India vs West Indies 1st Test – Betting Tips

India are the clear favorites in this Test and the odds in the match winner market speak for themselves. An Indian victory in the 1st Test has the odds set at 1.16 whereas, the odds for a West Indies win are set at 13.00. BET NOW

The match winner market may not give high returns if you bet on India who is likely to win the Test. Take a look at other additional betting markets, and betting tips for the 1st test of India vs West Indies to ace these markets –

#betyourway at India vs West Indies 1st Test

Betway has #betyourway section where you can find new and different betting markets and great odds. Here are few of these #betyourway markets for the India vs West Indies 1st Test –

Kohli, Pujara & Rahul To Score 200+ Runs Combined 1st Innings

This selection has the odds set at 3.00. The chances of these 3 batsmen scoring 200+ combined against West Indies at Rajkot are high. BET NOW

IND vs WI betting tips

Waging a Rs.250 stake on this selection would return Rs.750 which is much higher than the returns on India winning the match.

Another #betyourway selection with higher odds is Virat Kohli & Cheteshwar Pujara Both To Score 50+ Runs Each 1st Innings – 3.75

Virat Kohli and Pujara had played some fine innings in England. Pujara made a good comeback in the Test series against England in the 4th Test and Kohli was phenomenal throughout.

If the pair continues their form at home, the two are likely to score half centuries in 1st innings.

There are betting markets for individual player score with two selections available i.e. Over and Under. Take for instance, Sunil Ambris Total Runs 1st Innings (19.5) market.

The odds offered for Over (19.5) selection – 1.83 and the odds for Under (19.5) are set at 1.83.

One quick update on Sunil Amrbris – In the recently concluded practice match West Indies vs Indian Board President’s XI, Sunil Ambris scored 114 runs with 17 fours and 5 sixes.

Considering Ambris is in good touch scoring over 19 runs may seem an easy task for Ambris.

India vs West Indies 1st Test Betting Tips

Waging Rs.250 on either of the selection returns an amount of Rs.458.33 on winning the bet. BET NOW

Some other individual batsman score betting markets are –

Virat Kohli Total Runs 1st Innings (49.5) – the betting odds for Over (49.5) selection are 1.83 and for the Under (49.5) selection – 1.83

Cheteshwar Pujara Total Runs 1st Innings (41.5) – the betting odds for both Over (41.5) and Under (41.5) are set at 1.83 each.

We have highlighted these two markets to highlight a specific point. Notice how the total runs for both these players are above 40 in these markets.

The bookmaker has set the runs specifically to (41.5) and (49.5) for Pujara and Kohli respectively since the #betyourway market offers a selection for both these batsmen to score 50+ each in the 1st innings for 3.75 betting odds.

To win in markets like these, In-Play betting is a good option. The In-Play betting feature allows you to bet on the live events during the match. This allows you to take into consideration the circumstances and predict how the next 5 to 10 overs or the next over or the next ball would play out.

In-Play betting tips

Look out for these markets for In-Play betting –

India Total Runs -1st Over to 5th Over 1st Innings

This market is available in Match Coupons with 3 variations of total runs – (10.5), (15.5) and (20.5).

To predict whether India will score Over 15.5 or Under 15.5 in 1st Over to 5th Over in the 1st Innings, watching the match live helps.

Also, as India 1st innings progresses, the odds change along with the runs to predict.

Other markets to target in live betting are the individual batsmen score markets like KL Rahul Total Runs 1st Innings (32.5)

The above mentioned market is available as Match Coupon before the match, but when the innings starts, the market will be available as long as KL Rahul is batting on the crease and the runs to predict and the odds will change.

Follow the innings live on TV, watch out for batsman’s weaknesses and strengths and time your bets well to minimize the risk. Also, if you have opted-in FreeBet Club on Betway, you can win a Rs.500 FreeBet every week.


Place your bets on the most likely selections as shown above or that you may come across in live betting. If you place Rs.500 or more on two or more selections with combined odds of 2.00 or more, and these bets are settled by Friday, your account will be credited with a Rs.500 FreeBet on Saturday.

These FreeBets can act like training wheels for beginners who are new to online cricket betting and like a safe strategy for bettors with experience to minimize losses.

To know how useful In-Play betting can be and how much one can win in live betting, check out our Zimbabwe vs South Africa 1st ODI highlights page. We have shown the changes in the odds offered in different markets during the live match and how placing bets at the right time offers high returns minimizing the risk.

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