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The fan base that cricket enjoys in India is second to none. For more than two centuries, Indians have loved the game, dominated the sport, and produced legendary cricketers like Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid.


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It is, therefore, hardly a surprise that cricket consumes a major fraction of the betting market in India. While betting in local and regional matches are popular among the residents of that particular region, national tournaments and international matches attract a larger and more diverse crowd.
In the last few years, online cricket betting in India has become quite popular with a number of betting sites coming up. However, not all of them are safe and reliable. At BettingTop10, you will find the best online cricket betting sites in India whom you can trust with your money.

Major Cricket Tournaments in India

The fact that cricket is so popular in India implies that the game is played at all levels throughout the country. The international matches hold immense significance, regardless of whether they are part of a bilateral series or a multi-nation tournament. Nationally, the popular tournaments include:

  • Indian Premier League – This is an annual Twenty20 extravaganza involving both domestic and international players that has become enormously popular since its onset in 2008. Find here our IPL predictions for 2019.
  • Ranji Trophy – This is the quintessential domestic tournament in India played in a 4-day Test match format.

Today’s Cricket Betting Predictions

Prediction Ireland vs Bangladesh

Ireland vs Bangladesh Prediction – 6th ODI Match

Date: May 15, 2019 Time: 3:15 PM IST Venue: Clontarf Cricket Club Ground, Dublin Betting Odds Ireland – 4.35 (wager INR 100 and pocket INR 435 if Ireland win) BET NOW Bangladesh – 1.18 (wager INR 100 and pocket INR 118 if Bangladesh wins) BET NOW JOIN NOW Betting Tips for Ireland vs Bangladesh, 6th [...]
Prediction West Indies vs Pakistan

West Indies vs Pakistan Prediction – World Cup 2nd Match

Date: May 31, 2019 Time: 3:00 PM IST Venue: Trent Bridge, Nottingham Betting Odds West Indies – 2.10 (wager INR 100 and pocket INR 210 if West Indies win) BET NOW Pakistan – 1.68 (wager INR 100 and pocket INR 118 if West Indies win) BET NOW JOIN NOW   West Indies vs Pakistan Betting [&hellip

Prediction England vs Pakistan

England vs Pakistan Prediction – 4th ODI

Date: 17th May April 2019 Time: 5:30 PM IST Venue: Trent Bridge, Nottingham Betting Odds England – 1.30 (bet Rs.100 and win Rs.130 if England wins) BET NOW Pakistan – 3.30 (bet Rs.100 and win Rs.330 if Pakistan wins) BET NOW JOIN NOW   England vs Pakistan Betting Tips, 4th ODI Joe Root leads for [&hellip

Prediction England vs South Africa

England vs South Africa Prediction – World Cup 1st Match

Date: 30th May April 2019 Time: 3:00 PM IST Venue: Kennington Oval, London Betting Odds England – 1.42 (bet Rs.100 and win Rs.142 if England wins) BET NOW South Africa – 2.70 (bet Rs.100 and win Rs.270 if South Africa wins) BET NOW JOIN NOW England vs South Africa Betting Tips, 1st Match With Jason [&hellip

Prediction New Zealand vs Sri Lanka

New Zealand vs Sri Lanka Prediction – World Cup 3rd Match

Date: 1st June 2019 Time: 3:00 PM IST Venue: Sophia Gardens, Cardiff Betting Odds New Zealand - 1.33 (bet Rs.100 and win Rs.133 if New Zealand wins) BET NOW Sri Lanka - 3.10 (bet Rs.100 and win Rs.310 if Sri Lanka wins) BET NOW JOIN NOW New Zealand vs Sri Lanka Betting Tips, 3rd Match [...]
Prediction Bangladesh vs West Indies

