Connecticut Gambling Laws

Connecticut Gambling lawsGambling in Connecticut (CT) is famous for its casinos. These casinos in Connecticut are among some of the largest in the world, attracting many national and international visitors. Other than the super casinos, the state is relatively conservative in adopting new forms of gambling.

Please see the chart below for the current legal ‘state-of-play’ on gambling online, CT sports betting, and other forms of gambling.

Gambling Type Legal Land-Based Legal Online
Sports Betting No (Coming Soon) No
Casinos Yes No
Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) N/A Yes
eSports Betting No (Coming Soon) No
Poker Yes Yes (Within Casino Grounds Only)
Horse Racing Yes Yes
Lottery Yes Yes
Charitable Gambling Yes No

Gambling tax rate in Connecticut

The gambling tax rate in the state of Connecticut is 6.99%.

Large gambling wins in Connecticut over $1200 may be subject to an additional Federal Tax. Check with your tax-accountant for details.

CT Gambling Age

Gambling Age Age
Casinos 21
DFS 18
Horse-Racing 18
Lottery 18


Connecticut Sports Betting Legislation

Legal sports betting in Connecticut will begin sooner rather than later, (either in late 2018 or early 2019), as one of the first of a group of forward-thinking states following the U.S. Supreme Court striking down PASPA (the Federal Act banning nationwide sports betting) in May 2018.

The legality of online sports betting in CT rests in the hands of its state legislators. Connecticut’s law has directed its regulators to adopt a range of broad sweeping sports betting regulations, however, to date, it has not occurred. Regulators may need more legislation to assist in legalizing sports betting due to the state of Connecticut’s rather complex web of commercial and tribal casino legislation. Legislators are anticipated to revisit the sports betting legalization upon the opening of the next session of the State Legislature.

Sports Betting in Connecticut

As the Connecticut sports betting law is currently under debate by State Legislators (continuing at the next sitting of the State’s lawmakers), any attempt to predict is outcome is pure conjecture.
That being said, it is expected that sports betting will firstly become legal and available through the state’s approved and licensed land-based and tribal casinos in the first instance.

Sports Betting Online

Sports Betting Online is currently unavailable in Connecticut. The State’s lawmakers will determine shortly which forms of sports betting are permitted and how/where those wagers can be placed.

However, Connecticut State officials and some Tribal Casinos have displayed an increased appetite to consider expansion to both online gambling and online casinos in the very near future. In fact, some Tribal Casinos, (including one of the super-casinos) have already invested millions in adopting and developing interactive gaming platforms in readiness for when the switch occurs.

In the meantime, online Horse Racing Betting and DFS sites are all open and available to accept online players from the state of Connecticut.

Casinos in Connecticut

Connecticut has an interesting business model for its gaming with Tribal Casinos paying revenue back to the state. In that way, the Connecticut casino business model can bee seen to be a hybrid mix of Tribal & Commercial Casinos. At Connecticut’s Casinos, you’ll find more than 12,300 slots and gaming machines and more than 900 table games.

Connecticut Land-based Casinos

Connecticut’s land-based casino business has gone from virtually nothing in the mid-1980’s to operating two of the largest super-casinos in the world outside of Las Vegas or Macau.

From 1986, and the introduction of bingo halls on self-regulating Indian Reservation land (exempt from the wider state laws of Connecticut), the mega Casino resorts carry huge poker rooms that attract the best players of the professional Poker Tour and regular tournaments are held.

Of course, with that level of gambling services, support services at Connecticut’s Casinos such as international shows, restaurants, shopping and adjoining hotels are all of world-class standard.

Connecticut Online Casinos

As you have probably already established, residents and visitors to Connecticut don’t yet have access to play at fully legal online casinos in the same way that online players in Nevada and New Jersey do.

Connecticut is one of the states that are anticipated to start working towards an online gambling bill later in 2018, due to the fact Connecticut’s state casinos are looking to offer (the already developed) online versions of their products. However, Connecticut legislators haven’t proposed such a bill just yet, meaning that the actual launch of legal Connecticut online casino is quite likely to take more than just a few months.

Meanwhile, our advice to Connecticut residents or visitors is simple: Obey all online gambling laws. Until online gambling legalization is finalised, steer clear of using online casinos (US-based or Offshore) within Connecticut state limits.

On the other hand, for players looking to take advantage of online betting options, Daily Fantasy Sports and online Horse Racing Betting sites are all open to accept online players from within the state. (Please note, player beware. Geolocators will be used to determine if you and your mobile device or PC are physically located within the state limits of Connecticut).

Horse Racing Betting in Connecticut

Connecticut no longer has any live horse racing or live greyhound racing options. Simulcasting of national U.S. and international racing events has replaced live racing in Connecticut. CT off track betting is highly evolved and many options to place wagers on horse and greyhound racing and Jai Alai are available.

Track Side /OTB: Without any functioning horse or dog racing tracks in the state, Connecticut has a highly evolved Off-Track Betting (OTB) scene. There are dozens of OTB’s widespread throughout the state and live simulcast betting is available on all U.S. and international races at all Connecticut casinos.

Online Betting on Horse Racing: Online racebooks are quickly becoming the number one option of choice for horse betting in Connecticut, and most of the websites are simple to access and easy-to-use. All of the available sites feature races at top tracks across the U.S. and internationally.

