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The game of football, or soccer as it is known in some parts of the world, is the most popular sport in the world. The game is also known by another name, “The Beautiful Game”, an endearing term that was first given to football by the Brazilian footballing legend, Pelé.
Football is played all over the world including South America, Central American, North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.
While football may not be as played or as popular in India as the game of cricket it, it certainly is a top favourite amongst Indian sports betting fans. Sports fans in India love to watch as many football matches on television as they can. Being able to also go online and bet on top local and international games and tournaments adds massive amounts of excitement to the game.
Now you too can take part in betting on the Beautiful Game and Betting Top 10 is right here, guiding you through every step of the process. We offer the most comprehensive online resource for online football betting. We show you how easy it is to start to bet on football online, how to place your bets, how to pick teams, matches and events and, perhaps most importantly, how to collect your winnings.

How to Bet on Football Online

If you are entirely new to the world of sports betting, you may have initially thought that only experts can bet on football online. This is absolutely not true and just about anyone can start to place bets on football teams and matches online after just a few minutes of reading our guide.
If you want to bet on football online, all you need to do to get started, is pick one of our recommended online sportsbooks and follow our easy step by step guide to online football betting below. Once you have chosen a recommended online sportsbook and perhaps taken advantage of their sign up bonuses, follow these easy steps:

1. Picking Your Teams and Events
To get started, find the online sportsbook’s list of offered sporting markets. Once you’ve located the soccer or football tab, simply click on it to expand your betting options. You will see a comprehensive and detailed section containing various football leagues, teams within those leagues, events, matches or tournaments and so on.
Every league breaks down into the various teams within that league, and will then break down even further to show you each event. Each of these matches will include their starting times, location and betting odds.
Simply click on the league that interests you, for example, UEFA or a local favourite, Indian Super League and so on. All you need do now is decide which match to follow, bet on a team to win, lose, or draw and many other options.

2. Placing Your Bets
Placing you bets is the next step after you’ve decided on a league, tournament and/or game. You can select from three odds formats including decimal, points and fractional, (for more on this check out our online sports betting how-to guide).
Most sportsbooks will follow a similar structure and layout to make things easier for bettors. Usually, you will find the list of sports markets on the left side of the page with the majority of information including stats, betting options and odds in the middle. You will usually find your bet slip on the right side of the page.
The bet slip is how you place your bets with the online sportsbook and ensure that your bet gets placed before or during an event. If you fail to add your bet to the bet slip before submitting, your bet won’t be placed and, if you win, you may end up kicking yourself!
Using a bet slip is very easy and most top sportsbooks will guide you through their particular process. Generally speaking, once you’ve clicked on the event/team/odds, this bet will be automatically entered to your bet slip. If you’re ready, all you need to do is confirm you bet and click enter. The bet amount will be automatically deducted from your account, so make sure you have enough to cover your bets.

3. Following the Action
Now that you’ve successfully placed your bet you can sit back and follow all of the action. Our recommended online sports betting sites all offer a variety of ways in which you can follow the action. Football is a premium betting market and therefore usually gets top billing with most online sportsbooks.
This usually means that you can get live streaming coverage via either online radio or televised transmission, particularly of big matches. Depending on the league that you are betting on, you can also get updates on a handy info graphic, showing a football pitch and the two teams playing the live match.

4. Collecting Your Winnings
Congratulations! You made the right call and backed the right play for your match and now you can collect your winnings.
All of our recommended online sports betting sites will automatically allocate your winnings to your player account right after the match or event has concluded. You can then decide whether you would prefer to keep your funds in your player account, for future bets, or withdraw to your normal bank.
Most bets are paid out very quickly, usually within an hour or two although some can take a bit longer. It all depends on the sportsbook, the amount won, the method chosen for payment and so on.

Online Football Betting FAQ

By now you should have a solid foundation and should be able to make your first bet on football online. However, if you are still a little uncertain, perhaps one of our frequently asked questions can help on your way:

  1. How do I find an online football betting site?
    The smartest and safest way to find a solid and reliable online sports betting site is by choosing one from our recommended list.We have done extensive research and lengthy tests on each of the sportsbook brands that we recommend to you. All key areas have been thoroughly tested including betting markets, player support, payout speeds, sporting markets, and of course, safety and security.
  2. What currencies can I choose for my online football betting?
    Most online sports betting sites will offer several currency options for betting on although some will only offer either USD or GBP. In most instances however, you can choose from USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, CAD and one or two others.
    For more details on currency options, feel free to read our detailed and in-depth reviews on all of our recommended online sports betting sites.
  3. Is it safe to bet on football online?
    Provided that you follow our guide to online sports betting and football betting, choose one our recommended online sportsbook brands, placing a bet on football online will be completely safe for you.
  4. Can I watch the game and bet on it at the same time?
    This will usually depend on the league and events that you choose to bet on. Most of our recommended online sports betting sites will offer a range of football games and tournaments in their live betting and live streaming option.
    Some games will also be televised in real time and you can usually watch this for free, provided that you have an active player account, with a positive balance.
  5. If I win, how do I get my money?
    If you win, the sportsbook will automatically add your winning amount to your player account. Form there you can either decide to keep the money in your player account and make more bets, or you can withdraw the amount using your preferred payment option.

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