on either the sport or racing tab on the left-hand side of the page.
  • Choose your desired sport or race meeting.
  • Select the individual match or race that you wish to bet on.
  • Take a look through the range of markets available, and click on the odds for the market on which you wish to bet.
  • That outcome will then be added to your betslip on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • Enter a stake amount into the relevant box.
  • Click confirm, and you’re away!

🔎How to request a withdrawal

So you’ve been lucky enough to have some success and want to withdraw your winnings but don’t know how to go about it. Fortunately it’s an easy enough process, and we’ll walk you through every step of it below.

  • Firstly, make sure that you have verified your account as above or you will be unable to withdraw.
  • Click on the withdraw button on the top part of the page.
  • Select your preferred withdrawal method.
  • Enter the amount that you wish to withdraw and click confirm.
  • The money will immediately leave your betting account, but your withdrawal will take a while to get to the bank. Make sure you check your bank account in the coming days to ensure it has successfully arrived.

Frequently asked questions about Topsport

Got a question about Topsport? You’re not the only one. Check out our list of the most frequently asked questions we get about this bookmaker below.

❔Do Topsport offer live betting?

They sure do. This increasingly popular way to bet lets you punt on events after they begin, and though Topsport’s list of options isn’t the most exhaustive, they do have a live betting function.

❔Do Topsport offer live streaming?

Unfortunately, they do not. More and more bookmakers are adding live streaming of certain events to attract customers, but Topsport is not yet at this stage and you won’t be able to watch any live sport or racing with them.

❔Can I put on multi bets with Topsport?

You can. To do this, all you need to do is add the markets that you want to into the betslip, and a multi option will appear below. You can also enjoy same game multis on certain events, while combination bets like doubles, trebles and more can also be put on when numerous markets are in the betslip.

❔How long does it take to sign up with Topsport?

Not too long at all. You simply need to click on the join button in the top part of the page, add the relevant details and away you go. The whole process should take no longer than a couple of minutes.

❔What are the odds like with Topsport?

It depends what you’re betting on. For most sports, they are a long way from the best bookmaker odds you’ll find and you won’t necessarily get the best value here. Their racing odds, however, are generally a lot better.

❔Is Topsport’s customer service any good?

It’s not the worst, but it could certainly be improved. The easiest way to get into contact with them is by giving them a call on the number provided on the ‘Contact’ page, or you can send them an email. The lack of a live chat function, however, can be a source of frustration, and their customer support could be dramatically improved by its inclusion.