Wyoming Online Sports Betting

Wyoming Online Sports BettingWyoming has a reputation for being a state filled with fit-and-active outdoorsmen and the concept of the ‘Wild West’ is still alive-and-well in the “Cowboy State.” Wyoming gambling laws haven’t always been equally free. Currently,Live Poker, Tribal Casinos, Fantasy Sports and Horse Racing Betting are on the gambling menu.

See overview below for a snapshot of gambling in Wyoming including betting on sports, online casino play, online gambling laws etc.;

Gambling Type Legal Land-Based Legal Online
Sports Betting No No
Casinos Yes No
Fantasy Sports (DFS) N/A Yes
eSports No No
Poker Yes No
Horse-Racing Yes Yes
Lottery Yes No
Charitable-Gambling Yes No

Wyoming Gambling Tax Rate

There is no tax on gambling winnings in Wyoming.

Federal-taxes may apply to large wins.

Wyoming Legal Gambling Ages

Gambling Type Age
Casinos 18
DFS 18
Horse-Racing 18
Lottery 18
Charitable-Gambling 18

Sports Betting Laws in Wyoming

The potential of changing Wyoming Sports Betting laws was made possible after the U.S. Supreme Court decision of May 2018 overturned the generation-long Federal prohibition on sports betting. All U.S. state governments have been granted the power to self-determine on their own sports-betting-laws and sports betting taxes.

Sports Betting in Wyoming

Wyoming State Statutes’ definition of gambling unambiguously covers sports betting and the gaming laws make-it-clear that participating in sports betting, or offering sports betting is frowned upon.

Unlike Federal U.S. sports betting laws, lawmakers in Wyoming have been slow to move on the issue of sports betting in the state. No bills have been introduced to the State Legislature to discuss legalization and legislators have been silent in submitting a sports betting bill for debate in the near future.

Wyoming’s legislators, (like many) could well be waiting-to-see how states that have already adopted legal gambling online may progress in their respective uptake periods before making any further decisions.

In the mean-time however, Wyoming’s sports bettors have some excellent legal sports betting options in-the-form-of horse racing and DFS that can be enjoyed to play legally by those over-the-age of 18.

Meantime, placing a wager on Wyoming’s favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys, or the Denver Nuggets or Colorado Rockies is still seen to be illegal until Wyoming’s State Representatives deliver their state’s residents fully legalized sports betting.

Online Sports Betting in Wyoming

Under-no-circumstance is Wyoming one of the American States with Legal Online Gambling. Online sports betting is not a legal option for the state’s residents-and-visitors.

Wyoming State Statutes, Article 1, Chapter 7, Title 6 supplies a relatively unclear definition of gambling and as it does not specifically refer to online gambling, the understanding is considered that it is a broad enough definition to include wagering online;

“Gambling” means risking any property for gain contingent in whole or in part upon lot, chance, the operation of a gambling device or the happening or outcome of an event, including a sporting event, over which the person taking a risk has no control, but does not include any of the following:

(A) Bona fide contests of skill, speed, strength or endurance in which awards are made only to entrants or the owners of entries;

(B) Bona fide business transactions which are valid under the law of contracts;

(C) Other acts or transactions now or hereafter expressly authorized by law.

For the time being, until the state’s lawmakers come around in Wyoming, online players can participate in legal betting action in online games of skill, horse racing, and play real money DFS competitions on their phones, tablets or PCs.

Casinos in Wyoming

Commercial casinos are still prohibited in Wyoming, but Native American tribes can own and operate Tribal casinos on their land thanks to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988.

Wyoming Land-Based Casinos

There are three tribal Wyoming casinos (located near the Idaho and Utah borders) operating in the Cowboy State in which you’ll find more than 1860 slots and gaming machines. There is a total of 19 table games on offer. The minimum bet we have unearthed at casinos in Wyoming is $0.01 and the maximum bet is a rather conservative $25.

Wyoming casinos offer video poker, slot machines, live poker tables, and other skilled table games. Games of chance, including roulette and craps, are not allowed in Wyoming tribal casinos.

Alcohol is not-served at these facilities, so consequently, the legal age of gambling is only 18 in Wyoming casinos.

Online Casinos in Wyoming

In Wyoming, online casinos are theoretically against the law and currently prohibited.

It’s important to note however, given the unclear and ‘generalized’ nature of the way the State Statutes are written, it could be argued that they are ambiguous on the legality of gambling online. Given the unclear nature of the way the law is written, Wyoming’s lawmakers may well have the opportunity to rule on legal online sports betting without being required to change the current laws. However, that is still some way off, so for now, please consider that;

Wyoming’s laws are interpreted in a way that playing online casinos is illegal in the State and online players are advised to solely participate in LEGAL online gambling games only (i.e. Currently Horse Racing, Games of Skill and DFS).

Horse Racing Betting in Wyoming

Horse Racing wagering was made legal throughout the state in 2011, and its operation is overseen by the Wyoming Pari-Mutuel Commission. One major racetrack sits on the border with Utah, and a large percentage of customers come from this Mormon state with no form of legal gambling. A few off-track betting facilities are also available, allowing customers to wager on both horse and dog racing.

In addition to live racing, off-track betting and online horse racing betting, Wyoming added another option for horse racing enthusiasts in 2013 with the passing of HB 25 through the State Legislature and into law. Known as “historic horse racing,” the machines call for the player to predict the winner from a previously run horse race, however, only a few scant details are provided prior to the start of the race. The historic racing machines (resembling slots machines) are located at bars and other locations throughout Wyoming.

