Đội nào sẽ vô địch World Cup 2018?

World Cup has always been the league to satisfy the viewer with the dramatic, attractive game. And the 2018 World Cup is sure to be one of the most exciting and entertaining events of the year. There are more than a month to go, but betting players from Vietnam in particular and around the world in general have started boiling their predictions and betting for the team will win this year’s Cup. The champion of the World Cup will appear on July 15th , but before that let us point out that the champion is exactly who in the market betting at the moment is now. Anyhow.

Predictions for the 2018 World Cup

Here is a list of high-profile teams that lead the World Cup, according to odds from the M88 , Fun88 and 188Bet :



Brazil is currently placed many urinary team will win the championship believe most in the 2018 World Cup . The most prestigious player in the market in Vietnam M88 said that Brazil has 14% ability to win the World Cup 2018 with the odds -5.50. They have qualified well and have many talented players in the squad, including Neymar Jr , Phillipe Coutinho , Gabriel Jesus and Paulinho.. They have never met the cup since 2002, but always the highest rated team. And this year, under the guidance of the experienced Tite coach , their team has become better organized and disciplined.

The probability of Germany winning the runner-up is expected to be 13%. Coming to the World Cup 2018 as the defending champion of the 2014 World Cup with a high level of play and a superb team of players, it is no wonder Germany is one of the most anticipated teams for the championship. This year’s champion. Many expect the 2018 World Cup to repeat the history of the 2014 semi-final, when Joachim Low ‘s side beat the Brazilian 7-1 home team. This is a game that many football fans expect as well as Brazil are waiting for the opportunity to reclaim the debt before Germany.

After Brazil and Germany, France is expected to win third place with a probability of 12% . It is our expectation that Les Bleus will probably fail in the semi – finals, but they will be delighted to win the third prize for their third place finish. They have talents such as Paul Pogba , Kylian Mbappe and Antoine Griezmann in the squad.

Argentina and Spain are predicted to be 11% probable to reach the semi-finals but they will stop here. Argentina has the talent Lionel Messi , who is always able to turn the tide with the moment of lightning individuality can make the story.

Portugal and Belgium are names that can be a surprise this season, but the chances that they can go to the final rounds we see are pretty low and they may be in the top four. [/

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