World Cup 2018 Winner Odds and Betting Tips

This article will discuss the World Cup Winner Odds for the 2018 FIFA Soccer World Cup. The odds are available at top Australian bookmakers as this is one of the more popular betting markets. Germany and Brazil are currently both expected to play in the Final with France closely following them in the betting.

2018 World Cup Winner Odds:

In the below table, we’ve looked at five Australian Betting sites and the odds for the top three favourites. Germany is $5.50 across the board and two bookmakers also have given Brazil the same odds.

Costa Rica
South Korea
Saudi Arabia

How it works

The 2018 FIFA World Cup kicks off with the Group stages which starts on Friday 15th June between hosts Russia and Saudi Arabia. There is eight different groups and the top two teams from each group will advance to the Round of 16. The Round of 16 starts on June 30th and concludes on July 3rd. The next stage is the Quarter-Finals which is played between the top eight remaining teams. Two matches will be played on July 6 and the other two will be played on the next day. After the Quarter finals are finished, the first Semi-final will begin in Saint Petersburg on July 10. The second Semi-final will be played on July 11 in Moscow. The two winning teams from the Semi-finals will then face off in the 2018 World Cup final. It will be played on July 15 in Moscow.

Our predictions:

Germany is one of the top favourites in this World Cup. They won the 2014 version against Argentina and also beat Brazil 7-1 in the Semi-finals. They have a strong squad and will be hard to beat once again in Russia. They also rank 1st in the FIFA rankings. Brazil hasn’t made the final since 2002 but they’re a good chance to end that streak in 2018. They have won the most finals in the history of the World Cup (5) and they’re always a side to watch. France is mainly the third favourite and will be looking for the first final win since 1998. If they can make it through a tough Group C, they’ll be a team to watch in the latter stages. To round out the top five favourites, Argentina and Spain are two teams that can upset the likes of Germany or Brazil. Argentina made the final in 2014 and they have reached the Quarter-Finals in four of the last five World Cups. Spain has a tough Group match against Portugal but they should finish top two in Group B.

In the outsider markets, Belgium and Switzerland are two countries that could surprise the World Cup with victory. Belgium has one of the easiest Group stages with matches against England, Tunisia and Panama. So they should finish first in Group G. Switzerland are placed in Group E with Brazil but the other two countries (Costa Rica and Serbia) should be easy victories for Switzerland. They rank 8th in the world rankings and should comfortably advance to the knockout stages.

Quick guide to betting

Group allocation – A good strategy for betting on this World Cup is to look at the easiest and hardest Groups. For example, Group G looks to be one of the easiest Groups with just Belgium inside the top 15 rankings. Group H is also another easy Group for Poland. Whereas Group C (Australia’s group) is one of the toughest with three countries ranked inside the top 12.

Injuries – Injuries can hurt a potential winning side so it’s a key strategy to monitor the squads for each favourite.

Previous results – Looking at the last few World Cups will give an indication of which countries can continue their form. This is mainly the reason why Germany is the 2018 favourite after they won in 2014.

Rankings – The FIFA World rankings can help with World Cup betting as most countries will perform to their ranking.

Other possible bets

Apart from World Cup winner sports betting markets, there is opportunities to bet on other futures. This includes markets for the Quarter-finals and Semi-finals. You can also bet on each Group winner. Another interesting market is the top goalscorer.

Interesting facts about previous winners

Check out some interesting facts about the World Cup.

How many countries have won it?

In the history of the World Cup, only eight countries have won at least one World Cup. Brazil leads with five victories since 1958. Germany is the current champion and have won four World Cups, along with Italy. Argentina and Uruguay have won twice. There is three countries that won the Cup once: France (1998), England (1966) and Spain (2010).

Last time to repeat a champion

Brazil and Italy are the only two countries that have ever repeated as the champion. Italy was first in 1934 and 1938. Then Brazil won back to back Cups in 1958 and 1962.

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