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Bet365 Review

James Salmon
By:James Salmon

Bet365 is one of the largest online bookmakers in the world, boasting annual profits far exceeding those of competitors and servicing over 30 million customers around the globe. The betting giant entered Australia’s virtual shores back in 2012, and has since become a favourite of many Aussie punters. They are an agency that tick all of the boxes – a wide range of markets, good odds, great promotions, and a functional and user-friendly interface on both their website and app. There are plenty of great betting agencies in Australia, but few provide an experience as well-rounded as what is offered by Bet365.

Founded 2000
Licensed Northern Territory license
Minimum Deposit $5
Minimum Bet From as low as $0.50 online.
Live Betting 1800 365 365
(0889 365 300)
Email [email protected]

Bet365 Site usability

The Bet365 website is one of the easiest to use of all the Australian bookmakers. Upon entering it, you’re greeted by a list of the next races to jump, as well as a list of the biggest upcoming sporting events on the centre of the page. As with most similar websites, a list of different sports are then found alphabetically down the left hand side, while an in-play tab at the top of the page lets you quickly find odds for events which are already in progress.

Where the website excels relative to its competitors is in its speed. Loading times are minimal and the most popular leagues and events in a given sport are listed at the top of the page once you select that sport, so finding your way to major markets is a straightforward exercise.

Perhaps the one area in which the site could be improved is in finding markets for the lesser leagues. College football, for example, comes second to the NFL as the most popular American football league, and to find markets for it you need to click on the American football tab then scroll through a significant number of different NFL markets before locating the NCAAF. It’s a relatively minor issue and one which could be improved by placing the extra markets for the top league in a drop-down menu, and it’s also indicative of the huge range of markets the website offers. Invariably it’s more time-consuming to peruse through markets when there are a lot of them as compared to smaller agencies who offer only a handful, so in that sense this issue is indicative of one of Bet365’s strengths.

Overall, Bet365 Australia offers one of the best betting agency site experiences. It’s fast, generally very straightforward to use, and makes it easy to access everything you need.

Bet365 Betting

Bet365 Horse racing betting


Horse racing is a feature of Bet365, with markets on all Australian races as well as plenty more from overseas. Betting on it is easy – as well as a ‘next to jump’ feature on the home page of the site, there is also a horse racing tab which allows you to scroll through all the Australian and international races coming up today and in the coming days.

One aspect of the interface here which is arguably lacking in comparison to some competitors is the fact that there is no way to easily see all the races which are coming up next once you click into the horse racing tab. There is a ‘next to jump’ feature at the top but there are only three races listed there and no ability to scroll further. Below that, each race is listed and the time it will jump made clear, but they aren’t chronologically ordered so finding the next races is a matter of scrolling through and manually looking at the times – unless you click back to the home page.

Aside from that though, betting on horse racing with 365 is a fairly seamless process. Once you click into a race both the fixed odds and the tote are easily accessible, and with features like the odds drift protector (which means if the fixed win odds of the horse you bet on drift after you place your bet, you’ll get the increased odds at the time of the jump should you win) and the fact that they offer returns from the top of the three national totes, you’re able to earn more from your wins than with most other agencies.

Horse racing is a feature of 365, so given they are one of the biggest bookmakers in the world it’s little surprise that this aspect of their company is very well-developed.

Bet365 Betting on sports

aflbettingThe range of sports markets available on Bet365 is virtually unmatched, with every sport that you know and love and likely a few more all available to bet on. From football and basketball through to cross country skiing and table tennis, Bet365 covers it all, and also generally boasts a wide range of markets on the sports and leagues it does offer odds for.

The site orders the markets in a relatively logical way. After selecting your relevant sport from the tab on the left hand side of the screen, you’ll be taken to a page with a few featured upcoming matches from that given sport, before leagues and tournaments are listed separately below, with the most popular taking pride of place at the top and the more obscure events found further down the page.

Overall, the sports betting side of Bet365 is a strength. There are plenty of markets on a huge range of different sports, the odds are up there with the best in the business, and your betting options are generally relatively easy to locate.

Bet365 App and Mobile Site

mobile bettingThe Bet365 mobile app might be the best betting apps going around. One of the biggest problems with the mobile app of many competitors is that they have a tendency to lag, which can be particularly frustrating if you don’t have a lot of time to spare. There is no such problem with this app. As soon as you click on something, it opens, and bets take just a couple of seconds to be placed after you click confirm.

Upon opening you’re greeted by an attractive home screen with information about the next races to jump as well as upcoming featured sport, as well as a list of popular sports you can scroll through at the top of the screen. Five tabs at the bottom of the screen enable you to quickly jump to your pending bets, in-play sports as well as a search function, while logging in, making a deposit, and checking offers or your betting history are all easily accessible up the top.

