Online Cricket Betting in Australia

There are several key factors to look for in an online cricket betting site. Can you bet on the best games, what kind of odds Is the site giving you? Does the bookmaker provide tips that can help you develop your betting strategy? Is the bookmaker coming from a reliable site that you can trust with your money, and do they provide payment methods that are convenient for you.

Popular Online Cricket Bets

For Australian punters who are looking to get in as much action as possible when placing online cricket bets, they’ll need more than just betting on a winner or loser. The best online sportsbook sites offer a wide variety of markets to choose from. Some of the more popular bets include:

  • Which team will win the coin toss
  • Which player is the top batsman for each team
  •  Which team has the most run outs
  • Who is winning at the end of the 1st innings
  • Will there be a fifty scored during the course of the match
  • Will there be a century scored during the match

Of course these are just some of the more popular side that can be made before the start of a match.

Live Betting Opportunities

Just because a match has started doesn’t mean that you can’t find markets that are available for in-play wagers. Many Australian sports betting sites will live stream the games; both on a mobile app and the desktop site, and give punters the opportunity to lay bets during the game. The odds will be slightly different then pre-game bets because this gives the punters that chance to see how the teams are playing and if there are any trends or injuries taking place that can help make a wise wager. The bookmakers have the same information and they will adjust on the fly as the game plays on.

As far as the actual wager, there a whole slew of prop bets that are available, and they vary from site to site. You can also bet on what the next batsman will do, these kinds of bets can be extremely exciting, because the punter has little to no time to make his decision. Of course, at the same, the bookmaker is working on the same time crunch, and is working quickly to come up with the best odds for every scenario. The more knowledgeable you are about cricket and the teams playing in the match, the better your strategy will be and your chances of winning.

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Major Cricket Tournaments in Australia

As one of the most popular sports in Australia there are plenty on betting opportunities for you to enjoy. Playoffs and tournaments are a great time for Australian punters, in addition to the exciting matches, most online betting sites will offer great promotions, markets and odds based around the matches. Here are a couple of the more popular tournaments taking place throughout Australia.
First Class Cricket – Also known as the Sheffield Shield, this is a 4-day competition with teams at the highest level of the sport.

Twenty20 Cricket – This tournament features teams from the Big Bash League (BBL) features 8 city based teams, including Sydney and Melbourne.

Club Cricket – Players who are looking to get selected for state or national teams can play in this tournament with the hopes of joining the club.

There are many more tournaments that are played throughout Australia during the course of the year, check out the oddmakers to see if they have made those games available.

A Winning Strategy

At BettingTop10 we are strong believers in coming up with a betting strategy and sticking with it. While there is no such thing as a sure thing when it comes to betting, locating and understanding trends is as close as it gets. Some things that can help when building a strategy is following the injury reports, team histories or head to head matches and the weekly schedules so you know which are the games to pay attention to, and using that knowledge to gain a small edge, that could be the difference and make you into a winner.

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Choosing the Best Online Cricket Betting Site

If you’re new to online cricket betting in Australia, or you’re just looking for a new bookmaker, whether you’re betting on the World Cup or just a futures league game, there are several important factors that you should look for before depositing your money.

Reputable Site – It’s always best to go with a site that has built up a reputation as an honest bookmaker. The worst thing that can happen is that they walk off with your money and you don’t get paid for a winner.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods – There are many different ways that you can deposit money into an online account, but which payment method is best for you? Do you need a high limit, or is an instant deposit more important? What about taking money out, How quickly will you get your payout? can you get it out right away, or will the site hold onto your money for a few extra days. All of this information is readily available on most legit online sports betting sites, you just have to find what works for you.

Can you wager on other sports – Just because you want to bet on Australian cricket, doesn’t mean that you should ignore the other sports going on as well. It’s best to find one site that can handle all of your online sports needs, without having to create multiple accounts all over the web.

Customer Support – Last but certainly not least, what kind of customer support is offered by the bookmakers. Is there a local Australian number to call? Can you receive immediate help through an online chat, or will you be waiting for an Email response or have to just rely on an FAQ to help figure out the solution to your problem? The more customer support options that are available, the better your experience will be in the run.

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