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110% UP TO ₹10,100
110% UP TO ₹10,100
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Welcome Bonus 100%
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Bet 1000 ₹ - get 3000 ₹
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100% Deposit Bonus up to ₹2500
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$100 Deposit Bonus
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Claim your €25 Welcome Offer
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₹10,000 Bonus


If you take keen interest in sports, follow it religiously and can predict the results why not monetize your passion? Sport betting is a multi-billion dollar industry which is expected to reach $120 billion mark by 2022. The popularity of sports betting and cricket betting is soaring in India. While Indians have been late entrants as sports punters due to the legal provisions that made betting illegal in the country, in the recent years millions of Indians have taken to sports betting. The top sports betting websites in the world have their eyes on India’s large population of 1.3 billion. With thousands of Indians joining the betting craze every month it is expected to become one of the largest markets in the coming years.

At Betting Top 10 India we are one of the few websites that offer betting tips and ideas for India specific audience. We take pride in being the starting point for most Indians looking to try their hands in the thrilling world of sports betting. If you are planning to get started with sports betting we offer you the perfect platform to become a seasoned punter. We introduce you to the best betting sites in the world and help you understand the nitty-gritties of sports betting. From betting tips to IPL predictions and ICC World Cup predictions 2019 that help you improve your odds we guide you towards a rewarding betting experience.

The advent of sports betting has coincided with the growth of Internet access in the country. The best online betting sites in India let users put their stakes without having to step out of their homes and offices. It is possible to make deposits and withdraw winning amounts at the click of a button. Our detailed reviews and guides help you choose the best online betting sites in India. We take a look at their features and functionalities and let you bet on these sites without any trouble. If there are bonus offers on these sites we are the first ones to inform you about the same.

While cricket continues to be the most popular sports in India there has been growing acceptance for Football, Formula1, kabaddi and Tennis. With Indians travelling around the world and increased penetration of other sports at home by the means of televised broadcast the popularity of betting on other sports is also increasing with every passing day.

Ever since its inception, sports betting has come a long way. A large number of online betting sites have come up, trying to accommodate the increasing demand of users across the world. Although India is a relatively new market for online sports betting, it does hold the potential to consume a major fraction of online betting activity in recent future.

For a beginner, the sheer number of betting sites on the internet is enough to boggle his mind. This is where BettingTop10 India steps in. We cover important international leagues such as predictions for the Big Bash 2018 – 2019.

With years of experience in both real and online betting worlds, our experts offer thoroughly researched, curated content that not only helps you understand the nit bits of online sports betting but also helps you choose among the best online betting sites in India.

At BettingTop10, we strive to maintain high standards while providing the ultimate resource for online sports betting. Here you will find the top 10 betting sites in India, the best markets and competitive odds and the latest cricket predictions. It goes without saying that our recommended sportsbook brands are reliable, trustworthy and 100% safe.

Betting Sites in India – Growing Incredibly

Betting sites in India have been actively tapping the Indian masses in the last few years. With close to 400 million Internet users, India is second on the list of most active internet users in the world. This along with the passion for sports especially cricket that runs through the veins of Indians has made sports betting reach new heights in terms of popularity. Many betting sites started offering cricket betting in Indian rupees.

The best sports betting tips and the list of top sports betting sites in India is right here. Before you wager on a game don’t forget to check out on our tips and predictions. We will help you take the most informed calls and help you multiply your stakes always.

Betting Sites Reviews

  • Betrally Review - 110% UP TO ₹10,100
  • 22Bet - Welcome Bonus 100%
  • - Bet 1000 ₹ - get 3000 ₹
  • Betway - 100% Deposit Bonus up to ₹2500
  • Bet365 - $100 Deposit Bonus
  • Unibet - Claim your €25 Welcome Offer
  • Royal Panda - ₹10,000 Bonus

How Do We Filter the Best Sports Betting Sites

There are currently hundreds of online sports betting sites thronging the internet, looking to tap into the lucrative Indian market. Not all of them are safe, although they would certainly tell you so.

At BettingTop10, we have channeled our collective experience into curating a list of the best betting sites, so that you don’t fall victim to fraud.

A good sports betting site must meet certain criteria that guarantee quality and safety. Our foolproof filtering norms and assessment of key features make sure that all of our recommended sites perform optimally well and offer you the odds you seek.

