World Cup 2018 Group Winner Odds

The group draw for the World Cup was made back in December 2017 and the matches themselves will kick off on the 14th of June 2018 in Russia. If you are wondering who to bet on, be sure to check out our tables below. We have all the latest odds making it easy for you to choose your winning wager.

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2018 World Cup Group Winner Odds

Our Images below for each group show the current prices for each country from leading bookmakers. These tables will be updated as soon as the games begin.

Group A

Uruguay are tipped to be the winner in this group. Russia, the host country, are in second place, followed by Egypt. Saudi Arabia are the underdogs in this group and current predictions put them at the bottom of the group.

Group B

Group B has Spain in set to take the top spot with Portugal coming in second place. Morocco are the third favourite and Iran are the underdog and expected to come in last.

Group C

France are the favourites in this group. Denmark are tipped to finish second, followed by Peru. Australia are the least favourite and bookies place them at the bottom of this group.

Group D

Argentina are the ones to watch in group D and the bookies have them in top position. Croatia are next with Iceland taking the third spot. Nigeria is expected to finish last in this group.

Group E

Brazil are the team that are expected to finish top of this group followed by Switzerland. Serbia are next with Costa Rica being placed in bottom place.

Group F

Germany the current title holders are tipped to finish first in this group. They are followed by Sweden and Mexico, with Korea Republic expected to finish last.

Group G

Belgium are the favourites in Group G followed closely by England. Tunisia are tipped to take the third spot with Panama finishing last.

Group H

Colombia are the favourites to win here with Poland taking the second position. Senegal are the third favourite and the least likely to advance in this group are Japan.


How Group Winner Betting Works

When the World Cup kicks off in Russia in June, the first stage of the competition is the group matches. When you place group bets, you are betting on the country you think will be the overall winner of the group not on who you think will be crowned champion at the end of the competition. Group matches kick off on the 14th of June and the results from each group will be available once the last match plays on the 26th of June.

Quick Guide to Betting

You can use the tables above to help you choose who to bet on. The probabilities and the prices are available and early wagers can often get you the best prices. Remember the final odds won’t be given until just before each game is played. If you choose to place your wagers early be sure to use the probability table above to help you make your selections.

Other Possible Bets

There are a number of other popular World Cup markets available too and these shouldn’t be overlooked. These include betting on the quarter finals and the teams you think will make it this far. The semi-finals are another popular choice. Can you predict the two teams that will make up the final match?

If so this is another great market and can net you big wins too. The overall winner is by far the most popular market in World Cup betting and all eyes will be on Germany to see if they can win two titles in a row. The top goalscorer is another very popular choice and this is where you put your money on your favourite striker. Hot favourites right now are Messi, Ronaldo, and Neymar, but there are some other great players included too.

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