Track Side: Wyoming operates a sole permanent racetrack, and two semi-permanent racetracks that all operate with full live and simulcast betting options available.

Off-Track Betting (OTB) in Wyoming: OTB Betting is permitted in Wyoming at a network of several OTB locations, and taverns, bars and other licensed premises may also apply to accept bets from their clientele on live simulcast races.

Online Betting on Horse Racing in Wyoming

Horse Racing Betting websites are legal in Wyoming. The sites are all 100% legal, licensed and authorized under the State’s Statutes to take bets online for horse racing without any fear of breaking the Cowboy State’s interpretation of the State Law that online gambling is illegal.

Online wagering is fully available on thoroughbred racing in the U.S. and all major horse racing venues worldwide directly on Wyomingite’s tablets, phones, other mobile devices or home computers. Top-notch horse racing websites are easy to use, simple to navigate, and use little data.

Wyoming Daily Fantasy Sports Law

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) operators offer their DFS competitions legally in 41 states, despite only 19 states having statutes that formally legalize it. All of this takes places in an environment whereby Federal lawmakers have determined that DFS competitions are contests of skill and not gambling at all.

DFS sites operate freely in Wyoming despite the state’s lawmakers never getting around to ruling on the activity through the State Legislature.

DFS operators have been actively accepting players from Wyoming for many years now without inference from state authorities, and that freedom has continued to this day.

Explaining DFS

Many of Wyoming’s almost 600 000 residents already play DFS competitions on a regular basis, but many more not have heard of DFS, let alone know what the competitions involve.

A DFS competition is a distinctly different version of sports betting that alters wildly from a traditional win/loss sports wager or a points-spread bet. A DFS site’s allotted ‘salary cap’ is placed upon your virtual team’s player selections, from which you ‘purchase’ players for your DFS team.

The athletes in each league are priced based on their real-world career statistics and season to date to performances (much like transfer fees in the real sports world). A superstar lineman like Ezekiel Elliott of the Dallas Cowboys, for example, will probably cost a lot more of your DFS budget than a struggling Brian Winters of the New York Jets.

By selecting and ‘paying’ for a star like Ezekiel Elliott will potentially leave a DFS contestant with much less to spend on a team of quality players for their fantasy team. Players that play above their paygrade on a consistent basis and don’t command such high ‘buy-in’ prices are favourites of the very best DFS contestants, and almost always feature in the highest scoring teams.

For example, NFL DFS competitors can choose a new fantasy NFL team each day or week. Competitors invest a fixed amount spending from their allotted budget on running backs, receivers, defensive linemen, a quarterback etc. Each real-world player comes with their own price tag, set internally by the DFS sites. Performances of the selected players in the real-life games determines how many points are accumulated by the DFS competitor.

Big money can be won in DFS. The prize money is collated from the ‘prize pool’ that is funded by the minimal entry fees of only a few dollars for each competition made by the millions of players nationwide.

Winners of weekly, season-long or daily DFS competitions can possibly win as much as $1 million for each of the DFS competitions on offer (across NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MMA, PGA Tour Golf and college football and basketball).

Poker Laws in Wyoming

Live Poker is available at Wyoming’s Tribal casinos and home social games are determined to be legal under Wyoming State Statute 6.7.101 (Part E) which states;

‘(E) Any game, wager or transaction which is incidental to a bona fide social relationship, is participated in by natural persons only, and in which no person is participating, directly or indirectly, in professional gambling.’

Online Poker Laws in Wyoming

Online Poker is specifically considered to be illegal in Wyoming.

Above sections ‘Online Sports Betting in Wyoming’ and ‘Online Casinos in Wyoming’ carry detailed information on online gambling in the state.

Wyoming eSports Betting

Potential sports betting legalization in Wyoming should facilitate eSports betting in the State. Players will be able to win wagers in exciting new ways through never before seen betting markets that will create a brand-new revenue stream for the Wyoming State Government.

 ‘eSports’ explained

eSports are tournaments where the pro ‘athletes’ as they’re known – play competitive multiplayer video games. Emerging from the underground LAN parties of the early 21st century, eSports have gone global with improvements in online streaming services and the role of international sportsbooks for betting purposes.

Popular games are Call of Duty, Rocket League and CS;GO among others. Tournaments draw huge crowds and the prizes continue to get richer.

With big prize money-on-offer, sports-bettors are close-at-hand. International bookmakers now set betting markets on most of the competitive eSports events.

Watch for eSports – available soon at a long-awaited legal Wyoming sportsbook.

Gambling’s Benefits to Wyoming

  • $20 million estimated annual gambling revenue builds support-industries in Wyoming including restaurants, bars and other service industries.
  • $5 million estimated annual tax revenue provides revenue-streams to fund education, health, fire-and-police-services, aged care, roads and social welfare.
  • 150 are directly employed in the Wyoming Tribal Casino Gambling Industry, providing positive-growth and economic prosperity to Native American communities.
  • Further State Government Revenue could be generated for Wyoming and improve the lives of the state’s citizens by legalizing online gambling and sports betting.

Wyoming’s History of Gambling

1901; All forms of gambling banned in Wyoming.

2005; Wyoming’s Tribal Casinos begin operation.

2011; Horse Racing Betting permitted in Wyoming.

2013; Wyoming’s Historic Horse Racing legalized under Bill HB 25.

2014; Wyoming State Lottery is established.

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