Soccer Betting Tips & Predictions in Australia

Soccer betting or football betting is extremely popular with punters in Australia and many online sportsbooks are continually expanding their range of markets and odds to meet this demand. There are hundreds of dedicated sites offering tips, predictions and statistics to aid punters who wish to improve their soccer betting and it’s pretty simple to get started. Here at BettingTop10, we’ve compiled a guide to help Australian bettors increase their knowledge and understanding of the football and soccer betting options available.

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Soccer Betting Odds Explained

Football or Soccer odds will be displayed in the same format as any other sport. Australian sites usually display them in decimal form – for example 2.50 or 1.75. This total indicates how much is returned to a $ stake. For example 2.50 x $10 = $25.00.

Each soccer match will have three possible outcomes – home win (1), away win (2) or draw (X) and the sportsbooks will base these on a number of factors including previous form, current league position and head to head form.

The home side is often the favourite (lowest odds) with the draw nearly always the outsider of the three. If the away side are top of the table visiting a team who have failed to pick up a point in their last ten games, these odds will generally favour the visiting side.

Many leagues will often schedule a number of matches on the same day often kicking off at a similar time and this allows football bettors to combine a number of selections into an accumulator bet. This is an extremely popular form of soccer betting. All selections must be victorious in order to secure a return.


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Soccer Betting Tips

There are many suggested methods of improving soccer betting but every system will have faults and football can be a hugely unpredictable sport. There is no fool proof way of betting on soccer however there are many tactics which can be used to increase the chances of success.

Getting to know a particular league is absolutely key to success. Online sportsbooks in Australia offer a huge amount of leagues and competitions (see below) and it can be tempting to try new and exotic sounding leagues around the world although it’s generally advised to stick to what you know.

If you watch A-League matches live on a regular basis or follow every kick of the English Premier League, these are the leagues to bet on. Bettors who meticulously follow each division will be able to spot teams who have lost momentum or are suffering because key players are absent and then wager accordingly.

There may be factors which have not been considered if you bet on unknown leagues such as the possibility of a fall-out between players and coach, a want-away star player who is negatively affecting morale or a historical tension between the two sides. All of these can affect betting markets and odds in various ways.

Here at BettingTop10, we always advise checking team news ahead of each match. Players can fail late fitness tests or become injured in the final training session and this can cause coaches to rapidly re-think their tactics and formations. Successful soccer betting can often involve last minute punts based on team selections. Occasionally, managers can opt to rest a number of key players for cup competition which they deem less pressing or important.

How to Bet on Soccer

Football betting is based on a 90 minute market. Matches will occasionally feature a couple of minutes of injury time but the outright markets will always be based on this amount (unless otherwise stated). Matches in cup competitions will feature an additional 30 minutes if they are level after the allotted 90 but separate markets will be created by the sportsbooks for this eventuality.

There aren’t just outright markets on matches with hundred of additional options available to football punters. These include Over/Under 2.5 Goals, Both Teams to Score and First or Last Goalscorers. It is possible to mix these markets in an accumulator bet although very few sportsbooks will allow bettors to combine them from the same contest.

Goalscorer markets (first, last, anytime, 2 or more etc) are centred around the performances of individual players. Football betting enthusiasts will often follow players who are deemed ‘streaky’ and tend to score goals in successive games. Odds for a player to score the first goal of the game are much higher than those on a player to simply find the net during the 90 minutes.

Two or three goals are the most common totals in football matches hence the reason for the Over/Under 2.5 Goals market being created. If the match ends 1-0, 1-1, 2-0 or even 0-0, the Under 2.5 Goals will be successful and punters will be paid out. If you’ve backed Over 2.5 Goals, the match needs a minimum three goals and can end 2-1 or even 5-4! Some teams are simply defensively minded whilst many managers instruct their sides to immediately attack the opposition from the first minute onwards.

Football betting isn’t simply restricted to wagering on a match-by-match basis as ‘ante-post’ or ‘futures’ are regularly available for punters to explore. These are available prior to a new season beginning or the start of a competition and are based on long-term team performance and finishing position. For example – betting on which side will finish top of the A-League.


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Soccer Events and Competitions

Football is split into two categories – Domestic and International. The former will see players represent a particular club within a certain league. Each country around the world will have at least one football division with many having numerous tiers below the top flight. In Australia, the A-League is the highest division whilst in the UK, the Premier League is the main competition but there are at least four professional divisions below that level.

Each league will have its own season and this will often be dependent on climate. For example, Russia and the MLS (USA & Canada) don’t play throughout the winter months as it’s simply not viable given the climate. The campaign will take place over a number of months which is often dependent on the number of clubs involved. Fewer teams generally results in fewer matches being staged.

There are numerous International competitions which take place including the World Cup, African Cup of Nations, CONCACAF Gold Cup, Confederations Cup and European Championships. Each of these are staged intermittently (World Cup/Confederations Cup – every 4 years). Players are only eligible to represent the country in which they were born for these events although there are occasionally exceptions (Parents being born in a different country etc).

Strategy for Soccer Betting

As is the case with many sports, there is no definite way of achieving success when betting on football although there are ways of narrowing down the field.

Familiarise yourself with the manager and his tactics. If a defensive minded coach is under pressure and desperately needs the points to appease the fans, this is likely to result in a low-scoring game.

Always explore other markets. You aren’t obliged to simply stick to the outright markets as some matches can be extremely hard to predict. Work out how each side is likely to approach the match and don’t be afraid to dip into different markets to find success.

If you are betting on unfamiliar leagues and competitions ensure that you begin with small stakes and minimum bets as you start to get a feel for the division. Only place a wager if you are absolutely convinced that your bet has a good chance of landing. Any doubts – step away.

It can be incredibly frustrating but occasionally there is just simply no value to be found with the sportsbooks pricing up a contest exactly as expected. Don’t be afraid to look elsewhere in this case even if you have wasted several minutes reading the form and team news. Simply use this as part of a learning curve.

How to Choose the Best Soccer Betting Site

There are a number of football betting sites available to punters but it’s a crowded market and it can be incredibly difficult to choose a trustworthy and reliable one. Many tipsters will offer free tips in several sports betting sites although it’s always best to check their previous results and hypothetically follow their predictions before leaping in.

If available, always read independent reviews of tips and prediction sites before subscribing.

In terms of the free statistic and date sites, it’s always advised to take a look at a variety of options before settling for any particular provider. It depends on the layout and how simple it is to read and digest the format. This will greatly depend on the individual although some sites offer the best variety of stats including shots on target, corners and yellow cards.


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