Soccer Betting Online in South Africa

Soccer betting is one of the biggest industries in the world and many of the leading online bookmakers in South Africa offer punters the option of wagering on the sport.

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With a wide range of leagues and tournaments taking place throughout the year, there are always plenty of opportunities to place a bet on soccer.

It can be difficult to know where to wager, so our team of experts have worked hard to research all the leading gambling operators to save you time and effort.

Read on for details of the different types of markets, as well as information about odds, betting predictions and tips via this in-depth BettingTop10 guide to soccer betting in South Africa.

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Soccer Betting Odds

Soccer odds are generally displayed in either fractional or decimal format, with the former being the most traditional method.

In fractional odds, the number on the right is your stake, with the number on the left determining your potential winnings.

For instance, if you are betting on a Premier League match and your chosen team is 6/4 to win the game, your winnings would be R6 for every R4 staked.

Decimal odds are often used on soccer betting sites and are equally easy to calculate. Odds of 6/4 would be displayed as 2.50, meaning you multiply your stake by that figure to work out our returns. A R4 stake at odds of 2.50 would therefore return R10.

Odds on the winner of the Premier League

Soccer Betting Predictions

Soccer Betting Tips

Successful soccer betting requires plenty of research and it is important do your homework before placing any wagers. Here are a few handy tips worth noting:

  • Compare odds: Many online operators offer different prices on matches, so shop around for the best value.
  • Study the form: Check recent and previous form before placing a bet. Some teams historically don’t play well against certain opponents and value can often be found in these matches.
  • Team news: Keep an eye on injuries and suspensions to make sure your selections are not significantly weakened for a particular game.
  • Motivation: Does your selection have something to play for? Teams that have won a league or been relegated often take their foot of the gas, so avoid placing bets on them.
  • Schedule: Check whether a team has had a busy schedule. Tiredness can play an important part in a team’s performance.
  • Avoid accumulators: Correctly predicting multiple results in soccer is difficult. If you want to place accumulators try to limit your number of selections to three or four at the most.
  • Keep your discipline: Only bet what you can afford to lose and always remember that soccer betting is a form of entertainment.

How to Bet on Soccer

There are hundreds of different types of bets you can place on soccer in South Africa. Here are a few of the most popular:

  • Match result: The most traditional market simply requires you to determine which team will win or if the game will end in a draw.
  • Correct score: This is a wager that allows you to predict what the exact final score of a game will be. This is more difficult than simply predicting which team will win, but the odds on offer are always greater.
  • Half-time/Full-time: With a half-time/full-time wager, you’re predicting what the result will be at half-time and full-time.
  • First & Last Goal Scorer: This type of soccer betting requires you to determine which player will score the first or last goal in a particular game.
  • Total Goals (Over/Under): Predict whether the total number of goals scored in a game will be higher or lower than a specified amount.
  • Both Teams to Score: This type of bet has grown in popularity over the past few years and simply requires you to predict whether both teams will score during a game.
  • Accumulators: These combine several selections into one single wager. In order to win, all your picks must be successful.
  • Live betting: This involves placing bets as the games are taking place. Odds fluctuate dependent as the action is unfolding, allowing you to make decisions based on how each team is playing.
  • Outright market: All the leading bookmakers offer odds on who will win a particular league or tournament. These can be a great way to retain an interest throughout a competition.

Soccer Events & Tournaments

Soccer betting never seems to stop, with leagues and tournaments being held around the world throughout the year. Here are a few of the top competitions you can place wagers on in South Africa.

  • Premier League: The top flight in England contains world-famous clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool.
  • La Liga: Spain’s top league is regularly led by the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid, while Atletico Madrid and Valencia have also historically enjoyed success.
  • Serie A: Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan are amongst Italy’s best clubs and popular picks for bettors across the world.
  • Ligue 1: Paris Saint-Germain is France’s best known club, while Monaco and Marseille are others who have enjoyed success both at home and abroad.
  • Bundesliga: Bayern Munich often dominate Germany’s soccer betting markets, although teams such as Borussia Dortmund, Schalke and Bayer Leverkusen do their utmost to challenge.
  • Champions League: This features the best sides from across Europe who battle through preliminary rounds, a group stage and knockout rounds to determine the top club on the continent.
  • Europa League: UEFA’s secondary club competition follows a similar format to the Champions League and gives more clubs the chance to compete against sides from other countries.
  • World Cup: Held every four years, the World Cup is contested by international teams from across the globe.
  • African Cup of Nations: This bi-annual tournament is the main international soccer competition for African countries.

A winning soccer betting strategy

As with any form of gambling, it can be extremely difficult to make a profit from soccer betting online, but there are numerous strategies you can employ that will greatly boost your chances of beating the bookmakers in South Africa.

Whether you are a novice or experienced gambler, using a soccer betting strategy can give you a big edge against the bookies, with the different systems helping you adopt a more focused approach to your online wagering on the world’s great game.

We take a look at some of the best ways you can improve your online betting on soccer.

Utilize sign-up bonuses

Take advantage of welcome offers from different online gambling operators for the chance to significantly boost your bankroll. Most bookmakers reward new customers with free bets, matched deposit bonuses and more that all give you extra opportunities to make a profit.

You can use these deals to try and make winning selections yourself or employ mathematical strategies such as matched betting to take the risk element away and guarantee yourself additional weekly income.

Signing up and registering an account with numerous bookies effectively allows you to play with free money, thus increasing your chances of securing a winning return.

Only back big favourites

Backing favourites blindly can be a recipe for disaster, but by studying form and taking other factors into consideration it is possible to make a profit by only betting on teams who are a short price.

For instance, in the Premier League in 2017/18, Manchester City won 16 out of 19 home games. Backing them on their own each week to level stakes would have returned a profit over the course of the season.

Coupling the same two or three teams each week into a multiple bet potentially gives you even greater returns. While the system isn’t completely infallible, picking the right teams could yield a decent return.

Use draw no bet to your advantage

With this wager, you pick which of the two teams you think will win the game. If they win you get a return, but if the game is a draw your stake is returned. This additional level of insurance helps you to manage risk and increases your chances of securing a profit.

Draw No Bet has become increasingly popular amongst savvy bettors who are online betting on soccer. It is a great way to reduce the probability of a losing bet and can be used to back an outsider with the security of the draw in your favour, protect your stake if you believe there is a reasonable chance of a draw or trade a big favourite in-play when they are losing.

Live in-play betting

Live in-play betting gives you the opportunity to tailor your bets as the action unfolds. One strategy you could employ is to follow the live scores and look for opportunities where a heavy favourite concedes an early goal during a game.

Their price will increase, but this is a great betting situation to take advantage of. If you pick your spots carefully it is possible to secure great odds for teams who are more than capable of battling back to win a game.

Another advantage of in-play betting is that it allows you trade your position. If you manage to get it right you can achieve a situation where you make a profit on all outcomes of your chosen match.

Follow informed experts

There are plenty of soccer tipsters out there, but mot many are worth following. However, there are a select few in the industry whose tips are well worth noting.

Take time to research who is regularly providing winning selections and follow them during the course of a season. Well-informed soccer experts understand the game inside out and can help you gain an edge against the bookmakers.

Many reputable soccer prediction sites provide in-depth profit/loss information for their top tipsters, but if you’re using a site that doesn’t do this it easy to keep your own records to track their progress as the season unfolds.