If you’re looking to bet on the winning team per group betting markets in the 2018 World Cup then read our guide below. Bettingtop10 will give our expert predictions and explain how it works. As well as providing sports betting odds for each Group.

2018 World Cup Teams to Qualify per Group Odds

Check the below odds for each Group at some of Australia’s popular sports betting sites.


Group A is one of the weaker groups with Uruguay the best ranked country at 22. So they should easily place first. As this is Russia’s home World Cup, you would expect them to finish second.

Group B sees Spain and Portugal face off in a likely battle for the top side in that group.

Group C is arguably the toughest with three countries ranked inside the top 12 and Australia ranked 36th. Denmark would be the best bet to finish in the top two along with France.

In Group D, Argentina has a fairly easy run and should finish first. Croatia and Iceland will likely battle for second.

Brazil should dominate Group E and finish first. Switzerland is likely to finish second over Serbia.

In Group F, Germany has a 96% chance of qualifying as they are the current favourites for the 2018 World Cup. For second, the match between Sweden and Mexico will likely decide who qualifies.

Group G should easily be won by Belgium. England will likely finish second but Tunisia is a team to watch. In the last group, Poland and Colombia are expected to advance as they rank inside the top 15 FIFA rankings.

In the countries that are likely to not quality Korea, Iran and Panama are all under 10%. Korea has to play three tough opponents in Germany, Sweden and Mexico. Iran has to play Spain and Portugal, two sides inside the top 6 FIFA rankings. Panama also has three tough matches against Belgium, Tunisia and England.

How it works

Each group stage will end after each team has played three matches. In a group, all teams will play against each other once and will earn points for a win (3 points) or draw (1 points). Then the two top sides from each group will advance to the next stage. The group stages will begin on June 14 and finish on June 28.

Quick guide to betting

Group allocation – Teams in a weaker Group based on predictions will have a better chance to qualify, such as Spain and Portugal in Group B.

Rankings – Looking at the FIFA World rankings can help determine a winner. Generally the team with a higher ranking will defeat the other team.

Other possible bets

The other future betting markets for the World Cup include Quarter-finals, Semi-finals, Winner and top goalscorer.