In this guide you will discover which sites are available for players in Kenya, what’s on offer at these sites, what you’re able to do and which sites can be trusted. Read on to discover all you need to know about betting sites in Kenya, with BettingTop10.

Best Betting Sites in Kenya

100% welcome Bonus up to 15,000 KSH

accepts M-Pesa & Airtel

Betway Kenya
50% First deposit offer, up to 5,000 KSH

accepts M-Pesa & Airtel

15,000 KES Welcome Bonus

accepts M-Pesa

Kenya has some of the best betting sites in the world available to its players. If you want to place a wager on some of the top sporting events that are taking place around the globe, then we are here to help make it easy for you. We analyze all of the top betting sites around the world to make sure they are legitimate and are treating players fairly. We also compare them to see which sites offer the best promotions and services.

Best Betting Sites and Offers for Kenya

Finding the right betting site for your needs can be difficult – there’s so many to choose from. That’s why we go through the most stringent processes to ensure we provide the best information to help you identify the perfect venue. To show you exactly how much time we spend helping you to discover which betting site is best, we’ve put together a quick list of the processes we carry out when curating our list of sites:

  • Compare the best betting sites in Kenya
  • Create high quality, in depth reviews
  • Review bonuses and promotions
  • Review the deposit and withdrawal methods in detail
  • Only recommend trusted sites that are proven to be legitimate

Yes, sports betting is legal in Kenya. In fact, gambling has been legal in Kenya since the 1960s, although obviously online gambling wasn’t covered under those initial laws. The gambling act in Kenya is subject to regular updates, with one update taking place in 2020, demonstrating that the government is proactive when it comes to updating laws and regulations as new technology comes along. It also means that the Kenyan market is a tightly regulated one, which pushes online sites to act fairly.

This is something that isn’t likely to change in the near future. Because the Kenyan government gets a lot of revenue from betting, it just wouldn’t make financial sense to outlaw the practice. Especially as players would most likely use black market betting options anyway! But for now, you can wager on all sorts of sports and win a theoretically unlimited amount of cash – all within the law, and all tax-free at this point in time!

Should a Betting Site Have a Kenyan License?

If you want to place a wager at a betting site in Kenya then yes, it is important that it has a Kenyan license. This will ensure that you know which betting sites are legal in Kenya and are fully covered if there are any payment issues. It also means that you don’t have to worry about accidentally participating in illegal activity.

So even if the site has a trustworthy license, such as the UKGC or Swedish Gaming Authority, if it doesn’t have a Kenyan license then you won’t know for sure whether or not you are safe to play.

Betting Sites Review

22bet Kenya

22Bet has been running since 2017, making it one of the newer operators on the market. However, in this time it has managed to create an excellent reputation. The company is registered in Estonia, but it still has a license from the Kenyan government. It also allows players to use Kenyan Shillings as a currency, which is a very large benefit to Kenyan players.

The welcome bonus for 22Bet is variable. The usual welcome bonus that is offered to players is a matched deposit bonus, usually at 100%. There are also a number of other bonuses and promotions that are offered by 22Bet, most often in the form of special odds for certain sporting events or cashback on losing bets. Kenyan players will be able to take advantage of all the different promotions that 22Bet has to offer.

There is a wide array of different payment methods available to players. You can use traditional payment methods like bank cards and bank transfer, but also more modern methods such as e-wallets. Players can choose the most convenient payment method for them and aren’t really restricted in that choice. Because 22Bet also uses Kenyan Shillings as a currency, players aren’t lumbered with additional charges when making payments or withdrawals. This is a big positive.

The number of sports on offer is almost overwhelming, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Players are able to place wagers on football, cricket, tennis, golf and even ice hockey – to name just a small sample. No matter what you’re into, you’ll be able to find the right option at 22Bet. On top of this range of sports, there are of course tiers of leagues and dozens of betting markets for each individual match. The wide array of choice means that finding value is easy at 22Bet.

100% welcome Bonus up to 15,000 KSH

Betway Kenya

Betway has been operating in Kenya since 2015, but the company first launched way back in 2006. Betway Kenya was started with the goal of providing Kenyan players with the ability to access a high quality sports betting platform, with all the biggest sporting events in the world. Over the years it has been active, this goal has been achieved, meaning that Kenyan bettors can wager on a large selection of different sports with relative ease.

