NFL Super Bowl LIII Halftime Performance Prop Bets

Super Bowl Half Time Performers
Super Bowl Half Time Performers


Maroon 5 is pegged as the headliners for what will be the most-watched musical event of the year. In addition, rappers Travis Scott and Big Boi will join Maroon 5 on stage in Atlanta for the Super Bowl LIII halftime performance.

What song will Maroon 5 open the halftime show with?:

One More Night

Makes Me Wonder


Don’t Wanna Know

Girls Like You

Moves Like Jagger

Verdict: Moves like Jagger – We’re going with an underdog here. Moves like Jagger is a catchy, easy-to-dance-to song that everyone and their mother can sing along to. It’s worth noting that Maroon 5 hasn’t opened a show with “One More Night” (the current betting sites odds favorite) since 2014.

OVER/UNDER 3.5 Maroon 5 songs performed?

Verdict: OVER – During halftime performances artists tend to cut songs short. They do this in an attempt to give you, the listener, the most bang for your buck in the minimal time frame they have. Expect to hear more than 3.5 different Maroon 5 songs, but if your favorite verse comes at the end of a song, you may have to turn to Spotify to hear it on Super Bowl night.

Will Adam Levine wear a leather jacket?

Verdict: YES – Something about Adam Levine just screams leather jacket.

Will Andre 3000 join Big Boi on stage?

Verdict: NO –This is an unfortunate prediction here, because who wouldn’t love to hear “Hey Ya!” or “Roses” muffled in the background while you’re munching on your 4th serving of wings for the night. Andre 3000 is not one for the spotlight, and previously turned down an invite to perform at the 2004 Super Bowl.

Will Big Boi wear a Falcons logo on stage:

Verdict: YES – If you know Outcast, specifically Big Boi, you know they rep Atlanta to the fullest.

Will Big Boi be wearing a gold chain?

Verdict: YES – A quick Google image search of Big Boi will show you that it is physically impossible for the rapper to leave the house without donning a gold chain.

Will Kylie Jenner appear on stage?

Verdict: NO – Expect Kylie and her daughter Stormi to enjoy the halftime festivities in a press box suite. A lot of drama has surrounded Scott’s decision to perform in the show, parading a Kardashian disciple around stage will likely not help his cause.

Will Travis Scott mention Kaepernick?

Verdict: NO – Scott has taken his share of flack from Kaepernick supports since being named as a headlining act in the Super Bowl. He’s stuck to his decision to perform, and while some performers on stage may rock a number “7” jersey, or perform an action that shows support for Kaep, I don’t believe Scott will verbally call out Kaepernick’s name.

Will Donald Trump be mentioned during halftime?

Verdict: NO – The NFL wants as little drama surrounding their biggest money-making event as possible. It’s bad enough fans are torn on the artists’ decision to accept an invite to perform. The NFL is still dealing with public outcry from a blown call in the NFC championship game two weeks ago. Whether you support him or not, it’s clear that drama follows Mr. Trump, something the NFL will want no part of.