  • Safety and security: We only trust websites that employ sophisticated SSL encryption and are liscensed and regulated by reputable authorities.
  • 24-hour support: Round-the-clock customer service with Live Chat, quick calling and email support are basic requirements for a good betting site.
  • Quick payouts: Payout speed is extremely important while looking for an online sports betting site. We acknowledge that, and choose only those sites that pay within a day.
  • Betting market: As a diverse sporting nation, India requires betting sites that offer a vast platter of sports as well as a wide range of betting markets in each of them.
  • Competitive odds: A betting site is only as good as the odds they offer.
  • Bonus offers: A number of sites offer great bonuses and welcome prizes with reasonable turnover requirements. We only choose the best among them.
  • User Experience: We attach immense significance to the user interface, operations and navigability of a website.

How do we Find the Best Betting Sites for Indian Bettors?

We carry out the painstaking job of closely reviewing every bookmaker that targets the Indian market and review on different parameters ranging from coverage of the sport to their ease of use and accessibility. Here are some of the factors that we keep in mind while listing these sites –

  • Acceptance of players with Indian nationality is one of the primary requirements we have for rating and ranking these sites. There are several bookmakers that don’t accept Indian players and hence they don’t make it to our list.
  • The sites that make the cut need to accept deposits in INR (Indian Rupee). There are some bookmakers that don’t accept Indian currencies and hence they don’t make it to our list considering the hassle it creates for Indian players having to constantly keep bothering about the exchange rates.
  • The last and perhaps the most important factor for listing these sites is the coverage of sports that are popular in India. While cricket remains the most popular sport for betting in India we also focus on Football, Tennis, Hockey and Kabaddi to name a few which are very popular in India.

How to Bet on Sports Online

Online betting sites vary with regards to their interface and operation, but the basic steps of placing a bet usually remains the same. The procedure is actually much simpler than it sounds.

  1. Create an account.
  2. Select the sport and event you wish to bet on.
  3. Choose from an array of betting markets.
  4. Place your bets.
  5. Once you have placed your bets, you need to confirm them.
  6. Keeping track of your bets is easy. All you need to do is to find your Bet Slip (usually on the right side of the screen).
  7. Decide what to do with your winnings. You can either cash out or keep your winnings in your account for future bets.

Tips on Choosing the Top Betting Sites in India

India is a diverse market for sports betting – from cricket and football to tennis and motor sports. With so many Indians investing in sports, betting online in India has never been the same.

However, it is of utmost importance to be careful while choosing the top sports betting sites in India. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you in that endeavor.

  • Select sites that offer a wide range of betting markets on your favorite sports.
  • Compare sites and look for the best betting odds available online.
  • Welcome offers and subsequent bonuses can form a large part of your winnings. Keep track of promotions that suit you well. Do not neglect the terms and conditions.
  • Track all information regarding online sports betting – tips, guides, news and previews – on BettingTop10 India.

Online Betting ICC World Cup 2019

You can forget the dozens of T20 leagues and other big cricketing rivalries as nothing quite matches the fun and the excitement when it comes to betting in the quadrennial ICC Cricket World Cup. It is THE BIGGEST cricketing tournament on the planet. The 2019 tournament would see the best players from the 10 cricketing nations battle it out to win cricket’s most coveted trophy. The format of this year’s edition shall make it the most competitive event in tournament’s history and play good cricket consistently to lift the title and carry the rights of being called ‘World Champions’ for the next four years. Online betting in ICC World Cup 2019 is expected to touch new heights and billions of dollars is likely to change hands during the event.

At Betting Top 10 we are all excited and geared up for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. We have been extensively covering the tournament for the last many months where we have done a SWOT Analysis for all the teams and also created a World Cup Betting Guide. Going forward we shall cover all the 48 games that would be played during the event where we shall bring to you the latest world cup match predictions along with the betting tips that will help you earn handsomely during the event. As far as online betting in ICC World Cup 2019 is concerned the top bookmakers will let you bet on the outright winners and several other markets apart from letting you bet in-play during all the games. Every ball is a betting opportunity and each game would offer you potentially 600 balls. So fasten your seat belts, read our predictions and be prepared to bet during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019.

You can also earn handsomely with in-play betting with our exclusive partners Betrally who will offer you 110% of your deposit amount to bet more and earn big during the biggest T20 league in the world.

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