World Cup Betting 2018

Welcome to the BettingTop10 world cup 2018 betting guide. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about Russia 2018 and how to make some great wins with your bets. On our site, you’ll find articles that explain how to bet on all aspects of the world cup including all the different markets like teams, groups, predictions, and so on. As the world cup draws even closer and June is just a couple of months away, bookmakers have started their countdowns and many have their odds available already.

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Brazil and Germany are favourites to take the title both being placed at 5/1, France are next at 6/1, followed by Spain and then Argentina. There are plenty of wagers that you can already place including top goalscorer, overall winner, group winners, and so on. Keep reading to find out more about what’s in store for your world cup betting including predictions, latest news, betting odds, free bets and promotions, results, and much more. We aim to be the one site you must visit for all your Russia 2018 news and information.

World Cup Betting

If you want to wager on any of the world cup markets, all you have to do is take a look at our top 5 betting sites. There are plenty of great options to choose from and many have markets already available. If you want to start betting right now check out our recommended bookmakers below.

  • Betsafe: There are currently 1181 betting markets available including the outright winner with Germany at 9/2, Brazil at 24/5, and France at 6/1. Match result prices are available for all the upcoming group games too. Outright markets including Best of Africa with Senegal at 2/1 and Nigeria at 5/2. There’s also top goalscorer and group winner odds.
  • Betsson: Markets are available on all the upcoming matches, as well as overall winner with Germany at 5.50 and Brazil at 5.85. There are markets for the top 2, Best of South Africa, group winners, top goalscorer, and more.
  • Dafabet: All the best markets are available including outright winner, group matches, quarter finals, semi-finals, and more.
  • NetBet: Outrights include markets for the overall winner with Germany at 17/4 and Brazil at 9/2. Group winner markets are available too as well as group The top goalscorer markets are there too, along with many more great wagers.
  • NordicBet: There are 1181 active markets for Russia 2018 at the time the moment including prices on all the upcoming group Outright include World Cup 2018 winner with Germany at 5.50 and Brazil at 5.85. There are group stage specials, both teams to score, goals, handicaps, and more.

World Cup Odds

This page will be updated continuously to show the latest odds for upcoming matches. It is important to remember that odds may change as we get closer to the World Cup.

Germany are the favorites to win the World Cup in 2018 and hold onto their title but they will have some stiff competition with Brazil coming in as a favourite to win also. The Germans are known for their strength and speed and they’ve had a solid run in the qualifiers and a great group draw too. According to Betsson and Betsafe Germany are coming out on top and are priced at 9/2 at Betsafe and 5.50 at Betsson. They are followed by Brazil at 24/5 and 5.85. NetBet also places Germany as the winner at 17/4 with odds of 9/2 for the South American country.

Brazil, Germany, France, Spain and Argentina are the five teams on everyone’s lips at the moment and the favourites to reach the quarter finals at the moment are France at 1.50, Germany 1.50, Brazil 1.50, Spain 1.60 and Argentina at 1.67 according to NordicBet. NetBet has Brazil placed at 41/20 to reach the final with Germany at 11/5. They have Germany at 1/1 and Brazil at 1/1 to reach the semi-finals, followed by France at 6/5 and Spain at 27/20. Argentina is priced at 17/10.

Prices and markets are also available for all the group winners too. Group A is for Uruguay, Group B is Spain, Group C is France, Group D Argentina, Group E is Brazil, Group F is Germany, Group G is Belgium, and Group H is Colombia. There are markets available at each of our recommended bookmakers for these.

The top goalscorer or Golden Boot is one of the most popular markets and favourites for this are also available. Betsson has Lionel Messi at 8.50, Neymar at 9.00, Ronaldo at 9.50, Gabriel Jesus at 12.00, and Antoine Griezmann at 15.00.

Top 10 Countries To Win The World Cup

Below are the top ten countries that top the polls to win the World Cup 2018


Other World Cup Odds

Below are some of the other world cup 2018 markets that you can wager on. The odds for these are also included where they are available. Remember this section will also be updated as more markets and odds become available so be sure to check back often.

  • Number of goals
  • Winning Confederation
  • Group to feature Tournament winner – Group A 17.00, Group B 6.25, Group C 5.50, Group D 8.50, Group E 5.00, Group F 5.00, Group G 7.00, Group H 20.00 (Betsson)
  • Team to receive the most cards
  • Top assists
  • Team to score the most goals
  • Team to concede the most goals
  • Best Finishing position
  • Will there be a new winner of the world cup – Yes 3/1, No 4/19 (NetBet)


World Cup 2018 Predictions

If you are planning to bet on who you think the winner of Russia 2018 will be or you want to wager on some of the other great markets that are available, be sure to bookmark this page. This is where you will find our latest predictions and it will be updated to show predictions for upcoming matches and winners

Bookmaker Predictions

The best betting sites are also putting up their predictions for world cup markets and below you will find our recommended sites, Betsafe, Betsson, and NetBet, predictions for a number of popular markets.

