Could Qatar lose hosting rights of World Cup 2022?

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by Ken Edwards, 27 February 2018

It one of those decisions that ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’. Back in 2010, when fat-cat FIFA bureaucrats had a break from their long lunches, first-class flights and luxury hotels, they voted for Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup.

Most of the rest of the world was in shock and very concerned about the capabilities of a tiny nation with a shady history of human rights abuses and mistreating migrant workers, 45-degree-plus temperatures and no existing football or betting industry.

Qatar to lose 2022 World cup hosting rights to UK or US?

A ‘risk report’ claims there is “an increasing political risk that Qatar may not host the World Cup in 2022”.

The study, by management consultants Cornerstone Global, assesses the impact of the current diplomatic crisis between the tiny, gas-rich emirate and its neighbours.

According to the German Focus article published on Friday, it is contended that FIFA will make its final decision on the venue of the World Cup at the end of the month, citing that “the organisation of the World Cup to Qatar lacks integrity.” 

Report the latest in a list of troubles for Qatar 2022

Due to the overwhelming heat and continuing negligence by Qatari authorities, thousands of Qatar-based migrant workers’ lives are continuing to be at risk, according to a Human Rights Watch (HRW) report made in September 2017.

built by slaves

HRW’s statement also cited climate reports last summer on the intolerable weather conditions faced by the migrant workers at the 2022 World Cup venues and the construction sites, and who primarily come from Asian and African countries. 

520 labour deaths have “neither explained nor investigated,” according to HRW, who continue to urge FIFA to switch the World Cup away from Qatar.

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