There is virtually nothing that you can’t do on the app that you can do on the desktop site – even live streaming for select horse races and sports is included on the app, so you can watch on the go. While it ultimately depends on personal preference, it’s easy to imagine that there are plenty of punters who use the mobile app in place of the website even if they have a computer available to them. It enables you to do virtually everything you can do on the desktop site, and makes it no more difficult to locate the various markets Bet365 has to offer.

Bet365 live streaming

Bet on Horse Racing LiveAs with an increasing number of betting services, Bet365 Australia now offers live streaming on select events on both their desktop site and the app. The bigger leagues like AFL and NRL aren’t available but there is still plenty of choice: the sports you can stream with them include select games from the world of soccer, tennis, basketball, squash, darts, cricket and snooker, while races from South Australia and Victoria are also streamed live.

As always, there is a caveat – to have access to the live streaming you need to either have funds in your account, or have placed a bet using Bet365 in the last 24 hours. This is the case with most betting agencies and isn’t a particularly difficult requirement to fulfil, but it’s worth keeping in mind.

Perhaps one of the only slightly irritating elements of Bet365 live streaming is the fact that often, videos begin automatically when you open a page, so if you’re at work or somewhere else where you shouldn’t be punting make sure you have your volume down! Aside from that, however, live streaming is a valuable addition to Bet365.

In-play betting

in play bettingLike with all other betting agencies in Australia, you need to physically call up to make an in-play bet with Bet365. This doesn’t have to be a major issue and the process is still relatively streamlined – upon clicking on the bet you wish to make, a pop-up will appear with the option to call an advisor. This can be done both on a computer via the desktop page, or through the app on another device, and in both cases you are given a reference number to quote once you connect to the advisor.

Obviously the major issue with this system – and one which all betting sites in Australia have to deal with – is the speed with which game circumstances and subsequently the odds change. As a result, it’s vital that the process is as fast as possible to minimise this problem. Bet365 generally does a decent job of this, however the time between when you click to call and when the bet is placed is certainly longer than with a couple of other agencies. They are far from the worst though, and the volume of in-play betting options is more than sufficient to offset this. Overall, Bet365’s in-play betting system is one of the better ones going around.

Bet365 Opening an account

bet365 reviewThe process of opening an account with Bet365 is a relatively standard one. A ‘join’ button on the top right section of the screen begins the process, and from there it’s simply a matter of filling in your details. For the most part these are typical of joining every betting agency – you’ll need to provide your name, date of birth, email address and a contact number, before coming up with a username and a password for your account. You also need to provide details of where you live – something standard across all betting agencies as the legalities surrounding what you can and can’t do vary from country to country and even state to state.

You’ll then be able to fill in a number of preferences – things like what type of odds display you would like, whether you wish to set a deposit limit, and what your time zone is – to customise your experience. Upon clicking the ‘Join Bet365’ button at the end of the screen, any mandatory fields which haven’t been filled in will light up in orange.

Identity verification needs to then be completed within 30 days. To do this, you can send through a scan of a recent bank statement or a utility bill, or you can also have a letter sent to the address you’ve provided which contains a code, though this option is a little more labourious.

Bet365 Banking

Depositing and withdrawing funds with Bet365 is a straightforward process, and there are plenty of options in terms of how to go about it. As with virtually every betting agency we’ve ever come across, the deposit button is a lot easier to find than its withdrawal counterpart! It can be located in the top right corner of the screen on both the app and the desktop, and upon clicking it you’ll presented with a myriad of options, from credit/debit card and PayPal through to wire transfer and cheque. The minimum deposit is $10, and with most payment options the money will arrive immediately in your account.

To withdraw, you need to click on the drop-down menu at the top right of your screen and select ‘bank’ before choosing ‘withdrawal’ from the pop-up menu that subsequently appears. This is similarly straightforward, though you cannot withdraw less than $20 at a time, a limit which is higher than on many other sites. Once you do withdraw, the funds generally reach your account within a couple of days.

The Bet365 Mastercard is another option for both deposits and withdrawals. Essentially, this acts as a secondary debit card which is more directly tied to your Bet365 betting account. You can link this card with your actual debit card, and make deposits to and withdrawals from your Bet365 account – much like a normal card, only with this one your withdrawals will be accessible immediately. You can then use this card to make withdrawals from an ATM, or make in-store purchases. To apply for a Bet365 Mastercard, select ‘Members’ from the ‘Services’ menu, go to ‘Bank’, then follow the instructions.

Overall, the Bet365 withdrawal and deposit system is about as simple as it gets. There is a huge range of options, and money is returned quickly to your bank account.

