NRL Betting Tips Guide in Australia

NRL 2018 Round 18 Preview

NRL 2018 – Round 18 Preview – Odds, Predictions & Tips

  NRL Odds provided by Betstar     Penrith Panthers ($2.00) vs Cronulla Sharks ($1.81) Panthers Stadium, Penrith – 13/07/2018   Tip – The Sharks to upset the Panthers as the Penrith become used to life with players involved in Origin. Could be a tight affair

NRL 2018 Round 17 Preview

NRL 2018 – Round 17 Preview – Odds, Predictions & Tips

NRL Odds provided by Betstar     Melbourne Storm ($1.52) vs St George-Illawarra Dragons ($2.55) AAMI Park, Melbourne – 05/07/2018 Tip – With both sides missing their State of Origin stars it could be a virtual toss up to decide this critical Top 8 eight tussle. Fortunately for the Storm, they have an old, wise head [&hellip

NRL 2018 Round 16 Preview

NRL 2018 – Round 16 Preview – Odds, Predictions & Tips

NRL Odds provided by Betstar       St George-Illawarra Dragons ($1.33) vs Parramatta Eels ($3.34) WIN Stadium, Wollongong – 28/06/2018 Tip – The Dragons, if their contingent of Origin players are not too sore or injured, to win quite easily

NRL 2018 Grand Final Top 4 Top 8 Odds

NRL 2018 – Grand Final, Top 4/Top 8 Odds, Predictions & Tips

With the National Rugby League (NRL) making the step of taking a one-week, mid-winter break for an unusually scheduled Sunday night State of Origin game this coming week

NRL 2018 – Round 15 Preview

NRL 2018 – Round 15 Preview – Odds, Predictions & Tips

NRL Odds provided by Betstar   Parramatta Eels ($3.40) vs South Sydney Rabbitohs ($1.32) ANZ Stadium, Sydney – 14/06/2018   Tip – It would be a serious shock if by some extraordinary chance the Eels managed a win. Souths to pour more pain on Parramatta’s dreadful season.   North Queensland Cowboys ($1.78) vs New Zealand Warriors [&hellip


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The NRL season is much anticipated every year. Each season we provide you with form guides, players transfers and injury updates, NRL betting tips, NRL odds, scores, NRL predictions, head-to-head results and different wager types in the NRL, State of Origin, and all the international NRL matches.

Ahead of State of Origin moving to Adelaide for one match in 2020, for those of you the AFL-dominated states of Australia, we even provide you with quick history section on the background of State of Origin and how it fits into the bigger NRL picture. Read on for our detailed guide for NRL Betting Tips, NRL predictions and NRL Odds in Australia.

NRL Events and Competitions in Australia

nrl ballsteeden

‘NRL’ is the common term used in Australia for Rugby League. It is by far the more popular of the two Rugby codes in Australia. The majority of all Rugby Betting made through reputable betting sites in Australia is on Rugby League/NRL.

The major Rugby League competitions and events are:

  • State of Origin – Between Queensland and New South Wales only.
  • NRL Premiership– 16 club teams from NSW, QLD and VIC battle annually for the right to win the coveted NRL trophy. Second only in importance to State of Origin, NRL Odds and celebrity NRL betting tips are scrutinised heavily as the best pundits (amateur and professional) make their fearless NRL predictions each week.
  • International Matches – Rugby League internationals are played by the Australian ‘Kangaroos’ Men’s Rugby League team and the Australian ‘Jillaroos’ Women’s Rugby League team.

state of origin players

The pinnacle of Rugby League and played at a higher intensity than the international game. Players from Queensland and New South Wales ‘leave’ their club NRL sides for 6 weeks, every mid-May to July and return to play for their ‘State of Origin’. The matches have their roots and results from a time (1956-80) when Queensland players were poached by the wealthy poker-machine funded clubs from Sydney and were denied the right to play for Queensland. It is war.

state of origin players 2

There are many smaller leagues throughout regional Australia. Check directly with your favourite online sports betting sites for NRL Tips, NRL odds, NRL betting tips and NRL predictions on the smaller competitions.

Understanding NRL Odds

The NRL odds allow you to calculate how much your payout will be if you successfully win your bet. In Australia, the bookmakers use the decimal system when determining the odds.

Using the example of an NRL match featuring the Brisbane Broncos against the North Queensland Cowboys. Hypothetically, the sports betting site sets the odds for the Broncos at $1.85 and the Cowboys at $2.15. The team with the lower dollar figure is the favourite. Simply multiply your bet by the odds number. A successful $10 bet on the Broncos will pay out $18.50, while the same successful $10 bet on North Queensland will pay out $21.50 if you’re a winner.

Betting sites provide several different NRL odds – Straight, line and the Margin.

The straight bet is simply picking the winner of the game.

The line, also known as the point-spread, gives or takes away a pre-set number of points. Using the example above, the bookmakers believe North Queensland is the weaker side, so they will “give” them extra points. In our above example, if North Queensland is given 6.5 points start, and still the lose the game by a converted try (i.e. 6 points) and you have bet on the Cowboys, you’re still a winner!

With a margin bet, your bet is on how many points the winning team will win by. The final score isn’t as important as the margin of victory, which is usually offered at +/- 12 points (Two converted tries).

NRL Betting Tips, NRL Predictions and Scores

Never underestimate the importance of doing your homework when making your NRL tips and NRL predictions.  Betting only on your favourite team, of course, is sports betting suicide. Examine the scores and results, and read the weekly team sheets, carefully following sports news trends and team momentums and check there are no players injuries that may affect your NRL tips and NRL predictions.

Popular NRL Betting Types

Every Australian betting site offers some type of NRL Odds. Here are some of the betting options you will come across with the best sports betting sites (outside of the most common straight bet, point-spread and margin betting options as outlined above);

  • First Try Scorer– This market is usually available on which team will get the first try OR on a specific player.
  • Head-to head most tries– This market pits two opposing players against each other, usually with odds, to see who gets the most tries in the match.
  • Extra time? – Will the game extend past the 80-minutes of regulation time into overtime, or in golden-point-extra-time?
  • Total match points– Over/under or the exact number of points that will be scored during the match.
  • First/second half points– The game is broken up into two halves. Bet on each half in isolation.
  • Pick your own line– If you aren’t pleased with the official line, some have markets that allow you to choose your own line bet.

NRL Grand Final Winners since 2010

2017 – Melbourne Storm

2016 – Cronulla Sharks

2015 – North Queensland Cowboys

2014 – South Sydney Rabbitohs

2013 – Sydney Roosters

2012 – Melbourne Storm

2011 – Manly Sea Eagles

2010 –  St George-Illawarra Dragons

State of Origin Winners since 2010

2017 – Queensland

2016 – Queensland

2015 – Queensland

2014 – New South Wales

2013 – Queensland

2012 – Queensland

2011 – Queensland

2010 –  Queensland

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