In this article you’ll find winning bet tips and odds for each Group Winner at the 2018 Soccer World Cup. There are eight different groups at the World Cup with 32 countries competing from around the World. We will aim to provide predictions for each Group winning in this betting guide.

2018 World Cup Group Winner Odds:

Below you will find odds for each group and our expert predictions per group.


Group A will likely be decided between Uruguay and Russia. Uruguay are ranked higher in the FIFA rankings so they would be a better choice. In Group B, Spain and Portugal will play on June 15 and this should decide the winner of this Group. We would side with Portugal. Group C will be a tough battle between France, Peru and Denmark with Australia the outsider. France are one of the favourites for the final so we would back them in. Group D is a likely win for Argentina as they face three average opponents. Brazil should comfortably win Group E against Switzerland, Costa Rica and Serbia. Germany also has a fairly easy Group F and should win the group. In Group G, Belgium is the main favourite and we can’t see them not winning that group. In the last group (H), this is arguably the most open. Poland will be the favourite but they face strong competition from Colombia, Senegal and Japan. So this would be an ideal value betting market for the Group winner.

In the unlikely teams to win their Group, it’s fair to say Group F (Germany) and Group E (Brazil) will be the toughest to win.

How it works

When betting on the World Cup group winner, this means your selection must finish first in the selected group for a winning bet. The last group match will be played on June 28 and the results for each group will likely be available on the next day.

Quick guide to betting

Group allocation – When betting on the group winner future market, it’s recommended to bet on Groups with an easier competition for the top ranked team. For example, Germany in Group F and Brazil in Group E are two of the best bets.

Previous results – Teams that have performed well at previous World Cups are likely to outperform countries that haven’t had much experience at this stage.

Other possible bets

Aside from the Group winner betting market, you can find other future markets at Australian betting sites. These can include Quarter-final, Semi-final and Final winner. It’s also possible to bet on the top goalscorer.