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Betting Sites in UK

A detailed guide to betting sites in the UK

With such a huge choice of betting sites to choose from in the UK, it can be hard to know when to start when deciding which bookmakers to use for sports betting.

But most of the bookies offer very much the same type of service, with similar odds and most of the same types of bet, so it often simply comes down to personal preference.

However, there are a few things it is important to keep in mind when thinking about gambling sites and online bookmakers, including how trusted and reliable they are, what their mobile and live offerings are like, and how their cash out option works.

Check out our detailed guide to the best betting sites in the UK for the information you need to get started – and get yourself well on the way to being a winner.

Top 10 UK Bookies

Betting basics

Most people will already have a basic understanding of how odds work and what you need to do to place a bet, but a quick rundown is still useful for total beginners.

Odds can be displayed in one of two ways by bookies – decimal or fraction – with the fraction usually the default option on betting sites.

A price of 10/1, for example, means you get £10 for every £1 you stake – if your bet wins. Odds of 5/2 mean £2 stakes wins £5 and odds of 10/11 means £10 stakes earns £10 profits – and so on.

To place a wager on betting websites, just make your selection from the list of options by clicking on it, then enter your chosen stake, then click confirm.

Usually, you have to be over the age of 18 to place a bet. The only exceptions to this rule in the UK are the National Lottery and scratchcards, where the legal limit is 16.

The betting site will automatically record whether you have won or not and if you are lucky enough to have been successful, the bookmaker will add your winnings into your account. It’s that easy!

Online betting sites compete for your business with a range of free bets and promotions, though, so choosing the best site to use is not always easy.

Look online for an index of all of the available betting sites and you can find a list of those that are new too if you do not just want to stick with the major high-street bookmakers.

Which websites to use

The UK has so many betting sites that picking just one to use for football betting and other sports such as horse racing is far from straightforward. The choice can be confusing.

Among the top options for UK bookmakers are Ladbrokes, William Hill, Sky Bet, Paddy Power and Betfred, but the list is almost endless. In addition, there are plenty of Irish bookies as well.

Check out our online reviews before deciding which British bookmakers to use and some might even allow you to set up an account while making no deposit, so you can take a look at how they work.

This will mean you can be assured they are safe and legal before you decide whether or not to deposit any money, while it is also worth researching to compare the best sign up offers too.

The biggest of the UK’s gambling websites handle vast amounts of money and that can be reassuring for those who are unsure which one to go for, but on the other hand, a smaller operator may be able to offer a more personal level of customer service.

Remember as well that the largest and most famous bookmaker in the world tends to make an awful lot of money every year as well – it’s true what they say, you rarely see a poor bookie!

How to beat the bookie?

If sports fans in the UK could ask one question it would likely be this: How to beat the bookies?

Online bookmakers are not mugs and, if it was really so easy to do it, then everyone would be at it and making plenty of money out of gambling.

But there are a few ways to make sure you are giving yourself the best possible chance of being profitable when placing bets against bookies.

The main lesson with betting sites that should be at the front of your mind is to always make sure you are getting the best possible price for your chosen bet – read the description of any games you play to understand the terms.

Taking value is recommended and even if you think your prediction might not come true, value bets are worth following, rather than going with your gut instinct.

Using the internet, a comparison of available bookmaker odds can be carried out in a matter of moments. This means that there is really no excuse not to take the time to get the best price up for grabs on whichever betting sites with which you hold accounts.

In addition to comparing odds betting various betting sites online, using a bet calculator can be a good way to track whether or not a chosen wager is going to be a good deal.

Final things to remember when betting online

A lot of people who go to an online bookmaker also keep a detailed record of all of their bets, finding this is a good way to see easily and clearly whether or not they are beating the bookies.

For most, though, gambling on UK football matches or other sports is a way to add something a little extra while watching the big game. If money can be taken out of betting sites at the end of the day, then that is a nice bonus on top.

Never bet more money than you can afford to lose on a betting site and a good way to look at gambling is that anything you win is pure profit – money you never expected to have – so perhaps put a good chunk of it to one side in a rainy-day fund.

Last but not least, keep in mind that sports betting is supposed to be a bit of fun. If you get on a losing streak and find you stop enjoying it, it is worth taking a break.

You should now have all the information you need to start using UK betting sites – good luck!

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