Rugby Betting in South Africa

Rugby betting is extremely popular in South Africa and they have their own national team which is in the top world rankings. Our BettingTop10 guide is dedicated to providing South African bettors with all the tips and advice they need to win more from their bets.

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Everything you need to know is explained including information on odds and what they mean, the best sportsbooks to bet at, live in-play options, free bet bonuses, mobile apps, national and internationals games and more. We even have winning tips and strategies that you can use.

Rugby Betting South Africa Odds Examined

When it comes to betting on rugby, you need to know about odds and how they work. There are two common formats that are used and we have both of these explained below. Understanding the odds will help you calculate how much you can win as well as telling you how much you need to wager.

  • Fractional Odds: These are displayed in fractions such as 2/1, 3/2, 4/1, etc. The first number is the amount you will win and the second number is the amount you have to wager to get that amount. For example, with odds of 2/1 you win 2 ZAR for every 1 ZAR you wager. You also get your stake returned so in this example you would win 3 ZAR.
  • Decimal Odds: These are written in decimals and calculating your winnings is a little different. Odds are displayed as 2.00, 3.00, etc. To calculate how much you’ll win with your bet you multiply the amount of your stake by the decimal figure. For example, if your stake is 1 ZAR at odds of 2.00 your winning amount will be 1×2 plus your stake which is a total of 3 ZAR.

Types of Rugby Bets

There are lots of different bets that you can place when it comes to rugby matches. We have listed the most popular below.

  • Grand Final winner predictions
  • Outright match winner
  • 80 minutes handicap
  • Match results
  • Both teams to get 16 or 24 points
  • Away team win
  • Half-time winner
  • First try scorer
  • Anytime try scorer
  • Hat trick
  • First point scorer
  • Score at half time
  • Double result
  • Home team to win
  • Second half result
  • Last try scorer
  • First scoring play

Future betting is also popular and with this you can use your knowledge and skill to predict the winner before the start of the tournament. Season points is another favourite with bettors and with this bet you predict how many points your preferred team will score during the entire season.

Rugby Betting Tips for Beginners

Betting on rugby in South Africa is easy if you use an online sportsbook. It’s safe and secure and there are mobile betting apps available too that allow you to place bets on the go. If you want to get started, below you will find our top tips for beginners.

  1. Know the game and the players. This is really important. There may be some luck involved, but if you want to win with your wagers it is important to understand the games, the rules, and how the players are performing.
  2. For rugby union, it is recommended that you look at the big competitions and international tournaments such as the Tri Nations and the Rugby World Cup. The odds are always higher for these tournaments.
  3. Make sure that the sportsbook you choose offers a range of markets and covers all the matches and events you want to bet on. You can use our expert reviews to help you choose where to sign up for an account. All the sites we recommend are fully licensed and regulated and they have excellent bonus and promotional offers too.
  4. Stay up to date with all the rugby news and read the statistics. Make sure you know about any player injuries or changes to the teams. Keep an eye on recent performances too and how the teams are faring overall in the tournament. All this will help you when deciding who to place your money on.

How to Bet on Rugby – Rules

Rugby is a game that is played with two teams. There is a maximum of 15 players in a team and up to 7 substitutes are allowed.  Games last 80 minutes and are divided into two 40 minute halves with up to 10 minutes for a half-time break. There are 6 match officials which includes a referee and two touch judges.

Rugby Betting South Africa

Points are scored in different ways. There are 5 points awarded for a try, 2 points for a conversion, 3 points for a penalty goal, and 3 points for a drop goal. There are a number of fouls that can be made. These include obstructing opponents, punching, trampling, kicking or tripping players, tackling too early or too late.

There is an offside rule too which is similar to that of soccer. Rugby players always throw the ball backwards and this is because throwing forward is not permitted. The game starts with a coin toss and the winner gets to choose whether to kick off or which direction they want ot play in during the first half.

The team with the most points at full-time wins the game. If the scores are equal it’s a draw. If a winner must be named, for example in a Cup competition, extra time will be played.

Annual Events and Tournaments

Rugby is extremely popular and the Rugby World Cup and the local Currie Cup bring in huge numbers of bettors every year. The South African national rugby team is one of the strongest in the world and has been ranked in the top six since the world rugby rankings began. Below is a list of the annual events and tournaments.

  • Super Rugby: This is an international provincial competition that features teams from New Zealand, South Africa, and Australia. It features five teams from those three countries. The season begins in February. Each team plays 16 matches and the finals comprises of an eight team, seven match series.
  • Currie Cup: This is an annual premier domestic rugby union and the number of teams taking part differs each season. The Currie Cup trophy is awarded to the champions of the top tier. It is played from June to October each year. It features team representing entire provinces or substantial regions within provinces.
  • Rhino Cup: This is the annual competition for first division rugby league teams. The competition features 4 teams.
  • Protea Cup: This is the annual competition for the second division and consists of 8 teams.
  • Western Province Rugby League: This competition is for the third division and consists of 8 teams.
  • Varsity Cup: This is an annual tournament held between university club sides.
  • SARU Gold Cup: This is for non-university sides and includes teams from Namibia and Zimbabwe. 20 teams qualify each year and the tournament is played the same as the Rugby World Cup. Teams are divided into four pools of five teams with each team playing two home games and two away games.
  • Youth Competitions: There are several youth competitions that are held annually. There are the Under-21 and Under-19 provincial championships. There’s also the Under-18 competition for high schools and Under-13 competition for primary schools.

International Rugby Competitions

  • Rugby World Cup: Played every 4 years for the Webb Ellis Cup.
  • Rugby Championship: This was formally known as the Tri Nations. It is held annually by Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.
  • Africa Cup: Annual tournament involving African nations. The competition has several levels and has promotion and relegation.

In-Play Live Betting

In-play betting is very popular and it allows you to place your bets as the game plays out. The great thing about this is that the odds change all the time depending on what is happening in the game and you can get some great profitable bets.

There are hundreds of different markets that you can bet on too including next try, next team to score, half time score, etc. If you like to place your bets while the action is taking place then in-play betting is perfect. Some sites even have live streaming as well so you can watch the action unfold.

You can also place bets on your mobile so you never have to miss an exciting moment or a chance to cash in on your bets.

BettingTop10 Rugby Betting Strategy

You’ll find rugby games and competitions to bet on all year round and that means you always have the chance to win extra cash from your bets. Our BettingTop10 experts have created a strategy that you can use to help you get more from your betting.

  1. Competition Rules: The first thing you need to do is make sure that you understand and know the game rules. Know the rules for the different competitions too as these can chance. Knowing this can make a big different to the outcome of your bets.
  2. Handicap Markets: If handicap bets are offered be sure to take advantage of them. Remember some matches offer different points totals for a converted tri, penalty, or drop goal, and this can make a big difference. Handicap odds will really help in this situation.
  3. Follow the Team Form: Make sure you know the team form especially if you are going to place your money on them. Check the current and historical performance before making your choices.
  4. Consider playing styles: Be aware of the type of game the team plays. Are they defensive or forward playing? Knowing this will give you an advantage when choosing which team to bet on.
  5. If you are planning to bet on the first score market, we advise waiting until the coin toss so you know which team will be kicking off. This will help you make your decision.
  6. Some teams play harder and stronger in the second half and use the first half to tire out their opponents. Be aware of this especially if you are going to use in-play betting as it will help make your decisions easier.