The latest horse betting odds are always posted and all of the standard horse bet types are accepted. You will also be able to redeem special horse bet rebates and bonuses for more wagering opportunities.

Connecticut residents over the age of 18, who can’t physically get to one of the state’s many OTB’s or are simply too busy, can simply conveniently place their wagers for all the big races like the Kentucky Derby or the Triple Crown on their PC or mobile device, without having to leave the comfort of their own home.

Connecticut’s Fantasy Sports Laws

U.S. Federal legislation has long exempted Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) from Federal jurisdiction on gambling. At a Federal level, DFS has been legally assessed to be considered a contest of skill, not a gambling game of chance.

In October 2017, Connecticut Governor Dan Molloy signed off on the legalization of DFS in the state. The act took effect on October 31 2017, however, due to unresolved issues between the State and the Tribal Casinos on tax revenue, the bill is not expected to be passed into law in Connecticut until at least July 1 2019.

Meanwhile, all of the major DFS sites are continuing to operate and to hold real money contests in the state of Connecticut.

How DFS Contests work

Most people have heard of DFS, and millions more play the competitions. However, being honest, many have no idea what DFS really is, or how it works. What began as a fun game played among friends, is now a multi-billion-dollar business that has a tremendous influence on real, live sports.

DFS players choose from real players in an online selection process, or a draft, to assemble a fantasy team. The players’ real-game statistics are compiled and compared to see whose fantasy team has done the best over each week or across an entire season.

Players track how their fantasy team is doing using various web sites or mobile apps based on each chosen player’s weekly performance. Some DFS players join leagues with friends and compete against only people they know. Other DFS aficionados join public leagues hosted by web sites and compete against unknown strangers for big weekly prize purses up to $1 million per pro sports league.

The very best DFS players are usually excellent ‘budget balancers’ generating the best value for money out of their chosen players. The best of all DFS teams have a glaring absence of superstars and an abundance of bargain-basement consistently performing journeymen (Take note, fans of the hit movie ‘Moneyball’).

All of the major U.S. sporting leagues have DFS leagues running throughout the regular season and play-offs.

Poker Laws in Connecticut

Connecticut is an influential state in the American poker scene, with the two huge Native American Indian reservation Super Casinos offering more than 200 poker tables (rather than Poker Rooms). World Series of Poker tournament series are regularly held in the two Mega Casinos with multi-million-dollar prize pools up for grabs.

Famous faces are regularly spotted at the Poker Tables in Connecticut’s casinos and it’s interesting to note that recently retired female all-time Poker tournament money winning leader, Vanessa Selbst, amassed more than $1 million of her career earnings in the state of Connecticut.

Interestingly, Connecticut Laws provide for social poker games to be legal for gambling that is “incidental to a bona fide social relationship”. Despite the vagueness of the wording of the social gambling provision in CT State law, this interpretation that social gaming is legal is reinforced by Connecticut state officials.

‘Bona fide social relationships’ when it comes to gambling in Connecticut is generally understood to be relationships which exist apart from the actual gambling, which would generally be the case with most social ‘home poker’ games.

Online Poker in Connecticut

No online poker is available in Connecticut (other than in the grounds of a land-based casino). See above regarding the future implementation of online casinos in Connecticut.

eSports Betting in Connecticut

Despite Connecticut being extremely open-minded in introducing an official interscholastic eSports program into their state school system (the first state in the U.S. to do so), the state is yet open their arms to betting on eSports. It’s anticipated that eSports betting will be introduced once the Connecticut State Legislature rules on the legalization of sports betting.

If you’re not aware, eSports is the short name for electronic sports. Simply put, it’s video game play at the highest level. eSports are usually played in a team format in leagues and tournaments worldwide, rather than on an individual level. Along with the vast growth of many video game developers, many firms have funded and launched their own competitions for players.

As game streaming platforms have also emerged and the technology has improved immeasurably, it has helped turn these competitions into global events.

High-profile games such as CS:GO, Fortnite, Dota 2, League of Legends, Call of Duty and Rocket League have their own leagues, tournaments and competitions. eSports Tournaments held in huge 50000 plus seater stadiums are now sold out in minutes.

With the enormous boom in popularity of the Professional Gaming tournaments, eSports wagering grows in popularity each and every year. A number of international sportsbooks now offer a range of betting markets across all major eSports tournaments.

Once sports betting is legalized in the state, look for eSports betting at your Connecticut favorite sportsbook.

History of Gambling in Connecticut

1931 – Horse Racing becomes legal in Connecticut.
1976 – Off-Track Horse Racing Betting introduced.
1983 – Connecticut State Lottery begins.
1986 – Tribal/Commercial Casinos open for the first time in Connecticut as a Bingo Room and add casino table games (1992), and slots (1993).
2012 – Connecticut Governor Dan Molloy suggests that regulation of ‘online-poker is inevitable’.
2017 – Governor Dan Molloy signed-off on the legalization of DFS in the state. The bill to be passed into law in Connecticut sometime after July 1 2019.
2018/19? – Sports Betting Legalized at Connecticut Casinos?
2019? – Online Casinos in Connecticut to be legalized on the back of a successful implementation of Rhode Island Sports Betting?

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