Transparent Tech Protecting NJ Sports Betting Industry

DraftKings GeoComply

DraftKings GeoComplyThe George Washington Bridge spanning the Hudson River between New York State and New Jersey seemed to be the perfect place to test the accuracy of the Geocomply geolocation service used by online casinos and sports betting sites in New Jersey to ensure that people physically located outside the Garden State cannot access their services. Before the technology evolved, Geolocation services have been at the core of the debate over legalizing online gaming and mobile sports betting. Opponents of online casinos and sports betting have sought to ban online gaming in part on the basis that the technology is not fool-proof.

As the wind on the bridge picked up, I strolled slowly from the New York State side of the bridge (where I could not access the DraftKings sportsbook that is only available to residents of, and visitors to New Jersey State). Double-checking my position on the bridge with my hand-held GPS, I crossed the state line in the middle of the bridge and arrived into New Jersey territory.

George Washingtop BridgeAs if by the twirl of Harry Potter’s fabulous magic wand, I was now able to log-on to DraftKings, set up an account and place a bet on my beloved New Jersey Devils to win the Stanley Cup in 2019 (and I got great odds too!).

However, GeoComply’s geolocation service that is driving DraftKings, FanDuel and other legal sports betting services in New Jersey is having far more reaching practical and security applications other than simply fulfilling the dreams of a frustrated Manhattan-based sports bettor to place a legal wager. The system is making sports betting more secure, and a system in which players and operators are fully protected.

As the New Jersey gambling market continues to grow, companies will continue to do more to stay ahead of the game. During the next few years, the priority for gambling sites will be to implement up-to-date technology to comply with state-specific jurisdictional requirements, ensuring optimum quality across devices and providing a high quality and more-localized experience.

Consumers and Casinos Keep their eyes peel for foul play; virtually.

Speaking on the topic, New Jersey State Attorney General, Gurbir S. Grewal said;

“Consumers who want to wager on sports should know we have taken the steps to protect their data,” 

Grewal was speaking at a press conference on sports betting integrity at Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City on November 18. He went on to say that the day’s event was designed to draw attention to the state of New Jersey’s utilizing the latest in modern technology to ease the minds of sports bettors, advising them that the online information they share with sports betting operators and online casino is 100% secure.

Speaking on alternate uses for the Geocomply’s geolocation technology, Grewal added;

“This also should deter people who want to commit crimes like money laundering. We are keeping an eye on folks,”

“We are doing everything we can to make sure there is integrity in all aspects, including the games themselves. We have the resources to do that.” Grewal concluded.

The system works so well, there’s no place to hide. Geolocation services like those of Geocomply are changing the public perceptions of gambling and sports betting in particular.

Gambling and illegal sports betting were once seen as part of a seedy underworld of crime-and-mafia type figures. However, with legalization pushes now occurring across the United States, the U.S. Supreme Court lifting the Federal ban on sports betting, and gambling becoming a more acceptable and family-friendly activity, it is technology that is assisting in making the perception-switch possible.

Why New Jersey’s experiences and technologies are different

“Seventy-two percent of the (sports betting online) traffic is within 10 miles of a border,” said GeoComply CEO and founder David Briggs, reflecting trends of where people live in the Garden State and that literally thousands of people just like me walking across the George Washington Bridge, will walk, drive, travel-by-train, bicycle, or however they can into New Jersey to place their bets.

“That’s a system that isn’t live anywhere else on the planet,” Briggs concluded. “It’s specific to New Jersey.”

Briggs’ Geocomply has discovered a way to keep up with the bad guys and everyone is benefitting.