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AFL 2018 Round 18 Preview Odds

AFL 2018 – Round 18 Preview – Odds, Predictions & Tips

AFL Odds by St Kilda Saints ($7.00) vs Richmond Tigers ($1.10) Etihad Stadium, Melbourne – 20/07/2018 Tip –The Tigers are the shortest of short priced favourites to power over the top of the Saints in their quest for back to back Premierships

AFL 2018 Round 17 Preview

AFL 2018 – Round 17 Preview – Odds, Predictions & Tips

AFL Odds by   Adelaide Crows ($1.80) vs Geelong Cats ($2.00) Adelaide Oval –

AFL 2018 Round 16 Preview

AFL 2018 – Round 16 Preview – Odds, Predictions & Tips

AFL Odds by   Sydney Swans ($1.51) vs Geelong Cats ($2.55) SCG – 05/07/2018 Tip –In a close match which could go a long way to determining final Top 8 positions for September, we like the Swans at the confined spaces of their home SCG ground to get the better of the Cats. Richmond [&hellip

AFL 2018 – Round 15 Preview

AFL 2018 – Round 15 Preview – Odds, Predictions & Tips

AFL Odds by Richmond Tigers ($1.62) vs Sydney Swans ($2.30) Etihad Stadium, Melbourne – 28/06/2018 Tip –The Tigers put their multi-match Melbourne winning-streak on the line against what many consider to be their biggest challengers for the title. Too close to call, despite what the bookies say

AFL 2018

AFL 2018 – Round 14 Preview – Odds, Predictions & Tips

AFL Odds by West Coast Eagles ($1.20) vs Essendon Bombers ($4.50) Optus Stadium, Perth –


Australian Rules Football Online Betting in Australia

Australian Rules football, also known as Aussie rules football and footy, is one of the most popular pro sports in Australia. Most Australian online betting sites will offer punters over 50 different markets for AFL games, with additional markets for tournaments and the Grand Final.

Throughout this BettingTop10 review we’ll give you tips, strategies and helpful advice so you can make the smart AFL bet.

Australian Odds

The most common way that odds are displayed by the vast majority of Australian bookmakers is to use the decimal system. For example, if you’re betting on an AFL game you’re likely to see the odds displayed like this Hawthorn 2.15/Geelong 1.70. What this means is that if you bet on the winner, your winnings are your initial bet multiplied by the odds. So in this case, if a punter would bet $10 on Hawthorn, they’d win $21.50.


There are several different types of odds that the bookmaker can offer. Typically speaking the odds are a usually very fluid, and change based on how the punters are betting, and any injuries or news that can affect the outcome as the game draws near. Some odds makers will offer “fixed odds” on select races or games. With fixed odds the lines don’t move from the initial number that is put out by the sportbook. Using our example above, regardless of what happens to Geelong in the days before the game, the odds would stay 1.70.

AFL Betting Tips

Every Australian punter is looking to get the edge on the bookmakers when betting on AFL games. At BettingTop10 we encourage all of our punters to take advantage of the tips that can be found on the online sports betting AFL sites.

Additionally, before placing a bet, make sure to do your due diligence, check out the AFL blogs and check out the recent history of the teams that you’re betting on, and also previous matches that they’ve had with the opponent. Sometime a little bad blood or a good rivalry will give a club a little extra motivation, so you can’t just rely on where the teams are in the standings.

Online AFL Betting

There are several key factors to look into when finding an online bookmaker for your sports betting AFL needs. You’ll want to go to several different betting sites on the internet and compare the markets, odds, lines and whether you can wager during live game play action. Another factor that you might want to check out is what kind of promotions and bonus offers are being offered, is there a site that will give you free bets, or perhaps some tips on the day’s action that will help you when building your gambling strategy.

Popular AFL Bets

For Australian punters looking to make the most of their sports betting AFL opportunities, one thing to look for is who is offering the best markets. Betting is so much more exciting when you’re making multiple wagers as opposed to just the winner and loser. Here are some of the more popular markets that are available in Aussie rules football.

  • Goal Scorers – Wager on which player will end the game or quarter with the most goals
  • Half Time/Full Time – Forget who wins the game, you can bet on who is winning the match at the midway point of the game
  • Futures – Most Australian sportsbooks will offer a futures market, betting on the premiership before or during the season – with the odds constantly fluctuating based on how the season is playing out.
  • Line – Instead of betting on an outright winner, you can bet based on the line or point spread which handicaps the match.
  • Points – There are several points markets, including total points, over/under and halftime score are just some of the options.

A Winning Strategy

If you want to have success with AFL betting, then it is important to do your homework and come in with a strategy. At BettingTop10 we have several strategies to offer you that can help you make the smart decision.


Make the smart bet – Look through the markets that are being offered and find the ones that make the most sense to you. Betting on which player scores the first 6 is exciting, but not really a smart long term bet.

Head to head Matches– If you’re going to bet on a straight winner take a look at the previous matches that featured these two teams and try and determine if history will repeat itself.

Check the News – There is no such thing as having too much information. Listen to the radio, read the newspapers and blogs and try and find your edge.

Popular Trends – There is no shame in following the trends of the professional punters. If there is a lot of action going in one direction, the smart money is to follow the masses.


These are just some strategies that we at BettingTop10 have found to be helpful and can really improve your gambling experience.

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Choosing the Best Online AFL Betting Site

Choosing the best online sports betting AFL site for action in Australia isn’t easy. We’ve reviewed several of the best and most popular Australian bookmakers for you, so you can quickly choose the one, or even several, that are right for you.

Here are a few factors that any punter should look into before depositing money with a bookmaker.


Reputable Company – It’s always recommended to go with an established bookmaker, and not a bookie that just opened for business in the past few weeks.

Payment methods – There are many different possible deposit methods that are used by online bookmakers, and not all of them are created equally. If you want to make an instant deposit then using a Visa, MasterCard or PayPal are great secure options, even though they may have a limited deposit amount. Bank Transfers usually allow for a much higher transfer limit, but the transaction can take several business days.

Other Markets – It’s always a good idea to have a well-rounded bookmaker, who offers a complete slate of sports and racing markets to choose from. If you find a bookmaker who only deals in AFL markets, then you’ll have to create multiple accounts if you’re looking to start NBA betting, rugby betting or cricket betting.

Customer Support – It’s always good to find a bookmaker that has a dedicated customer support team. There is nothing more frustrating that needing help, and being unable to get in touch with anyone to help you navigate through the system. The best bookmakers have live chat reps as well as call centers as well as dedicated FAQ’s and Email ticket systems that should be able to answer questions that periodically come up.

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