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To compare online cricket betting and fantasy cricket leagues we consider the Pakistan vs Australia 3rd T20I that was played on 28th October at Dubai.

Fantasy Cricket Introduction

In Fantasy cricket contests, a contestant creates their fantasy team choosing batsmen, bowlers and a wicket keeper from the two participating teams. Points will be awarded for every run, boundary, and six scored, wickets and catch taken.

A captain and a vice-captain should be chosen and the player chosen as captain will receive double points and the vice-captain will receive 1.5 times the points earned.

With some fantasy cricket sites, only a captain can be selected while other fantasy cricket sites allow a captain and a vice captain to be selected.

To enter a contest or a league on a fantasy cricket sites a specific amount of fee is to be paid and the contest has a specific number of participants that can enter.

Entry Fee and Payout Structure

Here is one such league for the Pakistan vs Australia 3rd T20I that had 10,670 participants.

image 01-768x299

The entry fee for this league was Rs.50 and the top prize was Rs.50000.

The winnings are divided among the top participants and one particular payout structure is shown below.


To be able to win the minimum Rs.20 prize, your team rank should be above 5895. Even if you win Rs.20 you will suffer a loss of Rs.30 since the entry fee for this league is Rs.50.

If your team ranks between 1501 and 3295 your prize would be Rs.50 which is the exact same amount you paid to enter the contest. That means if your team ranks 1501 among 10,670 participants you will make no profit no loss and have your initial Rs.50 entry fee back in your account.

In-Play options in Fantasy Cricket & Cricket Betting

Fantasy Cricket

The possibility of your team ranking in the top 10 position is definitely very low given how things change quickly in a cricket match an especially in a T20 game.

Moreover, fantasy cricket sites do not offer in-play options to tweak your team or to drop a player or add another. As a contestant all you can do after your team is selected and you have entered a contest is just wait and watch hoping to see your team in the top 800 rankings.

If your team ranks between 51 and 800 the prize is Rs.100 and that is where you will actually make a profit. But the options offered to help your team perform better on the leaderboard while the match is in-play are zero.

Online Cricket Betting

Whereas, online cricket betting sites offer in-play betting markets and options to bet during a live match and make good profits. The in-play betting feature allows a bettor to parlay. When you win a bet in the in-play betting you can use your winnings to bet on another market during the same match and increase your profits.

Here are a few examples of in-play betting from the Pakistan vs Australia 3rd T20I –

After 3 overs, Pakistan were 15-0 and the betting odds in the Runs in First 6 Overs market looked like this –

image 04-768x138

Given the form Babar Azam has been in the recent matches against Australia and Pakistan’s scoring pattern, a smart bettor would have predicted Pakistan’s total runs in 1st 6 overs.

Pakistan had scored 45-1 and 46-1 in the last 2 T20I against Australia. With no wickets lost in the 1st 3 overs, one could say Pakistan would cross 45 and even 50 in the 1st 6 overs.

The odds for Over 38.5 selection were set at 2.10 while for Over 48.5 were set at 4.50A Rs.50 bet on Over 38.5 at 2.10 would have returned Rs.105 while a Rs.50 bet on Over 48.5 at 4.50 odds would have returned Rs.225.

Profit earned in the above bets would be Rs.55 and Rs.175 for Over 38.5 and Over 48.5 betting options respectively.

Another market offered on one of the top betting sites in India that is Betway during the in-play betting is the 1st Over to 10th Over total runs.

The above shown odds were available when the Pakistan score was 64-0 in the 7.3 overs.

Pakistan scored 74 runs without any loss in 10 overs. A Rs.50 bet on the Under selection in the market shown above would have returned Rs.87.5.

The profit earned on this bet would be Rs.37.5 Another market with betting options that you could predict while watching the match live was the Total Wickets – 1st Over to 10th Over market.

image 06

A Rs.50 bet on the Under selection would have returned Rs.150 making you a profit of Rs.100 on your bet.

Pakistan won the T20I as we had predicted and the fantasy team that participated in the league shown above finished with 657 points and 1293 ranking. The prize won was Rs.75 which means the profit earned though the fantasy cricket contest was Rs.25.

image 07-768x523

While you could do nothing to increase your profit during the match in the fantasy cricket contest, in the in-play betting feature you could time your bets well and as shown in the examples above a total profit of Rs312.5 was to be made on 3 Rs.50 bets.

Online cricket betting offers more options and puts you in control of your betting and the money that you spend and how you spend it. While fantasy cricket leagues offer huge prizes for top ranking contestants the possibility of ending up on the top of the leaderboard is very low.

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