Kabaddi Betting Guide

Kabaddi Betting SitesA traditional sport that originated in India, Kabaddi is played widely in the Indian subcontinent. This game doesn’t require any equipment and merely a square court and this explains the overwhelming popularity of the game. While the game’s popularity was confined to the rural and semi-urban areas until recently due to the overwhelming popularity of cricket, the launch of professional leagues and live TV broadcasts in the recent years has make it one of the most popular sports for betting right after cricket.

Kabaddi Betting in India

Most betting sites in India have added Kabaddi to their list of sports and now it challenges Football, Horse Racing and Tennis in its bid to become the second most popular sport for betting in India. The sport has also gained immense fan following outside its traditional base in the Indian subcontinent and has been attracting bets from Europe and North America. At BettingTop10 India we have been extensively covering this sport and bring to you latest predictions along with the best betting sites in India to be on this sport.

If you have ever watched a Kabaddi match, the rules of this game can seem intriguing to you. After all, it is a sport of its own kind and has little resemblance to any other sport in the world. In this guide we shall take you through some of the basics of betting on Kabaddi.

Major Kabaddi Tournaments for Betting Online

As Kabaddi has been rising in the popularity charts there are several tournaments being played in India and other countries in the subcontinent. While most tournaments are played at local and regional level where there isn’t much scope for online Kabaddi betting there are some national and international tournaments that have attract millions of dollars in bets.

  • Pro Kabaddi League – Launched in 2014 this tournament is credited to have revived the popularity of this game in India. With 12 teams in the fray, it is the most popular kabaddi tournament. It attracts bettors from around the world and offers them the most number of markets to bet on. The 2021-22 edition is the eighth season of the tournament. Five teams have won the title in the past which shows the level of competition. Patna Pirates have been the most successful teams with three titles to their credit, but the side has lacked form in the last two editions. It would be interesting to see which of the sides grabs the title this year with all teams having great raiders and defenders in their squad.
  • Super Kabaddi League – India’s traditional arch-rivals Pakistan launched its own tournament in 2018 and this too has gained immense popularity in the recent years. With some of the best players in this game taking part in this event this is also on the radar of the Kabaddi bettors.
  • Kabaddi World Cup – The popularity of the franchise leagues has added to the interest of the Kabaddi World Cup and you can bet during this quadrennial tournament that sees the best players from the top Kabaddi playing nations in action.

Women’s Kabaddi Challenge in India, Asian Kabaddi Championship and Kabaddi Masters in UAE has also been grabbing attention of bettors though not to the scale of the tournaments we have mentioned above. Apart from these Kabaddi has also featured in the quadrennial Asian Games and the biannual South Asian Games.

Top Kabaddi Betting Sites in India

Kabaddi has become very popular among Indian bettors and bookmakers have been quick to realise. We are seeing more betting sites in India covering this tournament and also allowing Indian bettors to bet in Indian currency unlike in the past where most bettors had to bet using USD. Here are the leading betting sites in India for Kabaddi –

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Popular Online Kabaddi Bets

Kabaddi betting in India offers you the opportunity to bet on several markets apart from the winner market. The following are some of the more popular bets among bettors

  1. Number of points scored by the two teams
  2. Number of bonus points
  3. Number of red cards
  4. Team to earn 15 points in first half
  5. Number of yellow cards
  6. Top tackles
  7. Winner of the tournament
  8. Best raider in the game

Apart from these pre-match bets you can also bet on a game while it is live. There are several markets that you can bet on such as the success of a raid, success of defense number of points to be scored in the next half among others.

Understanding Kabaddi Betting Odds

There are different odds formats that are used by the different betting sites in India. However Fractional and the Decimal Formats remain overwhelmingly popular among Indian bettors.

Fractional Odds

This is also known as the UK odds system and it popular in UK and most other parts of Europe. Here the odds fraction is presented to you in an A/B format with the denominator denoting the bet amount and yield is represented by the sum of the numerator and denominator.

Yield = Bet Sum x (Numerator + Denominator)

For instance if you bet ₹100 on a market with 7/1 odds in case of success your yield would be 100 x (7+1) = 800

Decimal Odds

This is more popular in the Indian market as it is far easier to read as compared to the Fractional odds system.

Net Profit = (odds x stake) – stake

For instance if you bet ₹100 on a market with 5.50 odds in case of success your yield would be 100 x 5.50 – 100 = 450

Kabaddi Betting Tips

Kabaddi like all other sports is interesting to bet on. However, for most first time bettors placing their best can be challenging due to the rules of the game which can sound complex at times. This is where as a bettor you can improve your odds by reading match previews and predictions. These allow you not only to improve your understanding of the game and the individual players but also know about the form of the two teams and place your bets in the right markets.