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The Premier League (otherwise known in Australia as the ‘EPL’) is renown globally as the world’s most lucrative and widely supported national soccer league in the world today.

Passionate Aussie soccer fans are huge fans of all the latest Premier League betting trends, and our massive range of independently betting sites are always researching and releasing new ways for you to bet on Premier League matches with their a great range of specially formulated betting odds. Given that there are so many Premier League betting sites offering wide and varying range of Premier League betting tips, to make a choice yourself would require spending literally thousands of hours comparing and contrasting the tens of thousands of betting sites.

That’s where we can help.

At BettingTop10, we have independently reviewed all the leading betting sites and come up with short list of only the very best of them at which to place your Premier League bets.

How to choose the best betting site to bet on Premier League?

When looking to develop a winning Premier League betting strategy, naturally a huge part of that process will include specifically using only the best betting sites that have access to the best Premier League betting markets.

When choosing a quality Premier League betting site, we consider a number of factors;

  • The Premier League is a fast-paced and exciting soccer competition, we look for which betting sites offer the best Premier League top scorer betting markets.
  • Which betting sites can provide the best odds for upset winners? We all remember Leicester City’s famous Premier League title run back in 2015/16 at incredible $5000 betting odds. Upset winners abound in the EPL.
  • Given the Premier League’s Promotion and Relegation nature, we’re always looking for the sites with the best betting odds in those categories and;
  • As Premier League matches are not on free-to-air Aussie TV, we look for which betting sites offer the matches on live streaming for your viewing pleasure to watch your bets play out.

Premier League Betting Markets

  • Bet on any Standalone Premier League Match – 1×2 – (Win, draw or loss) – Bet on any Premier League Match to win, lose or draw in ‘1×2’ betting as you would any other soccer match.
  • Over/Under Premier League Betting – An over/under bet involves wagering on a game to finish with a certain amount of goals or not. Odds are usually offered at the standard 2.5 goals line, although sometimes when an EPL powerhouse team is playing a newly promoted team, these odds can blow out a little further and make for opportunities of winning bigger than usual money!
  • Both Teams to Score Betting – In any given match Premier League match, you can place a wager on whether both teams will score (or not).
  • Half-Time Premier League Betting – Usually in-play wagers. Basically, at halftime, punters can take out bets on a particular game at reset betting odds. This includes 1×2 bets, totals and much more.
  • Premier League Totals betting – As with all sports, this is a bet made on the total score of a game. For example, betting sites may predict a match between Manchester City and Chelsea to be low-scoring i.e. only featuring two goals, or high-scoring, 4 or 5 goals or more.

Premier League Betting Specials

There are a good variety of special betting markets that genuinely reflect the unique nature of the English Premier League;

  • Double Chance Betting – A Premier League double chance wager involves covering two of the three possible match outcomes all in a single standalone wager.
  • First Goal Scorer – Bets made on single Premier League matches. Bettors attempt to predict either; which team, or which player will score the first goal. A difficult task made tougher when two very good or two very bad teams play each other. Big wins can result due to the better than average betting odds on offer.
  • In-play Betting – Bet on Premier League matches live at changing odds in real time.
  • Anytime scorer – Bet on an individual to score anytime during the Premier League season. Imagine the incredible odds you can get on any goalkeeper to score during the Premier League season!
  • Line betting – Line Betting is another popular betting market for Premier League matches. When you bet on the line in a Premier League game you’re wagering for a team to either clear a goal margin or get within the margin set by the betting site.

For example, if you bet on Spurs at a -1.5 line, you’re betting on them to win by two goals or more. If you bet on Spurs at +1.5, you’re betting on them to either win the game, draw or only lose by a goal.

Premier League Betting Outrights

  • Top Premier League Goal Scorers Betting Market – As the Premier League is a vibrant and high-energy competition played at incredible pace, the top Premier League Top 10 Goal Scorers betting market is an exciting and dramatic wagering opportunity where leading goal scorers table and odds can potentially swing backwards and forwards each week. Not to be missed!
  • Outright Betting on Premier League Season Winner – Which team will win the Premier League title? Great odds are available before the Christmas/New Year half season point and before the teams have begun to find their feet and form.

Best betting strategy on the Premier League

Don’t Always Bet on the Favourites – Many believe that the English Premier League is the most competitive league in the world, and at BettingTop10 we tend to agree. Manchester City’s and Liverpool’s dominance in 2018-19 aside, the EPL is one where any team can, and regularly do beat anyone else in the league on any given day.

Some Premier League clubs struggle to maintain their spot in the league year-in year-out, others battle for Europa League spots, some simply battle for the title, and some teams have the Champions League as their main focus rather than the Premier League. Even the weakest teams manage to regularly win points from the big super teams, especially at home.

As a result, the English Premier League is probably not the best choice for people who prefer to back the favourites on a regular basis. On the other hand, Premier League bettors can often find potential big money opportunities by betting on the underdog clubs selectively from time-to-time, particularly when they are playing at home.

Premier League Fixture Schedule & Dates

The 2019–20 Premier League will be the 28th season of the Premier League, the top English professional football league, since its establishment in 1992. Manchester City are the defending champions for the second successive year, after picking up the domestic treble the previous season.

Other than the usual Christmas/New Year marathon round of 5-6 matches, it will be the first Premier League season to have a mid-season break in February where five of a regular round of ten games will be played on one weekend, and the remaining five the following weekend. It will also be the first season to use Video Assisted Referee (VAR).

For the Premier League, the most-watched league in the world, due to FIFA international match windows there will be no EPL matches during these following weekends:

  • September 7
  • October 12
  • November 16
  • March 28

There will be other weekends without Premier League game action, mainly due to the FA Cup, starting in January 2020, with exact dates yet to be determined.

Premier League betting FAQs

  • Q: Which are the best betting operators for the Premier League?
  • A: Choose one of BettingTop10’s recommended betting sites, that are all thoroughly and independently reviewed by our unbiased team of experts for your Premier League betting comfort and security.
  • Q: Who are the favourites to win the Premier League in 2019/20?
  • A: Manchester City ($1.50), Liverpool ($3.40), Tottenham Hotspurs ($17.00), Chelsea ($29.00), Manchester United ($29.00), Arsenal ($41.00), Wolverhampton Wanderers ($151.00),
  • Q: What is the most common Premier League match result in the leagues history?
  • A: Almost 21% of Premier League matches have finished 1-0 and the betting odds offered by betting sites reflect those stats.
  • Q: How often should I bet on a draw in the Premier League?
  • A: Over the last 6 seasons, more than 40% of all Premier League matches were drawn (more than 1 in 3). Don’t forget draw possibilities when placing your bets.
  • Q: Which team has won the most Premier League titles?
  • A: Manchester United have won a record 13 Premier League titles (last won in season 2012-13) and are incredibly good betting value ($29.00) to win the title in 2019-20.