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Kansas Gambling Laws

Kansas is more-gambling-friendly than most U.S. states. The state has a very healthy land-based casino industry and permits some forms of online betting. Online sports betting, poker and casino sites are still expressly illegal, but Daily Fantasy Sports and Horse-and-Greyhound Racing both offer legal online options for the state’s players.

Currently there are no plans to expand online casino betting or online poker. On the up side, State Legislators have introduced legislation to legalize land-based and online sports betting in the State Legislature. Up for debate during the next legislative session in the Sunflower State is whether Kansas gamblers will be able to place sports bets only at casinos, or they will be allowed to do that at sports bars. At this stage, the legalization of mobile and app betting is also an unknown quantity.

Legality of Sports Betting VS Gambling

Kansas legal gambling options include state-owned Commercial Casinos, online horse racing betting and State lottery options, and live poker composing a wide range of choices for residents and visitors to the Sunflower State.

Sports & Gambling Type Legal Land-Based Legal Online
Sports Betting No No
Casinos Yes No
Fantasy Sports (DFS) N/A Yes
eSports No No
Poker Yes No
Horse-Racing Yes Yes
Lottery Yes No
Charitable-Gambling Yes No

Kansas Sports Betting Tax Rates

Kansas has a 5% state tax on gambling winnings.

Large gambling wins over $600 in the Sunflower State may possibly attract an additional Federal Tax.

Contacting your tax attorney to assess your potential Federal tax liability if you have a big win.

Sports betting Age VS Gambling Age in Kansas

Kansas interestingly includes Horse Racing in the 21 years-of-age gambling minimum age category along with the state’s casinos. All other forms of legal gambling in Kansas have a minimum age of 18.

Sports & Gambling Type Age
Sports Betting N/A
DFS 18
Casinos 21
Horse-Racing 21
Lottery 18
Charitable-Gambling 18

Betting on Sports in Kansas

Sports betting taxes appear to be the stumbling block and bone-of-contention for Kansas lawmakers in the sports betting legalization process. Until that has been overcome, the answers to the questions; ‘is sports betting legal in Kansas?’ and ‘is online sports betting legal in Kansas’ are both ‘No’.

In early 2018, Kansas entered the sports betting legalization debate when lawmakers introduced a bill (House Bill 2752) seeking to legalize sports betting in state-owned and online casinos if the federal ban on sports betting was repealed or stricken down.

House Bill 2752 has caused some consternation as local casino interests opposed the provision in the bill calling for an “integrity fee” of 1% of total betting-handle to be paid to the professional sports leagues. The fee is thought to be excessive and may threaten the state’s casino’s ability to compete with off-shore sportsbooks.

Given that HB 2752 was still a work in progress, Kansas State Legislators introduced a second ‘compromise’ bill in March 2018. Senate Bill 455 scaled back the sports integrity fee from 1% of total betting handle to 0.25% of the betting handle.

The newer of the two bills goes some way to alleviating the concerns of the casino industry and it seems like it will be only a matter of time until the Kansas State Legislature passes a law that will be acceptable to all interested parties, including the state’s sports bettors.

Kansas Online Sports Betting Laws

In Kansas, Online Sports Betting is currently prohibited.

However, given that both bills currently before the Kansas State Legislature (House Bill 2752 and Senate Bill 455) in looking to legalize sports betting have legal sports betting online written into their provisions, it appears online sports betting will be a fait accompli once the bills pass.

Until the state legislators agree on the state taxes on sports betting, meanwhile, Kansas online sports bettors can legally wager online in DFS competitions and on horse and greyhound racing in Kansas.

Online Fantasy Sports in Kansas

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) competitions have been determined by Federal lawmakers to be skill-based competitions, not gambling on a game that is determined by random chance.

The Kansas State Government is in full agreement with the Federal ruling on DFS.

The DFS laws in Kansas were clarified in 2015 when the state’s Attorney-General issued an opinion agreeing that DFS competitions are games of skill. A short time later, the Kansas Legislature reaffirmed the opinion legalizing DFS in Kansas with the bill, HB 2155.

Since then, the DFS companies are free to legally accept players from the Sunflower State to participate in their real money competitions.

Esports Online Betting Laws

Once legal sports betting soon becomes a reality in Kansas, eSports betting will open up new betting markets to the state’s residents and visitors with a brash new style of sports betting, untouched by the previous unlegalized past.

What is the ‘eSports’ phenomenon ?

In only a few short years, video game play at its highest professional level has become a betting phenomenon. Rather than being played as an individual sport, eSports are frequently played in a team-format in worldwide tournaments.

Much in the same way that football, baseball, basketball and hockey are different types of sports CS:GO, StarCraft, Legend of Legends and Overwatch, are the NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA sports of the eSports world.

An increasing number of international sportsbooks offering a betting markets across the major global eSports tournaments, as eSports betting grows quickly worldwide.

Expect eSports betting to be available soon at your favorite legalized Kansas sportsbook.

Horse Racing in Kansas

At the present time, all licenses for horse and greyhound racing in Kansas previously issued by the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission have lapsed and/or have been revoked. No horse or greyhound racing has been conducted in Kansas since August 2008.

Kansas residents and visitors have legal horse racing betting options through online horse racing betting sites.

Trackside Betting

Kansas two operating racetracks closed down in 2008 and there have been few moves to reinvigorate the tracks.

Off Track Betting (OTB) in Kansas

The State of Kansas has no network of off-track betting locations.

Online Horse Racing in Kansas

All of Kansas’ online racebooks have small minimum initial deposit requirements and they all provide the online bettor with the convenience of mobile betting from your PC, smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. Kansas visitors or residents over the age of 21 all have full legal access to online horse betting sites that offer betting on all the big races across-the world and nationwide in the United States.

Given Kansas’ lack of trackside betting options and OTB outlets, it’s fantastic to be able to bet on big events like the Triple Crown or the Kentucky Derby conveniently and legally online in the state of Kansas.

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