Bangladesh vs West Indies Prediction – Final Match

Date: May 17, 2019 Time: 3:15 PM IST Venue: The Village, Dublin Betting Odds Bangladesh – 1.71 (wager INR 100 and pocket INR 171 if Bangladesh wins) BET NOW West Indies – 2.05 (wager INR 100 and pocket INR 205 if West Indies wins) BET NOW JOIN NOW Betting Tips for Bangladesh vs West Indies, [...]
Prediction Afghanistan vs Australia

Afghanistan vs Australia Prediction – World Cup 4th Match

Date: May 31, 2019 Time: 6:00 PM IST Venue: County Ground, Bristol Betting Odds Afghanistan – 5.75 (wager INR 100 and pocket INR 575 if Afghanistan win) BET NOW Australia – 1.10 (wager INR 100 and pocket INR 110 if Australia win) BET NOW JOIN NOW Betting Tips for Afghanistan vs Australia, 4th Match Australia [...]

Popular Online Cricket Bets

Cricket betting in India has never been merely about the winner of the match. Considering the amount of analysis that Indians love to do on every match, the parameters of cricket betting online are expectedly vast. The following are some of the more popular bets among Indian users:

  • Winner of the coin toss
  • Top run-getter for each team
  • Top wicket-taker for each team
  • Scorer of most sixes during the match
  • Possibility of a fifty scored during the course of the match

The popularity of the bets, of course, may alter with every match, keeping in mind the teams involved and the conditions at play.

Understanding Cricket Betting Odds

Online cricket betting sites use a variety of odds formats. The fact that betting developed independently in several parts of the world may have something to do with this, but worry not, since the payouts are always the same, irrespective of the format.

The more popular betting formats are the Fractional and the Decimal Formats.

Cricket Welcome Offer Betway

If you are familiar with probability mathematics, fractional odds will be easy for you to understand. Also known as UK odds since they are prevalent mostly in the UK and Ireland, fractional odds are given in a fraction form A/B. The denominator denotes the amount bet, and the sum of numerator and denominator represents your yield.

Suppose, you bet 100 rupees at odds of 8/1. If you win, your yield will equal 900 rupees (800 + 100).

The Decimal format is the commonest way online bookmakers present the odds. Here, your payout (including the sum you had originally bet) is simply the amount you staked multiplied by the odds. Another way of expressing this is:

Net Profit = (odds * stake) – stake

So, if you are backing the Indian team with the odds at 9.0 and you stake 100 rupees, your net profit will be (9.0 * 100) – 100 = 800 rupees.

Because of the simplicity of the Decimal format, most online cricket betting sites in India prefer to use this system.

How to bet on cricket

Online betting isn’t nearly as difficult as some make it out to be. Although we are certain that you’ll find your way through it, here are a few pointers that will help you out regarding how to bet on cricket online in India, should you feel the need for it.

  1. Set up your account on a reputed site.
  2. Select cricket from the sports list and choose a series/tournament.
  3. Browse through the different betting markets and select from among those.
  4. Set your bets up and confirm them.
  5. Make sure that you have a Bet Slip (usually on the right side of the screen).
  6. After the match, you can decide whether to cash out or let the site hold your profit for future bets.

Cricket Betting Tips

Granted that nothing is ever predictable in the land of betting, but there are certain strategies that veteran gamblers follow in order to make the best decisions from the available resources and trust online solid cricket betting tips.

In cricket, the strategies are simple. Conditions play a major role, especially when considered alongside squad compositions. Even the toughest international players can crumble under unfamiliar conditions. Home advantage, therefore, remains of utmost importance in this sport.

The fact that certain players fare better under certain conditions is used generously by experienced bookmakers. For instance, Virat Kohli thrives under pressure and usually scores faster while chasing than while batting first. Also, Cheteshwar Pujara is a safer bet to score a century in Tests than in limited overs internationals.

It is wise to follow matches and keep track of previews and today’s cricket predictions, player injuries and replacements in order to place bets that are likely to earn you rich dividends. Going into a match blind is always risky. Make sure you research about teams before the ICC World Cup and learn enough about the conditions before placing your bets.

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