Soccer Betting South Africa

Soccer betting is very popular in South Africa. It’s a national pastime and whether you support a local or international team, you can bet for real money with online sportsbooks and win big too. In our BettingTop10 guide we bring you all the information you need including the top sites where you can bet on all the big soccer games. We also have expert tips and strategies, and well as explaining how to bet on soccer on your mobile. We bring you everything you need in one place so you can bet on the Primer Division, Nedbank Cup, Telekom Knockout, MTN 8 Cup, or international soccer tournaments with ease.

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Soccer Betting Odds Explained

When it comes to placing bets on any soccer game, the one thing you need to know about is the odds. The odds for any match essentially shows you how much you can win and how much you have to bet to get it. When you place a bet the odds that the bookmaker offers will let you see how much you can win. Odds can be displayed in a number of different formats and we have these South Africa bettingexplained below.

  • Fractional Odds: These are displayed as fractions and will look something like 2/1, 3/2 etc. If you choose to bet on the Orlando Pirates at odds of 2/1 it would mean that you would win 2 for every 1 you wagered. The second number is the amount you have to bet and the first number is the amount you will win. You also get your stake back.
  • Decimal Odds: These are displayed as decimals and will look something like 3.00. To calculate how much you will win using decimal odds, you have to multiple the amount you want to bet by the decimal number. This will tell you how much money you’ll eat if your bet wins.

Most bookmakers will let you choose how you want the odds displayed so be sure to pick that one that suits you the best.

Types of Bets You Can Place

There are lots of different soccer bets that you can place and we have listed the most popular below.

  • Both teams to score: You are betting on the both teams scoring at least one goal during the game.
  • Correct Score: This is where you predict the score you think the game will finish on.
  • Double Chance: This allows you to bet on two of the three possible outcomes in the game. You can bet on the home team and a draw. If the home team wins or draws you win your bet. You can also bet on Away team and a draw and the same outcome applies.
  • Draw No Bet: This is where you place your wager on a team to win. If your chosen team wins you win your bet. If the match is a draw you get your money back.
  • Match result with both teams to score
  • Total Goals – Over/under 2.5
  • Handicap Betting: if you bet on a team with a handicap of -1 they have to win by more than one goal for you to win your bet. If they only win by a goal your stake is returned.
  • Goals: there are a number of different bets you can place on match goals. These include the time of the next goal, total number of goals, total goals over/under, and more. These bets are usually only available in in-play betting.
  • Halftime Score: This is where you predict what you think the score will be at halftime.
  • No Score: This is where you can place bets on whether one, both, or neither team will score during the game.

Soccer Betting Tips for Beginners

You’ll find lots of free soccer tips on the internet, but we’ve had our BettingTop10 experts come up with some beginner advice that will help you get started and hopefully get more out of your wagers too.

  1. Start Simple: The best way to win when betting on soccer is to bet on what you know. This will always give you a better chance of getting it right. Be sure to compare the odds offered though, and check our reviews so you know you are getting the most value for your money.
  2. Understand the Odds: Know how to read the odds and how to calculate your winnings before you place any bets. If your team a favourite or the underdog. By knowing how to read the odds you will get better value on your bets.
  3. Study the Game: It’s important to know that teams that are playing and how they have been performing throughout the season. This will help you to spot the winners. If a team normally starts off weak but comes back to win in the second half they might be a good bet. Check to see if there are any injury worries, if any players have been given match bans, etc. You need to know what is happening in all the leagues and championships so be sure to stay up to date on the soccer news.
  4. Read the Tips: Professional tips are given out prior to all the big games and these are definitely worth checking out. Be sure to check our betting tips too which are updated frequently.
  5. Find a reputable sportsbook: This goes without saying but it is important to mention it. You need to make sure that you sign up with a reputable sportsbook, one that offers all the betting types you’re looking for and one that has a good reputation. Our reviews will help you find the best sportsbooks for South Africa.

How To Bet on Soccer in South Africa – The Rules

Before betting on soccer, it is important to understand the game. This is a football match that is played by two teams of 11 players. The game lasts 90 minutes and is broken into two 45 minute halves. The game beings with a coin toss which decides who wins the first kick off. Players can only use their feet and only the goalkeeper can use his hands.

The aim of the game is to score goals. If the ball crosses the side line it is thrown back in by the team that didn’t cause it to go out. The game is monitored by a referee and two linesmen. They are responsible for awarding free kicks and penalties.

Annual Soccer Events and Tournaments

Soccer is played on sports field and on the streets in South Africa. It is seen as more than just a sport and bettors have lots of events and competitions that they can bet on. The governing body is the South African Football Association (SAFA). We have listed the main events below.

  • Nedbank Cup: This is a knockout tournament that gives lower league and amateur teams the chance to compete with clubs from the top 16 Premier league clubs and 8 National First division teams, as well as 8 teams from amateur ranks take part. The winning team qualifies for the next season’s CAF Confederation Cup.
  • Telkom Knockout: An annual knockout tournament the comprises of the 16 teams from the Premier soccer league.
  • MTN 8 Cup: This annual cup competition is made up of the best 8 teams that finished at the close of the ABSA Premiership season.

International Soccer

  • Premier League
  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA Europa League
  • World Cup
  • European Championship
  • UEFA Super Cup — the previous season’s winners of the Europa League and the Champions League.

Soccer Betting

Popular Soccer Leagues in South Africa

  • South African Premier Division – made up of 16 professional teams.
  • National First Division – made up of 16 professional or semi-professional teams.
  • SAFA Second Division – mostly semi-professional teams. 144 clubs are divided into nine 16 team leagues.
  • SAB Regional League – made up of 832 clubs that are divided into 52 leagues.
  • LFA Football League – the number of teams can vary depending on the area and population. Made up of amateur teams.
  • Youth Football Leagues – There are several organised along geographic lines. The main competitions is the U19 National League.
  • Tertiary Football – This is a football program for universities and consisted of men and women’s teams. It is an amateur league.
  • Schools Football – There are several leagues for high school and junior school soccer teams. The largest school soccer tournament is the Kay Motsepe Cup.

In Play Live Betting

Live in-play betting is very popular for sports fans and it allows you to place your bets on the game as it progresses. The odds change as the game plays out too and there are hundreds of markets to choose from. Many of them we have mentioned above such as next team to score, next goal, next free, next foul, etc.

You can bet on your mobile or desktop and it is a great way to ensure you don’t miss out. It’s also a great way to win some extra cash too especially when it comes to getting great odds on the underdog. Some sportsbooks even stream the matches so you can watch and bet at the same time.

live-betting in soccer

A Winning Strategy for Professionals

Below is out BettingTop10 winning strategy for soccer betting in South Africa.

  • Use Handicap betting accumulators: While most bettors tend to stick with match odds or both teams to score bets, handicap accumulators are a great way to win more. They allow you to bet on several teams to win which can create some very lucrative wins when done right.Winning Strategy
  • Know the teams: This is a strategy that always proves successful no matter what sport you are betting on. It is important to know the teams that are playing and how they have played in their previous games too. If you know the team you can get your bet in early and usually get the best odds too.
  • Premier League Games have more value: The Premier league games tend to offer the best value when betting on soccer. The top teams usually win and you can get great odds.
  • Don’t dismiss the lower leagues: The lower leagues are often less popular with casual bettors and this is a big benefit to professionals. The professional punter will often look at smaller games and get great odds.
  • Big name teams can get tired: The big teams tend to be very busy and there are times where the players will tire. Watch for this and bet on the underdog for big wins.


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