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At BettingTop10, we are an experienced site and are a strong and trustable source of information relating to online bookmakers. Our roles as gaming specialists is one we hold dear to our hearts as we gather and evaluate information about bookmakers. We understand the importance of doing due diligence and your expectations that the recommendations we make are based on facts, are honest, precise and up-to-date.

Betting Top10 is a site you can bookmark and visit often that will allow you to compare the different operators that we promote. You can look at the features they each offer, their bonuses, promotions and whether they offer your preferred banking method.

We review and analyse online sports betting and include information about each one. In addition, we study what they offer, what type of sports you can bet on, and include not only the pros of each site, but the cons as well. As no bookmaker is 100% perfect, we believe it is important that our conclusions depict the truth and in doing so, we focus on being impartial and know that by doing so, we build trust with you our guest.

What we do?

Our main job is to research bookmakers. While undertaking our research, we then analyze in detail and compile it in an easy to read format, so that the time you spend on this site is focused on facts and not spent trying to decipher the information compiled. We know this is an integral part of ensuring the recommendations we make are ones we know are reputable, trustable and offer a superior, honest gaming experience.

Another key element to what we do is working together with betting sites to ensure that the information presented is up-to-date and includes the various unique promotions that each site offers. We know the value of a solid, well put together promotion and feel it is important you have that information readily available to you. Our hope is you will bookmark BettingTop10 as a result of our hard work and dedication, but more so for the accurate information that we provide you with each visit.

As you delve deeper into our site and begin reading our in-depth bookmaker, you will see our recommendations consider a vast variety of information such as bonuses, customer service, banking sports features. We also rank each site based on our findings, which are based on our own due diligence, but also industry information, reputation and player feedback.

For sports enthusiasts, we provide a wide range of sportsbetting articles, odds, predictions and tips. We include the latest news on sports and provide you with all you need to know about the main sports events. The world of sports is constantly changing, as is the information on upcoming sport event odds such as the World Cup 2018.

Sports enthusiasts know the value of information, and without accurate, precise information on team and player stats it is difficult to make an informed decision.

Our goal:

Our goal is to inform sports fans, whether you are a beginner, casual bettor or one more seasoned. We focus on only working with reputable and legitimate bookmakers in order to find you the best bookmaker that is suited to you and your needs. We also include informative articles so as to improve your betting knowledge, allow you to bet responsibly, and in doing so, we believe our success goes hand in hand with your success.

What we offer:

Sports betting sites reviews: Our sports betting reviews offer detailed insight into the sportsbook, what they offer, their promotions, the type of sports that can be wagered on, and whether they include a special sporting event promotion.

Sports news: The latest news in the world of sports as reported by informed professional sports writers with insightful knowledge on the latest events and how the relate to sports betting.

All about the World Cup Russia 2018: Our World Cup category includes valuable information on World Cup predictions, odds, betting tips, World Cup betting guide, facts and statistics.

Betting apps: Our Betting Apps section offers you a list of the 10 best betting apps. We include a description about each in so far as what they offer, their value, what devices they are compatible with and other valuable information.

If you wish to contact us, you may send an email to [email protected]

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