A group of friends came up with the idea for BettingTop10 when they met at university while studying marketing. To shape the idea thus conceived, the following 3 years were marked by engrossing themselves in sports betting.

Subsequently, BettingTop10 advanced with more clarity and gained momentum as new horizons of sports betting were explored. After having launched in Asia, BettingTop10 spread across continents reaching North America and Europe as well. As of now, BettingTop10 has its presence in Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, India, Australia, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, and South Africa.

Who we are?

We are a trustworthy and reliable source of online betting information. We are a group of experienced people passionate about sports betting and online gambling. At BettingTop10, we have experts with great knowledge of sports betting markets, online bookmakers, and valuable sports insights.

  • We are a one-stop site for all the online gambling information.
  • From novices to experts, everyone can find what they need to know about online bookmakers on BettingTop10
  • BettingTop10 is the place to find reviews of the top online betting sites, welcome offers, features, sports betting markets, betting odds, and more.
  • BettingTop10 strives to provide its readers valuable information. We don’t publish any paid reviews for online bookmakers. Our reviews include the pros and cons of the betting sites which are a result of research, analysis and testing by our experts.

Our Writers


Prateik. A Data Engineer by trade, Prateik has coupled two things he loves the most – Cricket and Data. When he is not playing cricket, he is pulling data insights from current and past cricket matches, building predictive models, writing predictions and betting tips. An armchair activist, Prateik spends his free time reading philosophy and nagging people about climate change.

Born in the city of Aurangabad in Maharashtra, India, Prateik found his role models in cricketers like Rahul Dravid, and Anil Kumble. Cricket was more than just a sport as it had a deep impact on building temperament, friendships, and persistence.

Apart from sports, Prateik likes to read poetry, dip his toes into philosophy, and loves travelling. Lonavala is his all-time favorite hill station and he can’t stop talking about it. He could go on for days without eating but is less likely to survive without talking about Tiger Point and Bhushi Dam in Lonavala.

Prateik’s playlist features Bob Marley’s Rastaman Live up and Captain Beefheart’s Blue Million Miles at the top. Friends, cricket and grooving to Trenchtown Rock will get us through every high and low, reckons Prateik.


Subhadeep B. is a cricket purist who loves the boring 5-day red ball Test Matches over the ‘exciting’ T20 games. Born in a small yet cosmopolitan town of Shillong his brush with the game started as a 4 year old kid on the streets.

The Tendulkars, Anwars and Laras inspired him to shadow practice for hours in pursuit of success in the game! Like all other kids of the generation he was passionate about the game through his teenage years, right up to adulthood.

As years went by he went into the creative side of things and started writing on the game. Writing cricket predictions happened by accident but ever since he has found his forte in this role as a cricket analysts tracking T20 leagues, domestic and international cricket all over the world. Digging deep into stats is his passion and writing about the game is close to his heart.

He loves reading about the history of the game knowing the person behind the stars through their autobiographies. Always ready for an argument on topics he believes in, Subhadeep isn’t one who easily gives up when it comes to winning an argument.

KavitaKavita is an avid football viewer, supporter, and writer with a lot of admiration and love for football, European football, in particular. She loves watching past matches and work on predictions for upcoming games. Reading and knowing about major events in football history and about legends of the game is also very interesting to her. Kavita loves to talk and discuss football and even play the FIFA video game.

Apart from football, Kavita likes watching basketball, reading thriller novels, and travelling in the hills. With great knowledge and experience of the game, she is great at offering predictions and betting tips for a range of markets. Other than the sport, she loves to stay updated on the lives of her favorite footballers and other popular athletes.


Maya  is a sports betting expert with an in-depth knowledge of betting markets across top betting sites. She has a knack for finding best promotions, welcome offers and betting ideas that make online betting easier and enjoyable recreation. Apart from this, she also finds the best music on YouTube and funniest gifs ever.


What do we do?

At BettingTop10, we dive into the world of sports betting and bring our readers the best online betting sites, betting odds on latest sports events, promotions, and everything a bettor should know. Our experts research and analyse the features of online betting sites, and find the most reliable, licensed, and best suited bookmakers for our readers.

From timely updates on bookmakers’ latest promotions and welcome offers, to bringing you the best betting odds and tips for top sporting events, BettingTop10 covers all your betting information needs.

  • We review trustworthy and reputable online bookmakers and provide information on their offerings, and features.
  • We also provide a step by step guide in our reviews on how to – open account, claim bonus, deposit and withdraw money, navigate betting markets, place bets.
  • We ensure the information we offer about the online betting sites is indeed useful and valuable to our readers. We make it a point to mention whether a particular bookmaker accepts the currency that is local to our readers.
  • All the information on BettingTop10 is constantly updated to ensure we bring our readers the latest promotions and offers from the bookmakers.
  • We also provide betting guides that explain what betting odds are and how they work for any novice dabbling into sports betting.

Our Goal

We aim to be the ultimate source of information on online gambling and sports betting offering our readers everything they need to know. We strive to help our readers through their journey of sports betting – from finding the best online bookmaker to best sports betting markets and everything else in between.

  • Be the one-stop destination for sports fans and bettors looking for reliable information
  • To review and list only the trustworthy and reputable bookmakers on our site
  • To help readers navigate through different bookmakers and choose the one that’s best for them
  • To educate our readers on sports betting

Our Commitment

BettingTop10 is committed to improving our readers’ sports betting experience by offering valuable information on everything they need to know. Educating our readers about sports betting by publishing guides on sports betting and other explanatory content is one of core commitments.

  • Finding reputable bookmakers with licenses and providing their detailed information to our readers.
  • Helping readers to find the best offers, promotions and educating them on how to use the different features on the betting sites.
  • Providing information on the best odds available for popular sports events and publishing expert predictions.
  • Updating our reviews with every new offering from the bookmakers including promotions and new payment methods.
  • Providing information about bookmakers that promote Responsible Gambling and how bettors can use features on the betting sites to keep their betting activities in check.

At BettingTop10, we are constantly working towards keeping our commitment of providing the most up-to-date information to our readers. While we continue to be on the watch, we would like our readers to know that there may occur such circumstances where things are beyond our control.

We would also like to inform you that BettingTop10 assumes no responsibility for any action a reader may take after reading the information on this site. We recommend all our readers to check terms and conditions of the bookmaker before placing bets. The predictions, betting tips and other information published on BettingTop10 do not constitute advice or suggestion.

We aim to improve our understanding of our audiences and their needs so we can provide them with more useful and suitable information. As a result, we would love to hear your queries, comments, or suggestions on how we can improve our site. Also, if you would like to collaborate writing with us to provide more value to our readers, we welcome you to reach us with your pitches and ideas.

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