Betway offers a lot of different promotions to players. With a huge welcome bonus on offer, which varies over the course of the year, players can get an instant cash boost to their bankroll. There are also other bonuses and offers that come into play over the course of the year. This means that Betway offers different bonuses in order to make sure that staying at Betway remains an attractive proposition for existing players.

What is extremely enticing about Betway is that it is known for offering players higher odds than other sportsbooks. And there is a fantastic range of different sports on offer, to boot. This combination of lots of sports, with high odds, gives players a great opportunity to extract huge value from their bets. The well designed platform also makes it very easy to find the various leagues and cups players want to bet on. On the whole, the depth of betting choice at Betway is incredible.

In terms of payment methods, there is a full and extensive range of choices. Players are able to use both modern and “traditional” methods to make deposits and withdrawals. On top of this, Betway allows players to use Kenyan Shillings as a standard currency. This lowers the costs involved to make deposits and withdrawals (as there are no additional charges associated with currency exchanges) and means players are well looked after in terms of payments.

Betway Kenya
50% First deposit offer, up to 5,000 KSH

Betwinner Kenya

Betwinner is one of the newer sportsbooks on the market. Set up in 2018, it has managed to establish itself as one of the big hitters in sports betting in an impressively short amount of time. Kenyan players will find that the platform that Betwinner maintains is extremely well designed: not only does it allow easy access to all of the different sections, but it also responds very quickly and loads up at a fast pace. There is also a wide variety of different languages available through Betwinner, which means that there shouldn’t be any language issues for Kenyan players.

Betwinner gives players the opportunity to enhance their bankroll with regular bonuses and promotions. There is a welcome bonus (usually a nice big cash drop) as well as a rotating selection of other lucrative offers. All of these come together to give players the best possible chance to earn more from their sports bets. It also means that Kenyan players can potentially double the size of their bankroll if they use the right promotion – before making any bets!

Players are able to get access to high odds when placing wagers at Betwinner. This is a great way to attract players as everyone wants to be betting with the best and most lucrative odds possible. There is also an excellent range of different sports available to players. If you like betting on various sports and diverse markets then Betwinner has definitely got you well covered. There are more than 10,000 different sporting events streamed live each and every month at Betwinner. Watching your bets unfold has never been easier.

In terms of payment methods, there are some great choices available including a wide selection of e-wallets complemented by the standard banking methods that you would expect: bank cards and bank transfer. This makes it easy for Kenyan players to make deposits and withdrawals. The best part is that Kenyan Shillings can be used directly as a currency, which helps to keep the costs of playing nice and low.

15,000 KES Welcome Bonus

Why Don’t We List Sportpesa and Betin on BettingTop10?

Although these were two of the biggest betting sites in Kenya, we don’t cover them here at BettingTop10. The reason behind this is that both sites have recently left the Kenyan gambling market: the licenses for both companies were revoked in 2019. Not only were their licenses revoked, but both companies have said that they have no intention of trying to get a new license while the current regulations are in place.

This may change in the future as the Kenyan government regularly updates and changes the betting regulations within the country.

What Betting Sites Accept Players from Kenya?

There are a large number of betting sites that accept players from Kenya. However, it would be a nightmare trying to narrow them all down to a single list. Here at BettingTop10, we focus on quality. We make sure that we cover everything from betting sites with free bets to the best betting sites bonuses. We do this by carrying out our comparison checklist and putting together the finest reviews and guides around. Some of the top sites that are available to Kenyan players currently are as follows:

  • 22Bet
  • Betway
  • Betwinner

Do Betting Sites Accept Deposits in Kenyan Shillings?

The sites that we cover here at BettingTop10 all allow players to make deposits using Kenyan Shillings. This means you won’t have to pay extra costs on top of deposits and withdrawals for exchanges fees. As such, your overall charges when playing at these sites can be kept pleasantly low. And of course, you will have higher levels of profit if you play with Kenyan Shillings rather than converting to another currency.

Which International Sites Accept M-Pesa and Airtel?

Airtel isn’t generally accepted at Kenyan betting sites. M-Pesa is accepted at 22Bet, Betway and Betwinner.

What Other Deposit Methods are Available for Kenyan Players?

