For the first time in the tournament’s history, Euro 2020 (the European soccer champions) takes place right across the continent in multiple locations, 12 June to 12 July 2020. With Euro 2020 betting sites now being extremely popular across the United States, BettingTop10 does the hard work for you in eliminating any confusion, delivering you only top quality options for Euro 2020 betting sites, those where you’ll get the best Euro 2020 betting odds, Euro 2020 betting tips, top Euro 2020 qualifiers predictions and advice to discover the ultimate Euro 2020 site that best suits your personal budget and style.

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How to Choose the Best Betting Site For Euro 2020

Maybe you’re considering what is your preferred Euro 2020 betting strategy, or you are only searching for the best Euro 2020 odds or betting lines. Whatever your Euro 2020 betting needs, the BettingTop10 team of expert researchers are continually on the lookout the best Euro 2020 odds and betting predictions, ensuring you receive quality advice on which Euro 2020 betting sites that you can potentially make the best consistent profit on your valuable sports betting investment.

There’s a range of factors that our independent online research team use to help you find the best Euro 2020 betting sites;

Best Euro 2020 Betting Odds

Maximize your soccer winnings by getting the best odds for every Euro 2020 qualifier and finals match, and getting the best upset odds especially on those underdog Euro winners that can provide huge winning opportunities; e.g. most soccer betting fans remember fondly the money they made on Greece to win Euro 2004 at amazing +15 000 odds!

Euro 2020 Group Stage Progression Betting

Do you have a gut that feeling a specific team like Poland or Ukraine a good enough to progress beyond the group stage, however, are not quite good enough to win the tournament? Don’t worry, we’ll find you Euro 2020 betting sites where your bet type is available.

Euro 2020 Betting Live Streaming

Want to see your Euro 2020 bets played live without having to pay for the expensive pay-per-view TV? Many of BettingTop10’s recommended online Euro 2020 betting sites offer free live match streaming services for their members viewing convenience on their mobile devices and PC’s free of charge.

Best Euro 2020 Prop Bets for an Interactive Experience

Soccer matches at the very highest level like Euro 2020 are energetic by nature and draw viewers and bettors into an interactive betting experience. We search for quality online Euro 2020 betting sites offering the best markets on exciting and specific soccer prop bets like top goal scorers for the tournament, exact margins of victory, players to score a hat-trick, best available odds when taking a draw out of equation etc.

Euro 2020 Betting Blogs, Tips and Betting Advice

BettingTop10 analyzes which Euro 2020 sportsbooks complement their match and prop betting; making available match reports, game data, free advice and a range of match picks and regular blogs and articles on exclusive Euro 2020 betting tips.

Euro 2020 Betting Markets

  • MoneylineBet on any Standalone Euro 2020 Match (Win, draw or loss).
  • Over/Under Euro 2020 Betting – An over/under bet involves betting on a Euro 2020 match to finish with a certain amount of goals or not. Odds are usually offered at a standard 2.5 goals line, although sometimes when a strong national team is playing an underdog side, the odds can blow out further and opportunities are created of winning bigger than usual money!
  • Both Teams to Score Betting – In any given Euro 2020 match, place a wager on whether both teams will score (or not).
  • Half-Time Euro 2020 Betting – Usually in-play wagers. At halftime, bettors can place their wagers in any particular game at reset betting odds.
  • Euro 2020 Totals betting – As with most sports, the totals bet made on the total score of a game. For example, Euro 2020 betting sites may offer great odds between France and England to be low-scoring (i.e. only featuring two goals, or perhaps high-scoring, 4 or 5 goals or more).

Euro 2020 Betting Specials

There is an excellent variety of special betting markets that reflect the genuinely unique nature of the Euro 2020 tournament;

  • Double Chance Betting – A Euro 2020 double chance wager involves covering two of the three possible match outcomes all in a single standalone wager.
  • First Goal Scorer – Bets made on single Euro 2020 matches. Bettors may potentially predict either; which team, or which player will score the first goal. Big wins can sometimes result due to the excellent betting odds usually available.
  • In-play Betting – Bet on Euro 2020 matches live at changing odds in real time.
  • Parlay Betting – An accumulated number of bets taken over a selection of Euro 2020 Odds accumulate with each successful leg outcome of the parlay. Parlays can deliver enormous winnings if all legs of the wager end up being successful.
  • Line betting – Line Betting is another popular betting market for Euro 2020 When you bet on the line in a Euro 2020 match, you’re wagering for a team to either clear a goal margin or get within the margin set by the betting site.

Euro 2020 Betting Outrights

Outright Betting on Euro 2020 Winner – Which team will win the Euro 2020 title? Great odds are available before the Group Stages are complete.

Best Euro 2020 Betting Strategy

BettingTop10’s Euro 2020 betting site review teams regularly undertake quality assurance checks of the best Euro 2020 betting sites offered in the United States, and determine which sites offer the best odds on a consistent basis.

Our team have discovered the best odds for any Euro 2020 match are consistently located across a range of betting sites.

As a result, consider our expert’s best Euro 2020 betting recommendation;

Register with multiple online sports betting sites to ensure you will ALWAYS receive the best betting odds and lines for each Euro 2020 qualifier or finals match.   

Euro 2020 Key Dates & Fixtures

19 November 2019: European Qualifiers conclude
22 November 2019: European Qualifiers play-off draw
30 November 2019: Euro 2020 final tournament draw, Bucharest
26 March 2020: European Qualifiers play-offs begin
01 April 2020: Additional final tournament draw if required
12 June 2020: Opening game of Group Play, Stadio Olimpico in Rome
12 June 2020: Euro 2020 Final, Wembley Stadium (London)

Euro 2020 FAQ's

  • Which are the Best Euro 2020 Betting Sites?

    BettingTop10’s recommended Euro 2020 betting sites are the top-quality sportsbooks available in the U.S. today. All have passed our stringent testing procedures so you can get more bang for your betting dollar whilst receiving the best odds and service.

  • What Type of Bets Can I Make on Euro 2020?

    A wide selection of Euro 2020 bets are possible, ranging from straightforward money line bets on winners, through to big parlay bets with accumulating odds on each match victory across a series of matches. Additionally, Euro 2020 prop betting opportunities are available on our recommended betting sites.

  • Can I Place Live Wagers on a Euro 2020 Match after Kick-Off?

    Absolutely. BettingTop10’s recommended Euro 2020 betting sites offer live in-play betting (and frequently during the half-time break at adjusted betting odds).

  • Can I Bet on Euro 2020 Matches on my Phone or Tablet?

    Yes. BettingTop10’s range of recommended sportsbooks all offer Euro 2020 betting markets accessible from all mobile devices, PCs or laptops.

  • Which Euro 2020 Teams Should I Bet On?

    Depending on which teams are competing, you’ll need to assess their form and how they match up. Teams like France, England or Germany consistently show the ability to win matches on the big stage, but upsets can and do occur. Consult the blogs and articles available on many of the recommended betting sites in addition to our own BettingTop10 predictions for all the latest up-to-date betting information and team news.