  • Quarter Final: NetBet have Brazil and Germany at 20/41, France at 10/19, Spain at 5/9, and Belgium and Argentina at 20/29. Betsson have France, Germany, and Brazil at 1.50 followed by Spain at 1.60. Betsafe have France, Germany and Brazil at ½ followed by Spain at 3/5.
  • Semi-finals: NetBet have Germany and Brazil at 1/1 followed by France at 6/5 and Spain at 27/20. Betsson have Germany at 2.00, Brazil at 2.10, France at 2.20, and Spain at 2.35. Betsafe has Germany at EVS, Brazil at 11/10, France at 6/5, and Spain at 4/3.
  • Finals: NetBet have Brazil at 41/20 and Germany at 11/5 to reach the They have France at 59/20 and Spain at 3/1. Betsson have Germany and Brazil at 3.30 followed by France at 3.75 and Spain at 4.00. Germany to play Brazil is 13.00 and Germany to play France is 15.00. Betsafe has Germany at 23/10, Brazil at 23/10, France at 11/4, and Spain at 3/1. They also have Germany v Brazil at 12/1 for the finals, Germany v France at 14/1, and Brazil v Spain at 15/1.
  • Top Goalscorer: NetBet has Lionel Messi at 35/4 followed by Neymar at 39/4. Betsson have Lionel Messi at 8.50 and Neymar at 9.00. Betsafe has Lionel Messi at 15/2 and Neymar at 8/1.

World Cup Betting Tips

We have lots of great tips here at BettingTop10 and we recommend that you read them before parting with any of your hard-earned cash. One of the most important things is to choose a reputable betting site and be sure to check for free bet bonuses and promotions too. You can check out our betting tips guide for more information on choosing the right site to bet at, what you need to look for, and more.


For World Cup 2018 we recommend looking for the best prices for the teams you want to bet on. Stay up to date with all the latest news and information, player injuries, and more. The more knowledge you have, the easier it will be to choose your wagers.

World cup Schedule

The first stage of the World Cup kicks off on the 14th of June with the group matches. There are 49 matches in total which will be played up until Thursday the 28th of June. There are between 3 and 4 matches played each day of the competition before the second stage starts and this is called Round of 16. This is where the top 2 teams in each group battle it out until there are 8 teams left for the quarter finals. The quarter finals kick off on the 6th of July and then the semi-finals begin on the 10th of July with the final taking place on the 15th of July. In total, 64 matches will be played at Russia 2018 before the champion is crowned.

World Cup Facts

List of all the world cup winners by year

  • World Cup 2014 winners: Germany
  • World Cup 2010 Winners: Spain
  • World Cup 2006 Winners: Italy
  • World Cup 2002 Winners: Brazil
  • World Cup 1998 Winners: France
  • World Cup 1994 Winners: Brazil
  • World Cup 1990 Winners: West Germany
  • World Cup 1986 Winners: Argentina
  • World Cup 1982 Winners: Italy
  • World Cup 1978 Winners: Argentina
  • World Cup 1974 Winners: West Germany
  • World Cup 1970 Winners: Brazil
  • World Cup 1966 Winners: England
  • World Cup 1962 Winners: Brazil
  • World Cup 1958 Winners: Brazil
  • World Cup 1954 Winners: West Germany
  • World Cup 1950 Winners: Uruguay
  • World Cup 1938 Winners: Italy
  • World Cup 1934 Winners: Italy
  • World Cup 1930 Winners: Uruguay

Most number of goals in a WC: The record for the most goals at a single world cup is held by Just Fontaine. He scored 13 goals in 1958 over six games.

Confederation to win the most World Cup Tournaments: Europe is the confederation with 11 wins. Germany and Italy both have four titles each. England, France, and Spain all have one.

Record for the most bookings in a World Cup: The most bookings happened in the 2006 World Cup game between Portugal and the Netherland. Four red cards and 16 yellow cards were given out.

Most Goals Scored: Germany holds this record with 224 goals scored.

Most goals conceded: Germany also holds this record with 121 goals conceded.

World Cup Prop Bets

There are always some outrageous prop bets in sportsbetting and the World Cup is no different. For those not familiar with props, these are wagers that are not directly decided by the game’s final outcome. The most common ones are focused around team and player performances. Some examples of these include predicting the correct score, total goals or corners, halftime/fulltime results, etc. Back in 2014, a prop bet was offered at 175/1 that Uruguay’s Luis Suarez would bit someone in the 2014 World Cup. Any bettor that took a shot on this fun wager won big and it proved that even the strangest of prop bets are considered.

World Cup 2018 – Russia’s Stadiums

Russia has invested more than €10 million in their stadiums for the World Cup. The matches will take place across 12 different venues in 11 cities. Below is an overview of each of the stadiums.

Opening match: Luzhniki Stadium
Final: Luzhniki Stadium

Luzhniki Stadium 
City: Moscow

Capacity: 80,000 seats

Opening: 1956

This is the largest venue

Will host the semi-final and final


Saint Petersburg Stadium
Saint Petersburg

Capacity: 67,000 seats

Opening: 2017

Will host the semi-final and third place


Fisht Stadium

Capacity: 48,000 seats

Opening: 2013

Will host the quarter final


Ekaterinburg Arena

Capacity: 45,000 seats

Opening: Built in 1957 has been redesigned for the World Cup


Kazan Arena

Capacity: 45,000 seats

Opening: 2013

Will host a quarter final


Nizhny Novgorod Stadium
Nizhny Novgorod

Capacity: 45,000 seats

Opening: Built between 1955 and 1956 has been redesigned for the World Cup

Will host a quarter final


Rostov Arena

Capacity: 45,000 seats

Opening: Under construction


Samara Arena

Capacity: 45,000 seats

Opening: Under construction

Will host a quarter final


Mordovia Arena

Capacity: 45,000 seats

Opening: Under construction
Volgograd Stadium

Capacity: 45,000 seats

Opening: Under construction


Spartak Stadium

Capacity: 42,000 seats

Opening: 2014


Kaliningrad Stadium

Capacity: 35,212 seats

Opening: Under construction

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