There are plenty of different ways that players can make a deposit when playing at an online betting site. Betting sites in Kenya are no different. The main methods available are bank transfers and credit/debit cards. Players who choose these methods will be able to make deposits almost instantly, but withdrawals will take up to five business days to be received.

If you want to use a more modern method, then e-wallets and prepaid cards can also be used to make deposits. It’s worth mentioning that some sites don’t allow withdrawals to be made to prepaid cards, so make sure that you check through the terms and conditions if you want to use a prepaid card for a withdrawal.

Deposits using e-wallets are carried out instantly. However, the withdrawals can often be carried out at a much faster rate than bank transfer. Depending on the e-wallet that you are using, payout can range from instant to as long as one day.

That means that if you’re the kind of player than likes to move his money quickly, e-wallets are the way to go.

What Kind of Sports Can You Bet On?

The sports that are available to players for betting are extremely varied. Obviously the biggest sports for punters are available, such as football, cricket and golf. But there are also plenty of other sports available. So no matter what sports you are interested in, you will be able to find the right sport for you. This includes everything from ice hockey to American football. So always make sure that you have a good look through the available sports sections in order to find the right sport.

As well as being able to place wagers on a lot of different sports, there are of course many leagues available within each sport. A good example is football: not only does this have the top European leagues available to bet on, but it will also have lots of other less popular leagues available. This instantly increases the variety of bets that players can place. Combined with the sheer number of sports that are on offer, it means that players have an incredible amount of different betting options. It means that Kenyan players can easily find the betting site’s best value bets when looking through the different games.

It doesn’t end there though. Betting sites also have a large number of different markets available for each game. So in a cricket game some of the markets might include the winner of the match, over/under for the total runs scored, and the top run scorer. This is obviously a tiny sample size – there are hundreds of markets within each competition.

Live Betting and Streaming

In-play betting is one of the most popular betting methods in the world right now. This is because it allows players to watch what is going on in the game and then attempt to use their sporting knowledge to spot an advantageous bet which could have generous returns. An example of this could be a football game. Before the game, the odds of over 0.5 goals being scored in the first half could be 4/9. The more of the game that has gone, the higher the odds will get. So if you wait for 20 minutes and no goals have been scored you might get odds of 3/1 for over 0.5 goals. If you can sense something developing and a goal in the offing, this is how you can use live betting to increase the value of your wagers.

In-play betting is available for players in Kenya, with the best experience through the sportsbooks that we recommend here at BettingTop10. So if you want to use in play betting in order to increase the odds of your bets and improve your returns, then that option is available to you.

As well as in play betting, betting sites in Kenya also offer the potential to live stream certain games. This allows players who want to use in play betting the ability to watch the game live and then choose the right moment to place their wager. It increases the enjoyment that players get from placing bets (as well as your odds of making a profit) and there is nothing more fun than watching a bet you have placed turn into a winner. Most betting sites will have an icon that shows if the game you want to bet on is available for live streaming.

FAQs about betting sites in Kenya

  • How do you make a profit with sports betting?

    There is no simple answer to this question. Making a profit at betting sites Kenya is all down to you: try to make smart bets and never risk money you can’t afford to lose. If your luck is in, you’ll make a profit.

  • How many potential betting markets are there in Kenya?

    It’s hard to say with any accuracy. With more than 80 different sports available to players, a large number of leagues, lots of teams within those leagues and then up to 50 different markets for each sport, there could be as many as a million different markets available at any one time. What we can say is that there’s a lot of opportunities out there for Kenyan players.

  • How to find the best odds?

    To find the best odds for sports betting, you should look through what we have available here at BettingTop10. We make sure that we regularly update our pages to show you not just who has the best odds on offer, but also the best bonuses and promotions too.

  • How does betting work for Kenyan players?

    It works exactly the same as for players anywhere else in the world. Find the right wager, choose the stake that you want to lay, and then make your bet. It’s as simple as that. Of course your first step before placing the bet should be to look through the guides here at BettingTop10 to find the perfect sportsbook!

  • What taxes are there on gambling in Kenya?

    There is supposed to be a 20% tax placed on all gambling winnings within Kenya. The tax is meant to be taken at source, so you are taxed before your winnings are paid out. However, it doesn’t appear that this rule has come into place yet. It should be in place in the near future though, so be ready for your winnings to take a small hit in times to come.