Group stages have been completed. You can review current and past World Cup 2018 results here

Group Winner is one of the most popular markets and our World Cup predictions have picked out a side to finish top of each section.

Group A Winner

Uruguay are expected to top their group, but judging by their first round of games it may not be as straightforward as was thought earlier. Russia hammered Saudi Arabia 5-0 in the biggest win of the World Cup so far to prove their credentials and also make their goal difference very solid, while Uruguay struggled to break down Egypt and only won in the dying seconds of the game.

Group A Winner Odds
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Group B Winner

Spain were initially installed as clear favourites to top Group A, with Portugal were expected to finish second. While the bookmakers have still suggested that Spain are the favourites, it is now a close call between them and Portugal, especially after the enthralling 3-3 draw between these two sides with nothing to separate them. Iran and Morocco are not expected to bother the top 2 too much.

Group B Winner Odds
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Group C Winner

France, as expected, won their opening game against Australia 2-1, but were not as convincing as one would want them to be. They needed a late goal to get 3 priceless points, while Denmark secured a crucial 1-0 victory against an impressive Peru side, to prove that they will battle France for the top spot till the last minute. France are still the favourties, but the marging between them and Denmark has been reduced after the first round.

Group C Winner Odds
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Group D Winner

Argentina were originally expected to top their group and cruise to the knockout rounds. However, a shock 1-1 draw with debutants Iceland has put those chances in jeopardy. The new favourites to top the group now are Croatia, who convincingly beat Nigeria 2-0 to become the group leaders. Iceland can still pull off another upset, but Croatia are looking very confident and should be able to top this group.

Group D Winner Odds
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Group E Winner

Brazil were considered as the pre tournament favourites to win the World Cup. However, those odds have had to be rearranged after a disappointing draw against Switzerland, despite scoring an early goal. Switzerland were earlier the favourites to finish second, but now are tied with Serbia for that post, as Serbia currently top the group with a narrow win over Costa Rica.

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Group F Winner

Just like Brazil, defending champions Germany were also considered the pre tournament favourites for this tournament. However, in one of the biggest shocks in World Cup history, they succumbed to Mexico in their opening goal, and were far from convincing throughout the match. Sweden have also increased their chances after a close win over South Korea. Mexico, however, are the new favourites having already negotiated their toughest fixture of this group.

Group F Winner Odds
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Group G Winner

It’s going to be nip and tuck between Belgium and England in Group G with Roberto Martinez’s deemed more likely to finish top of this section. They have slightly more experience in their side and have match-winners such as Eden Hazard and Dries Mertens in their team and that could make the difference here. England should also be strong and will be relying on the goals of Harry Kane, who scored twice against Tunisia to give them 3 priceless points and keep them in the hunt for the top spot.

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Group H Winner

This group turned upside down after the first round of fixtures, with the favourites Poland and Colombia both losing to the underdogs Senegal and Japan respectively. Senegal are now the favourites to top this group after a convincing win over Poland, while Japan are second favourites after beating 10 man Colombia to achieve a historic result.

Group H Winner Odds
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