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NBA Playoffs 2019 Eastern

Betting tips NBA Playoffs 2019 – Eastern Conference Final: TOR Raptors vs. MIL Bucks

Betting Tips for TOR Raptors vs. MIL Bucks of the 2019 NBA Playoffs Eastern Conference Final

NBA Playoffs 2019

Betting tips – NBA Playoffs 2019 Round 2 – Week 4

Betting Tips for week 4 of the 2019 NBA Playoffs Round

NBA Playoffs 2019

Betting tips – NBA Playoffs 2019 Round 2

Betting Tips for week 3 of the 2019 NBA Playoffs Round

NBA Playoffs 2019

Betting tips – NBA Playoffs 2019 Round 1 – Game 5

Betting Tips for week 2 of the 2019 NBA Playoffs Round

NBA Playoffs 2019

Betting tips for the NBA Playoffs 2019 Round 1

Betting Tips for week 1 of the 2019 NBA Playoffs Round


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NBA 2019 Playoff Odds

Team Winner
Golden State Warriors
Boston Celtics
Houston Rockets
Toronto Raptors
Philadelphia 76ers
Los Angeles Lakers
Milwaukee Bucks
Utah Jazz
Denver Nuggets
Oklahoma City Thunder
San Antonio Spurs
New Orleans Pelicans
Indiana Pacers
Miami Heat
Minnesota Timberwolves

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Understanding NBA odds

For a novice punter, understanding the odds of a game can be a bit overwhelming, so here at BettingTop10 we’ll break it down so you can bet with confidence. Australian bookmakers prefer to use the decimal system when writing the odds. So for example, an NBA game could be handicapped like this Detroit Pistons 3.50 Cleveland Cavaliers 1.50. In the game the Cavaliers are favored to win the game, and a dollar bet would pay back $1.50. However, if you put that dollar on the Piston, the payout would be 3.50. All you need to do is multiply your bet by the odds and you’ll come up with your payout.

Different online sports betting sites might offer a selection of odds; some even have promotions that allow the punter to choose their own odds. Generally speaking, the odds don’t remain static and can constantly be in flux until the game starts, based on the team news, trends, injuries or any other information that the bookmakers might find out.

Some online betting sites will have fixed odds for specific games or races. These odds stay static in the days leading up to the game or race, regardless of what is going on.

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NBA Betting Tips

If you’re like most punters, you’re always trying to pick the winner, but with so many games and markets it’s always good to try and get the edge on the sportbooks. At BettingTop10 we highly recommend checking out the game day tips that are usually available.

It’s important for any punter to do their homework before placing a bet. This means, check out how the teams playing have been trending, over the past 10 games how have they don’t against the spread? Is there any history or rivalry between the two teams? When it comes to a good rivalry the underdog can pull off the upset. Picking the winner is more than just taking a look at the standings or power rankings and betting on the team with a better record.

Online NBA Betting

Choosing the right online sports betting site for your NBA betting needs can be quite the challenge. Check out the BettingTop10 online sports betting site reviews and compare the different markets features that each site offers. You’ll also want to compare the odds, lines and see if you have the option of live betting during the game. Something else that you will want to check out is the NBA promotions, bonuses or free bets that are being offered.

Popular NBA Betting Markets

For Australian Punters looking to get the most out of their NBA betting experience, it’s important to get to know the multitude of betting opportunities there are. The easiest bets are a bet on the winner of the game. Playing the odds, using point spreads and lines are a great way to handicap a game and give the weaker team a chance to win. Some popular futures bets includes who will win the NBA Championship, which player will win MVP and what team will win the NBA draft lottery

Here are some of the gameday markets for NBA betting that are offered by Australian bookmakers:

  • Most Points  – Bet on which player on a particular team will score the most points
  • 30 points or more – Do you have a good feeling about a player scoring 30 points
  • Triple Double – A triple double doesn’t happen every night, but you can wager on whether it’ll happen in a game
  • Over/Under – Your bookmaker will usually give a number and your job is to bet on whether the combined point totals of the two teams is over or under that number.
  • Points per quarter – Punters can either make this bet on a team basis or a combined effort of the two teams
  • First Points – Bet on which player well score the first basket of the game.

These are just a few of the markets that are offered, not only will every Australian bookmaker offer different markets, but even within the same sportsbook the markets can vary from game to game.

Live NBA Betting

Outside of playing the game, there is nothing more exciting than betting on a game in real time. Every shot, pass and block has more meaning to a punter when they can get bet on what will happen next. You can see the player trends, understand the flow of the game, and make your bets accordingly. Of course, the odds will be adjusted during the game so by betting the player who has already scored 28 points will end the game with 30 or more points, won’t get the same payout had the bet been made before the start of the game.

It’s important to point out the online live betting sporting events in Australia is not legal. Many Australian bookmakers do offer a dedicated phone number for live betting.

NBA betting on Special Events

There are several events throughout the NBA season that are extremely popular times for punters to bet on, and they usually come with additional markets.

NBA Draft Lottery – The NBA has a yearly lottery to determine the order the teams draft position. The lottery is based on the previous seasons record, the worse a team’s record was, the better their odds are of winning a high draft pick. Betting on where a team will fall out in the draft is a yearly tradition and can be really exciting.

NBA All Star Game – The NBA plays their All Star game in the middle of the seasons, with the current stars teaming up and playing against each other in an exhibition match that has no real meaning. That doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to bet on though. Because of the nature of the game, there is usually very little defense, so markets like an over/under or which player will score 40 points can be thrilling.

NBA Playoffs – The NBA playoffs are like a mini season, with 8 teams in each conference playing for the right to play in NBA Finals. There are three rounds in the NBA playoffs, each round containing a best of 7 series, that makes for an excitement 2 months of online betting.

NBA Final – The NBA Finals are a best of 7 championship round, to determine which team will earn the right to be called the World Champions. The most popular bet is simply betting on which team will win. Obviously if you wait until the just before the Finals start, the odds will be lower than had you picked the team at the start of the season.

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NBA Betting Winning Strategy

At BettingTop10 we believe that coming up with a strategy is a crucial factor to having success in NBA betting. There is no such thing a “sure thing” so take a look at the slate of games for the day and look and see if there is anything that pops out at you. Looking at what trends teams have been on, any crucial injuries or sports news that could have an effect on a specific player or team. Do your homework, get to know the teams that you’re planning on putting money on and make the smart bet.

Choosing your Australian Bookmaker

There are hundreds of online betting sites in Australia, and we’ve reviewed the ones that we believe to stand above the competition. If you want to check out some bookmakers for yourself, here are some important factors to consider.

Reputable Company – We always recommend that you research a bookmaker before you begin depositing money onto an account. Check the official website and look for licensing information to ensure that the bookmaker is licensed in Australia.

Payment methods – In order to actually place a bet, you have to find a payment method that works for you. While most sites will vary on whether they accept online money transfers such as POLi and MoneyBookers, they are pretty consistent when it comes to accepting PayPal and credit cards. A bank transfer is almost always an acceptable payment method, however, it will usually take a few business days until the money reaches your account.

Other Sports– You might have come to your Australian bookmaker to do some NBA betting, but you might also have a hankering for cricket or footy betting. Therefore we recommend that you find a sportsbook that offers a wide range of sports and markets.

Customer Support – With the technology that we have today, there is no reason for a bookmaker to be lacking in customer support. Before depositing your money, check and see what customer support options are being offered. Is there a comprehensive FAQ posted on the site? What about 24 hour live chat? These should be standard, with a call in center being a solid third option for when you can’t find the answers that you need.

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