Louisiana Online Sports Betting

Louisiana Gambling Laws

Louisiana gambling law is an odd mix of permissive and restrictive statutes. Other than online and land-based sports betting, very nearly all forms of gambling popular in the U.S. are present in some form in Louisiana, and crystal-clear written regulations outline what is and isn’t legal. Video Poker Laws are cutting-edge and the state lottery system is popular.

With its warm climate, Louisiana is home to a variety of legal casino gambling options, from slot machines at race tracks to full-fledged commercial casinos, riverboat casinos, and tribal resorts, making it one of the nation’s prime locations for a gambling vacation

Louisiana’s 14 riverboat casinos and dozens of other commercial and tribal properties draw in millions of tourists to the state each and every year.

Legality of Sports Betting VS Gambling

Other than a curious lack of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) in Louisiana, the state offers the gambler a healthy mix of legal options in casinos, horse racing, live poker, advanced video poker laws and charitable gambling.

Sports & Gambling Type Legal Land-Based Legal Online
Sports Betting No No
Casinos Yes No
Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) N/A No
eSports Betting No No
Poker Yes No
Horse Racing Yes Yes
Lottery Yes No
Charitable Gambling Yes No

Louisiana Sports Betting Tax Rates

Louisiana has a 5% state tax on gambling winnings.

Large gambling wins over $600 in Louisiana may possibly attract an additional Federal Tax.

Contact your tax attorney to assess your potential Federal tax liability if you have a big win in Louisiana.

Sports betting Age VS Gambling Age in Louisiana

Just like its available and prohibited forms of gaming, minimum gambling ages in Louisiana are a little of a mixed bag. The State Lottery and Casino Gaming legal ages are both 21, while horse racing and charitable gaming legal ages lower to 18 in Louisiana.

Sports & Gambling Type Age
Sports Betting N/A
Casinos 21
Horse Racing 18
Lottery 21
Charitable Gambling 18

Betting on Sports in Louisiana

Louisiana has successful and long-established (however, quite separate) sports and gambling industries. On the sports side, Louisiana is home to NFL, NBA franchises and several of the biggest college football programs in the nation.

The strength of sports and gambling has led to Louisiana entering the legal world environment of betting on sports fray in March of 2018 with the introduction of a bill into the State Legislature. The bill has proposed legalizing sports betting at four of the state’s live horse racing facilities.

The bill calls for a referendum in each of the parishes in which sports betting would take place, as required by the Louisiana Constitution for any expansion of gambling. If the voters of each parish approve, race courses in all four parishes would be permitted to begin taking wagers on all manner of sports.

Of course, since May 2018 and the lifting of the Federal ban on sports betting by the U.S. Supreme Court, sports betting has now been handed back to each state for action. Other bills have since been introduced to the Louisiana State Legislature looking to legalize sports betting at Louisiana’s commercial, tribal and riverboat casinos.

Consequently, as gambling-friendly state (accustomed to gaming), there is a strong chance that Louisiana does indeed legalize sports betting in early 2019.

Louisiana Online Sports Betting Laws

Sports Betting Online is currently unavailable in Louisiana, and even DFS is outlawed in the Bayou State, as online gambling as a whole is outlawed in the state of Louisiana.

Horse Racing Betting online is the only exception to the rule in Louisiana.

Debate on the state’s strict online gambling laws and online casino laws began in 2018 by the State’s lawmakers on how sports betting can be legalized in Louisiana.

Online Fantasy Sports in Louisiana

Lawmakers in the Federal judiciary have administered that Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) are exempt from Federal jurisdiction, as they have legally assessed DFS to be contest of skill, rather than a gambling game of chance.

At the Louisiana State Level, however, DFS participation is considered a form of gambling, which the state bans. Legislation will be required to be passed before a return of DFS sites in the state of Louisiana. As DFS is 100% an online activity, legislation may also be required that make DFS sites exempt from the Louisiana State Law on Online Betting.

Subsequently, for the time being at least, none of the major DFS sites are legalized to operate or to hold DFS contests in the state of Louisiana, for its residents or visitors to the Bayou state.

Esports Online Betting Laws

Excluding horse racing, sports betting and eSports betting is still unavailable in Louisiana. Once sports betting becomes legal in Louisiana, eSports betting should become popular.

The ‘eSports’ phenomenon explained

‘eSports’ is effectively video game play at the highest level possible, most often played in a team format (rather than individually) in leagues and tournaments worldwide. Software game development companies have launched their own pro leagues, and as live streaming technology has continued to improve, eSports competitions have been transformed into global betting events.

High-profile eSports such as Fortnite, Dota 2, League of Legends, Overwatch, CS:GO, and Call of Duty have their own league competitions with big global followings.

Developed sports betting markets such as Australia, Canada, and Britain, offer a range of betting markets across all major eSports tournaments.

Once sports betting is legalized in Louisiana, watch for eSports betting to be offered at your favorite sportsbook in the state.

Horse Racing in Louisiana

Horse Racing Betting is completely legal (both online and on course/track side) for all visitors to, and residents of the state of Louisiana. Each state has been granted the right to rule on the legality of horse racing betting by Federal authorities. Consequently, many states permit their residents and visitors to bet on horse races both Track side, Off Track Betting and online. Many of the largest horse betting websites across the United States have a presence in the state of Louisiana.

Trackside Betting

Louisiana currently has 4 live horse racing track facilities. Louisiana is one of the many states of the union where no greyhound racing track facilities exist, due to greyhound racing being illegal.

Off Track Betting (OTB) in Louisiana

Off track betting bureaus (OTBs) are widespread throughout Louisiana. Full betting on Horse Racing and Simulcast racing are offered at the extensive network of more than 15 OTB bureaus across the state. Betting on races in Louisiana, most major racing locations worldwide and of course, across the United States and are all available in Louisiana’s OTB’s.

Online Horse Racing in Louisiana

Major U.S. online horse racing betting sites all accept customers from the state of Louisiana and offer real money bets on horse racing (Kentucky Derby, Triple Crown etc.) for Louisiana residents and visitors to the state.

Visit our page on Louisiana’s gambling laws for our list of the top online casinos in the state

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