Australia may have qualified for the World Cup, but fans shouldn’t get overly excited about the potential possibility of the Socceroos bringing home the famous World Cup trophy from Russia in 2018.
Bookmakers Crownbet have installed the Socceroos as $251 chances to win the ‘big dance’, although there’s been some interest in backing the Aussies from Mum & Dad investors placing their $10 or $20 on Australia to take out World Cup 2018.
The biggest story out of qualifying was Italy not making it through to the Finals. As one of the biggest football nations, it was a huge shock to many to see them eliminated. Italy joined fellow Top 30 nations USA and Holland in failing to qualify for Russia 2018.
Australia is outside the Top 30 on World Rankings with an official ranking of 43.

Australia require a little luck at the World Cup Draw 2018

Australia is already under the pump with the shock resignation of long-time coach Ange Postecoglou. In addition, many media bodies including Sports Illustrated and The Guardian have Australia tagged as ‘the worst side at the tournament’.
As such, the Socceroos are looking for a few favours from the draw unlike the rotten luck they had 4 years ago when the World Cup Draw for Brazil 2014 pitted them in a Group of Death alongside footballing powerhouses, Spain, Holland & Chile. An easier draw would certainly make for a pleasant change of pace this time around.
Australia, currently ranked number 43 in the world, will be in pot four alongside fellow AFC qualifiers Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Japan and potentially could have them pitted against any number of powerful teams. Here is an explanation of how World Cup Draw 2018 works and Australia’s potential match-ups;

The Date for World Cup Draw 2018

The evening of December 1 2017 Moscow time (i.e. December 2 morning AEST) is the time we will find out which three teams Australia will face in the World Cup group stage.

How World Cup Draw 2018 works

  • Teams have been separated into four pots, based on the FIFA rankings from October, with the first to contain hosts Russia and the seven top-ranked teams in the tournament – Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, Belgium, Poland and France
  • Pot two will feature the next eight teams, and so on.
  • Pot 1: Russia (hosts), Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, Belgium, Poland, France
  • Pot 2: Spain, Switzerland, England, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, Croatia, Peru
  • Pot 3: Denmark, Iceland, Costa Rica, Sweden, Tunisia, Egypt, Senegal, Iran
  • Pot 4: Serbia, Nigeria, Australia, Japan, Morocco, Panama, South Korea, Saudi Arabia
  • Each group will consist of one team from every pot.
  • Australia, currently ranked number 43 in the world, will be in pot four alongside fellow AFC qualifiers Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Japan. The fifth Asian team, Iran, are in pot three, however, cannot be drawn against any of their fellow AFC continental rivals.

Socceroos Possible Outcomes in Russia’s World Cup Draw

Most of the betting sites think that the best possible draw for the Socceroos would be Russia from pot one, Croatia from pot two and Senegal from pot three, as Australia are not allowed to draw fellow AFC rivals Iran. (*All preferences are based on current world rankings).
Russia is a clear preference for Australia’s opponent from pot one, but Croatia and Senegal would not be easy beats either.
Croatia and Australia have World Cup history, playing out a thrilling 2-2 draw in Germany in 2006. However, this is arguably a better Croatian side boasting the likes of Real Madrid’s Luka Modric, Inter Milan’s Ivan Perisic, Barcelona’s Ivan Rakitic and Juventus’ Mario Mandzukic.
Australia may possibly have more success against a team like Peru, who despite their high world ranking, don’t have a plethora of stars that could potentially blow the Socceroos off the park.
Other teams in pot three are seemingly easier potential opponents than the tough Senegal. No disrespect intended, but Tunisia, Costa Rica and Egypt would seem to be the obvious preferences.

Australia’s Worst Possible World Cup Draw 2018 outcome?

If stars were to align in an unfortunate manner for the Socceroos, Germany would be the nightmare draw from pot one, Spain, a horrific case of 2014 deja vu from pot two, and one of either Senegal or Costa Rica from pot three.
The Socceroos would face a Herculean task against any of the mighty teams in pot one (except for Russia perhaps) and Spain is clearly the strongest side in pot two. That being said, every other pot two team would line up as a favourite against the Australians.
If that nightmare scenario were to play out, we believe the Socceroos would honestly not care who they faced as opponents from pot 3!

Other Possible dream match-ups at Russia 2018?

Here we take a cursory glance at what could possibly unfold in World Cup Draw 2018 and which teams could be pitted against one another in potential Groups of Death.
Design your own and imagine the potential possibilities. However, remember one strict rule: No two countries from the same qualifying zone can be placed in the same group, with the exception of UEFA, where the maximum is two.
Take a look at these four possible Groups of Death, remembering Spain is the absolute standout side from Pot 2 and to be avoided at all costs. See you in Moscow, December 1!

