World Cup Winner Semi Final Odds

If you are looking to bet on the World Cup winner, chances are you’ll want to know who is in the running and which teams are currently predicted to qualify for the semi-finals. The semi-finals of the championship will take place on Tuesday 10th July and Wednesday 11th July. On this page of our site we have everything you need to help make your betting choices and this will be updated all the time once the games kick off in Russia in June 2018.

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2018 World Cup Semi Final Odds

Below you’ll find our table of odds for the semi-finals world cup winner. This table will be updated once the games begin, but as you can see, Germany are the favourites to make it to this stage of the competition followed by Brazil, France, and Spain.

Argentina and Belgium are just outside the favourite four and these will be countries to watch quite closely during the group matches too. Our table will be updated with final odds but if you want to get your bets in early, these are the current prices from the leading betting sites.

Netbet Royal Panda
Germany 2 2
Brazil 2 2.1
France 2.2 2.2
Spain 2.35 2.37
Argentina 2.7 2.87
Belgium 3.45 3.5
England 4.15 4
Portugal 4.95 5.5
Uruguay 5.45 5
Colombia 6.9 6.5
Croatia 7.25 7
Poland 7.25 7

How it Works

Betting on the semi-finals means that you are placing money on the country that you think will make it into the final four draw. Your team doesn’t have to win, they just have to be one of the four teams for you to get your payout. Even if the odds change, if you place your bet at early prices, you will get paid out on the price when your wager was placed.

Quick Guide To Betting

If you plan to wager on who will make it to the semi-finals, there are some things that you will need to take into consideration. The first of these is to ensure that you get the best prices and our betting site reviews will help you with this. The next thing is to make sure you keep up to date with everything that happens once the games kick off in June. Every win or loss will have an effect on the prices bookmakers give so you need to know how your favourite team is doing throughout the competition. Pay close attention to all the group matches and make note of any player injuries. Watch the underdogs as well, as these can often surprise and do better than predicted. One good game is all it takes to knock a team off the top in the group stages. Our World Cup 2018 section of our website will be updated continuously once June arrives and we will have all the information you need to make the most of your World Cup bets.

Other Possible Bets

It’s not just the world cup winner that you can bet on. There are several popular markets that most punters like to get in on. These include betting on the countries they think will make it as far as the quarter finals, predicting the two teams to face off in the finals, the overall winner and more. In the group stages, you can place wagers on who you think will be the group winner and this gives you 8 possible choices. There’s also the very popular top goalscorer market. This is for the coveted Golden Boot Trophy and there are some of the best players in the world up for this. The current favourites are Neymar, Messi, and Ronaldo, but you will find odds for all the great strikers. These are just some of the different markets to look at and we have information on them all here on our site.

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