Cricket carnival is back in the African continent as the neighbours South Africa and Zimbabwe are all set to revive their rivalry in ODI and T20 series. The Zimbabwe tour of South Africa 2018 has been keenly awaited as it would be Zimbabwe’s first trip to the neighbouring country in 8 years. They last played there in 2010 which is quite a long gap. Much has changed between the two sides in these years and hence it would be interesting to see young players play their first games against one another, which is surely the best celebration the game can have.

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When Was The Last Time The Sides Played?

There have been few games between the two sides in the recent years apart from the one South Africa Vs Zimbabwe Test in 2017. In fact there has been no limited over contests for the last three years with the last South Africa Vs Zimbabwe ODI being played back in February 2015 which is quite a surprise given the fact they are the only two teams in Africa that are full time ICC members. Zimbabwe’s sluggish form in International cricket has been a major reason why they rarely find good sides touring their country or touring major cricketing nations in the world. Zimbabwe Vs South Africa Fixtures have become rare and this is the reason fans would be eagerly waiting to see their side in action against some of the biggest names in world cricket.

Who Will Win Zimbabwe Vs South Africa Series?

On paper hosts South Africa start as favourites to win both the ODI and the T2O series. In fact a 3-0 result in both ODIs and T20 isn’t likely to raise any eyebrows. But Zimbabwe has good players who can turn it around. South African team is slightly unsettled with injuries to few players in the side and their susceptibility to spinners is likely to be exploited by the visitors especially in the T20 series where Zimbabwe will count its chances. As far as records are concerned history is on South Africa’s side.


Where can I find South Africa Vs Zimbabwe Predictions?

You don’t have to go anywhere else to find predictions for the upcoming South Africa Vs Zimbabwe ODIs and T20s. We would be bringing to you detailed predictions for every game where we shall go deep into every aspect of the game right from team composition to past records and forms of both the sides. From historical data to performances leading up to the series we shall analyse every variable that can have a bearing on the game results and individual performances in the series.

Where Can I Find South Africa Vs Zimbabwe Score?

There are several websites that provide you real-time score and commentary. You can check these websites and follow the game from just about anywhere.

What Are The Zimbabwe Vs South Africa Dates?

The two teams are slated to play 3 ODIs and 3 T20s during the short tour that would span just about two weeks. Here are the Zimbabwe Vs South Africa Dates

SA vs ZIM Dates

Why should I read predictions for Zimbabwe Vs South Africa 2018?

The results of the games may be a forgone conclusion given the difference between the strengths of the two sides. But if you are planning to bet in different markets you need to know about the form different payers are in and if you don’t have the time to watch every game in Television or online these predictions would offer you the best advice to invest your money intelligently on different betting platforms.