  1. Argentina, Spain, Senegal and Serbia
  2. Germany, England, Sweden and Australia
  3. Brazil, Spain, Denmark and Nigeria
  4. Germany, Spain, Egypt and Japan

Australia have qualified for the World Cup in Russia, and Socceroo fans should be excited with the outcome of Saturday morning’s World Cup Draw 2018.
World Cup Draw 2018 sees Australia grouped with France, Peru and Denmark and it has provided the Socceroos their best chance of progression to the knockout stages of the World Cup since 2006.
The World Cup draw itself is keenly followed all around the world, especially for the teams below the very top tier of teams. A good draw can make all the difference to a lesser-ranked team.
Of course, if you are Brazil, Spain or Germany, you are theoretically at least expected to progress and beat whatever combination of teams are laid out in front of you in the Group stages.
However, for lower-ranked teams like the Socceroos, getting a good draw can be a huge confidence builder if you can possibly manage to be lined up against a couple of teams that you can hope to get a result against.
In Russia 2018 group opponents, Denmark and Peru, the Socceroos have been provided exactly that opportunity. However, more of that later on. For now, lets take an extensive look at the Groups that World Cup Draw 2018 threw up and some of the mouth-watering clashes that will occur from June 2018.

Results of World Cup Draw 2018

Russia World Cup Draw 2018 in full;

  • Group A: Russia, Uruguay, Egypt, Saudi Arabia.
  • Group B: Portugal, Spain, Iran, Morocco.
  • Group C: France, Peru, Denmark,
  • Group D: Argentina, Croatia, Iceland, Nigeria.
  • Group E: Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia.
  • Group F:Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South Korea.
  • Group G:Belgium, England, Tunisia, Panama.
  • Group H:Poland, Colombia, Senegal, Japan

Only one possible ‘Group of Death’

With qualifying and now the draw behind us, we can turn our collective attentions to the best part of the World Cup: the games themselves.
Some could argue that Australia’s Group is the toughest one. Australia’s Group is the most difficult on paper (France ranked ninth, Peru 11th and Denmark 12th), However, Peru’s ranking is inflated somewhat due to a quirk in the system that ensures teams that play fewer friendly games are advantaged. Peru’s record away from home in qualifiers was not overly impressive, winning only three of 10 away games.
As for a “Group of Death”, World Cup holders Germany may potentially have a tough time retaining the World Cup trophy after being dealt a tricky draw for the 2018 tournament. Die Mannschaft were placed in Group F along with Sweden, Mexico and South Korea.
This is perhaps the closest group that could comfortably wear the moniker “Group of Death” after the draw. Other notably tough groups include Group B, where 2010 World Cup winners Spain will face UEFA Euro 2016 holders Portugal along Iran and Morocco. Group D also looks to be a little tricky, thanks to Argentina having to face Croatia, Nigeria and England’s conquerors at Euro 2016, Iceland.
However, with World Cup Draw 2018 adopting a new system, Groups of Death are now less likely to occur.

The New System opens up the Draw

Friday’s draw brought good news to some teams. Football is a funny game and almost anything can happen. However, Uruguay, seems to have gotten incredibly lucky and is almost guaranteed a free ticket to the knockout stages with Russia as its seed and other group rivals in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
England too, have very good reason to be cheerful going deep into World Cup 2018 with Belgium, and lightweight group opponents in Tunisia and Panama seemingly opening up their pathway to the knockout stages.
World Cup Draw 2018 brought terrible news to others. Notably, Portugal drew Iberian Peninsula neighbours Spain. However, due to the new rules determining which teams were placed in which pots—apart from Russia, which automatically went into Group A as the hosts, the pots were determined purely by FIFA World Ranking position for the first time. “Groups of Death” are now less likely than they have been in years past.
This is no accident, it is by design. The new system in theory makes it theoretically impossible for the world’s best teams to be drawn into the same group. However, each group needed to have a cut off somewhere, and this year’s cut off placed Spain in Pot 2 and were automatically identified as ‘the team to avoid in the draw’. That’s how they ended up with Portugal.

Great matches to look forward to

Each group has provided at least one stunning match for football fans to look forward to. Let’s take a glance at the one absolute standout match in each group to mark in your viewing calendar;

  • Group A: Russia vs Uruguay, 26 June 2018
  • Group B: Portugal vs Spain, 16 June 2018
  • Group C: France vs Denmark, 27 June 2018
  • Group D: Argentina vs Nigeria, 27 June 2018
  • Group E: Brazil vs Serbia, 28 June 2018.
  • Group F:Germany vs Mexico, 18 June 2018
  • Group G:England vs Belgium, 29 June 2018
  • Group H:Poland vs Colombia, 25 June 2018

Best possible outcome for the Socceroos?

How can Australia progress through to the second round?
In Brazil 2014, there was simply little to no chance of progression for the Socceroo’s with Spain, Holland and Chile in their group.
This time around, there is a real chance and that will create a different Australian attitude at Russia 2018. Realistically, a result against France will be very, very difficult, meaning the Socceroos should aim for three points against Peru and at least a draw against the Danes. Where there is hope, miracles can happen.

Socceroos World Cup Odds

Ladbrokes have released betting odds that have the Socceroos as the underdog in all three matches.
Here are the latest odds;
Australia v France
$13 Australia
$5.50 Draw
$1.20 France
Australia v Denmark
$3.50 Australia
$3.40 Draw
$2 Denmark
Australia v Peru
$2.65 Australia
$3.40 Draw
$2.45 Peru