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Online sports betting has taken the internet by storm and now sports crazy fans all over India can take their passion to the next level. Signing up with a quality online sports betting site and placing bets on the outcome of top sporting events for real money can be the ultimate thrill.
While many sports fans in India understand how sports betting works, there are even more who are quite new to this fun and often highly lucrative hobby. If this is you, welcome to the ultimate online sports betting guide in India!
Here you can learn all about online sports betting and become a top dog in the world of international sports betting online. We show you everything that you need to know how to become a success in sports betting, from picking the best online sports betting sites, to learning how different sports markets work, how to understand sports betting odds, picking a top payment option and much more.
In a nutshell, betting on sports online is a very easy way to gamble online and have a lot of fun along the way. Once you have checked out Bettingtop10’s list of recommended online sportsbook brands, you can zone in on popular sports markets, pick top teams or players, and make a wide range of bets on an almost unlimited range of betting options.
Signing up with one of our recommended online sportsbook brands is very simple and we will guide you through the process and show you how you can take advantage of top sign up bonus offers to boost your betting start.
You can also find comprehensive and in-depth guides to the most popular online sports betting markets in India, including cricket, football and horse racing. Our intensive, no holds barred sportsbook reviews will also guide you to finding the perfect online sports betting site for your particular needs or interests.

Understanding How Sports Markets Work

Every online sportsbook or sports betting site offers range of different sporting types that you can bet on. These are known as the sports betting markets. The number and variety of sports betting markets will vary, often quite drastically from one site to another.
Here at Bettingtop10, we’ve selected the top international online sports betting sites for you, all offering the most popular sports betting markets in India. We love betting on sports, especially ones that are internationally popular like cricket and football.
However, any top online sportsbook should be able to offer an extensive range of markets that include popular sports but also less popular ones, giving you a wide range of options.

Once you have signed up with one of our recommended online sports betting sites, and maybe taken advantage of their bonus offers, you can start by looking through their list of markets. In most cases, you will find the list of sports markets listed along the left side of the screen. Simply run through the list until you find the market that interests you.
The next step is to click on the market which will bring up all the relevant information in the center page. This will usually include the various events, matches, tournaments or other fixtures, along with details of the teams or players involved. You will also see the current odds for each of these events. All you need do is click on one of these to make a choice and add it to your bet slip, it’s that easy!

Betting on Sports – Getting to Know the Odds

At the heart of online sports betting is the odds. The simplest way to understanding what odds are and how they work is that the odds are simply a numerical expression of the chances of one or the other to win an event or match.
When you see the odds on an online sports betting site, you will usually see them displayed in one of three ways. Most top online sportsbooks will give you the option to choose an odds display that makes the most sense to you.
The three odds display options are:

  1. American (US) odds: These are displayed in a points spread like this: +100 or -84 and so on.
  2. Fractional (UK) odds: Odds in this format are displayed as a fraction like this: 14/1 or 18/6 and so on.
  3. Decimal (Euro) odds: This is the popular European method of displaying betting odds and is expressed like this: 3.40 or 1.00 and so on.

How Do These Odds Work?

At first glance, these different ways of expressing betting odds may seem quite confusing but in reality they are all quite simple to understand and use.
American or US odds are so called because they are the standard with American sportsbooks and are widely used in US-based sports such as American football, basketball, baseball and ice hockey. American odds are also often called ‘moneyline odds’ as they work differently depending on the bet for the favourite to win or the underdog.
For example, if the favourite to win in an event is posted as -110 in US odds, this means that, in order to win $100, you would need to bet $110. US odds work in the opposite way for the underdog and are represented, by way of example, as +240 which means that, in order to win $240, you would need to bet $100.

Fractional odds, also known as UK odds, is a bit different and is often used for horse race betting. Some find this system a bit easier to understand as the fraction represents the net total payout relative to a bettor’s stake.
For example, if the odds on a match or race is posted as 5/1, this means that, if you bet 20 and won, you would get back 100 since the bet pays out 5 times your stake.

Finally, decimal odds or Euro odds are most popular within the European, Canadian and Australian markets. This system is also popular with many punters who find it the easiest odds system of all to understand.
Decimal odds represent the exact amount that would be paid out to you if your bet won. The way to think of decimal odds is to think of it as the decimal representation of fractional odds + 1. So, for example, if you took an even money bet which would be 1/1 in fractional odds display, in decimal it would be represented as 1.00.
When you add the +1 to the decimal odds representation, you are essentially adding your original stake. In our example this makes the even money bet in decimal odds as 2.00, so if you placed a bet of 100, you would get 200 if your bet won.

What to Look For in a Top Online Sports Betting Site

There are many key factors that you need to consider when choosing an online betting site to gamble on. We offer a comprehensive guide to choosing the ideal online sports betting site for your needs, along with tried and tested top list of most recommended betting sites, in-depth reviews and more.
Feel free to consult our listings and follow our safe links to each of our recommended sportsbook brands to compare them. You should consider the layout of the site, whether it works for you or not. This should include whether the brand includes your particular sports market of interest, how easy it is to place a bet, the odds given including formats on offer and so on.
Also consider the look and feel of the site, do the colours appeal to you? Do you love the vibrancy of the site or do you prefer it to be a bit more stripped down?
Whichever you preference, we are sure that you will find a top betting site that best suits all of your needs and preferences.

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