  • bpay
  • poli
  • banktransfer

Bet365 Loyalty programs

One criticism that is often made of Bet365 is that they don’t offer the same quantity of rewards for using their platform as what many of their competitors do. This is certainly true to an extent, and they tend to rely more on the multitude of other advantages which come with betting with Bet365 than trying to entice customers with particular programs.

That isn’t to say that there are no rewards for continued loyalty to Bet365 Australia. Intermittently, customers will have a small loyalty credit added to their balance for continually betting with them, and while it’s not a large sum it is a tangible reward for using their service.

Bet365 Customer service

As with all betting agencies, customer service is an important part of Bet365 Australia. The ‘contact us’ tab could be a little more accessible – rather than having it on the main page, you need to click either ‘Help’ or one of the options on the drop-down menu at the top right of the screen to access the options – but once you find it the options are aplenty.

Bet365 live chat is available 24/7, while you can also send an email or a web message if you don’t require an immediate response. If you’d prefer to speak to somebody in person you can also call up every minute of every day, while a post option is also available for those who need it.

The 24/7 options – live chat and calling up – are the quickest ways to find an answer to your questions, and generally the customer service team is fairly helpful. Wait times on live chat can blow out a little if it’s a busy time, but rarely will you be waiting more than a few minutes and in my experience your question will generally be answered quickly thereafter.
In all this is a well-developed area of the site. There is an abundance of options to suit a variety of different needs, and the most commonly used of those – namely the live chat – are an efficient way to find an answer to your questions.

Bet365 Reputations, security and license

Bet365 is arguably the biggest bookmaker on the planet, something which doesn’t happen without developing a reputation as a safe and reliable place to entrust with your hard-earned. Their home page has a ‘Responsible Gambling’ link in the top right corner, which takes you to a page that goes into detail about the risks associated with punting and the commitment Bet365 has to ensuring their customers do so responsibly.

Bet365 is one of a handful of major betting agencies which is a member of Responsible Wagering Australia, and the agency has a number of ways in which they implement this commitment. Deposit limits create a threshold on the amount you can deposit within a certain time frame, a ‘reality check’ pop-up consistently checks in if you’ve been logged in for an extended period of time, while time-outs and self-exclusion force you to step away for a while if you require. The Responsible Gambling page also requires information about how to contact organisations dedicated to help individuals with gambling issues.

Because they are such a big betting agency which makes a huge amount of money each year, there is no reason to feel concerned about the security of your funds – the company isn’t exactly dancing on the precipice of insolvency.

One blip on the reputation of Bet365 is in their tendency to prevent consistent, big winners from continuing to gamble with them. This is an issue with a number of agencies and Bet365 certainly doesn’t escape the heat, so if you’re a consistently successful punter this is something to take into account.

On the whole, however, the agency is successful for a reason. Your money and information are safe with them, and they have demonstrated a reasonably sound commitment to responsible gambling practices.

👨‍⚖️Bet365 Final Verdict

Bet365 hasn’t become one of the largest bookmakers on the planet by accident, and the Australian branch of their organisation is indicative of this. In a highly saturated market, they have separated themselves as one of the better options for a wide range of reasons, not least their array of markets and competitive odds. Their desktop site is intuitive and easy to use, while the betting app would be considered by many to be the best going around.

Depositing and withdrawing is easy, there are plenty of customer service options and their global reputation has been built in part through years of providing a safe environment in which to punt. Their tendency to ban winning bettors is one black mark on the company and one which has earned them some criticism from punters, but on the whole Bet365 Australia is up there with the best agencies in an increasingly competitive betting landscape.

Bet365 Review banner FAQ's

  • What is the Bet365 Bet Builder?

    Bet365’s Bet Builder essentially functions in the same way as a Same Game Multi, allowing you to combine different markets in the same event into one bet. This function has varying availability depending on the sport and putting together the bet is a little more cumbersome than with some other agencies, but the odds offered for these bets are generally decent and it still serves as a valuable addition to the site.

  • Can I still follow an event live on Bet365 if they don’t offer a live stream?

    Yes! This is one of Bet365’s best features and one which sets it apart from most competitors. If you open the in-play tab and click into a game, often this will open up a unique feature on the right-hand side of your screen alongside the live odds. Exactly what this feature shows depends on the sport, but in general it will include an image of the field and information about which team has the ball, where they are located on the field and what sort of play is in progress, and the graphic updates in real-time.

  • Can anyone bet with Bet365?

    As with all bookmakers in Australia, you need to be at least 18 years of age in order to create an account. Other than that though, it’s open slather. There are certain restrictions which apply from state to state which can impact the accessibility of specific features, but this won’t have a major impact on your betting experience.