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Draftstars New Fantasy sports App review 2021


Love fantasy sports? Draftstars is one option for Australian fantasy sports fans, so lets take a look at the Draftstars app to see if its right for you.

Mobile usability

The first impression of the Draftstars app is very good. It has a very clean, crisp, and minimal design. The colour scheme is the same as the website, so you can expect greys, black headers, and the color red for the selected menus. The design is very modern and easy on the eye – which is always a plus.

Having the menu items in red allows them to stand out, so you will have no trouble finding what section of the app that you would like to access. Since Draftstars is owned by fantasy sports behemoth PlayUp Interactive, it also means that there is plenty of technical expertise in how it has been built. This means that the app should always be running optimally with no need to worry about it constantly crashing or not saving your selected team.

One thing to note is that Draftstars is only available in Australia, so if you are traveling outside of the country for work or for pleasure you will not be able to use the app to play daily fantasy sports.

App Features & push notifications

Setting Your Daily Lineups- If you have played Draftstars before on a computer you will be very impressed with how it translates to your mobile. The app offers you the same experience as on a computer, just in a more easy to use way since it was designed for the smaller screen of your phone. This means you have the option to play any of the daily fantasy sports games that are offered by the company, which is a huge plus since you won’t be limited to certain games.

Viewing Upcoming Games- You can view the upcoming games in the lobby, see what matches are currently happening live through the “live now” tab, along with being able to select the option to play the free and rapid fire games.

Australian Sports – The variety of sports available on Draftstars is quite good and during the year you can play games that feature Australian teams or players, such as cricket, golf, soccer, golf, AFL, and NRL.

American Sports– Love your US sports? Draftstars will be great for you too since they offer NBA, NFL, MLB, overseas soccer, and golf.

Push Notifications- If you need a reminder to set your team lineup or would like to know when a specific contest is starting you can easily do this thanks to the ability to enable push notifications.

Customer Support

The customer service on the Draftstars app is the one of the biggest weaknesses that the app offers. There is no way to live chat a customer service representative within the app, so if you encounter and difficulties or just need some general help you will have to call them or send an email.

The wait time for phone calls shouldn’t be too bad, but it would be better if you had a faster way of chatting to someone. This is because calling up or sending an email about your issue may lead to a wait time, and since it is live daily fantasy sports, if your issues isn’t solved before the games start, you won’t be able to participate.

FAQs about Draftstars Sports Fantasy App

  • How Can I Download Draftstars?

    The Draftstars app is available for any resident of Australia who is 18 years or older and has an iPhone or a smartphone with the Android operating system. If you have an iPhone, it can be found in the app store by simply searching “Draftstars”. If you have an Android phone the easiest way to get the app is to head to their website where you can tap the “Download for Android” menu. All you have to do then is go into your downloads folder on your phone, tap draftstars.apk, and it will automatically install.

  • Can I make a Draftstars account in the app?

    Draftstars is one of the easiest apps to use to bet some money and play fantasy sports. If you don’t already use Draftstars, you will be able to make an account through the app and then enter your Draftstars login in a matter of minutes. This means that you can start playing without any lengthy delays!

  • Can You Make Deposits and Withdrawals Through the App?

    Deposits and withdrawals can easily be done in the app by clicking on the “Account” menu. If you are logged into your account you will be able to add money to your account or withdraw a minimum of $20. If your balance is less than $20 you will not be able to withdraw it, so keep that in mind.

  • How Do You Play Draftstars?

    Playing Draftstars is very easy! For each contest all the players that are playing in the real-life games can be chosen to form your team. There are three simple steps you need to follow and then you will be able to have some fun. Step One: Select what contest you would like to play Step Two: Choose the players you want to form your team. There is a salary cap, so remember you will have to stay under it in order to successfully submit your team. Step Three: Follow your players on the app to see their scores in real time.

Bottom Line

There are many Australian betting apps, and Draftstars is one of the best for Australian fantasy sports betting. The app is very easy to use, contains all of the features that are found on the Draftstars website, and when you win you can cash out from within the app. We at Bettingtop10 recommend the Draftstars app for all of your daily fantasy sport fun.


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