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India vs Hong Kong Betting TipsHong Kong meets India on 18th September in the 4th match of Asia Cup 2018. The odds for a Hong Kong win are set at 17.00 while an India victory has the odds of 1.007. Read here the full prediction of India vs Hong Kong.

The odds in the Match Winner market aren’t lucrative for bettors and why would they be? An Indian win is almost certain in Hong Kong vs India Asia Cup fixture, and betting on that selection would result in a profit of Rs.0.66.

In such a scenario, a smart bettor looks out for other betting markets that offer better odds with a fair chance of winning. Here are some of the betting markets for the upcoming Hong Kong vs India Asia Cup match that offer better odds than the Match Winning market.

Hong Kong 1st Over Runs (3.5)

This market has two selections – over and under. The odds for over 3.5 runs in Hong Kong 1st over are set at 2.25 and those for under 3.5 runs are set at 1.57. BET NOW

Now, what over 3.5 runs means is, if you have placed your bet on the Over (3.5) selection, and Hong Kong scores 3 runs in their 1st over, you lose the bet. Whereas if Hong Kong scores 4 or more runs in 1st over and your bet is on the Over 3.5 selection, you win the bet and the returns of a stake of say for e.g. Rs.100 will be Rs.225. BET NOW

There are 12 markets like this from 1st Over to 6th Over Runs offering selections for over and under 3.5 runs and 2.5 runs for each over.

You will find similar markets for India innings as well. So, in total there are 24 markets offering predictions for runs in a particular over.

If you are not comfortable making predictions for a particular over, and feel that you can predict the runs Hong Kong and India would have on the board after 5 overs, 10 overs and 15 overs, there are markets just for you.

Hong Kong Total Runs – 1st Over to 5th over (16.5)

Now, note that there are 3 variations of this 1st over to 5th over total runs market. Each market has 2 selections – Over and Under, and the total runs that you can predict Hong Kong would score over or under are – 11.5, 16.5 and 21.5.

Notice how the odds are set for the selections in these markets. The 1st over to 5th over Hong Kong total runs (11.5) market has the odds set at 3.60 for Under 11.5 runs. BET NOW

And the 1st to 5th over Hong Kong total runs (21.5) market has the odds set at 3.25 for Over 21.5 runs. BET NOW

Then there are the 1st over to 10th over total runs market. Here is one of the 3 markets available in the 1st to 10th over total runs category.

Betway Bonus Asia Cup

Hong Kong Total Runs -1st Over to 10th Over (39.5)

The odds for Over 39.5 are set at 2.60 and 1.44 for Under 39.5 runs. Notice how the safest possible bet in this market would return Rs.144 for a Rs.100 bet which is much better than the returns on India in the Match Winner market. BET NOW

If predicting the fall of wicket is your strongest suit, the odds for Wicket markets are great. Here is a look at some of these markets.

Hong Kong 1st Over – Wicket

The selections offered are 2-way – Yes or No. The odds for Yes are set at 4.33 while a No fancies odds of 1.18.

There are 6 such markets from 1st over to 6th over, where you could predict if a wicket will fall. The odds for Yes in all these markets are well above 4.00 while for a No, they range between 1.14 and 1.18.

Hong Kong batting analysis – Strength and Weakness

Not only are there profitable betting markets before the Hong Kong vs India match starts, you will find even more such exciting and profitable betting markets in the In-Play cricket betting feature of the top betting sites.

Here are the strengths and weaknesses of Hong Kong batting from their previous game.

These will come handy when placing In-Play bets in markets similar to the ones discussed above during the live Hong Kong vs India Asia Cup match.

Hong Kong opener Nizakat Khan had hit 2 fours in the 1st over against Pakistan. The deliveries he hit for 4 runs were length ball that came onto his pads, one was an in-swinger on the leg stump which Nizakat Khan clipped for four down the leg side using his wrists.

While Nizakat Khan used his wrists and timed the ball that came on his pads down to fine leg, Anshuman Rath was beaten by the length balls that came in from outside off.

Anshuman Rath was defensive when the ball pitching outside off, short of a length and came in at the off stump.

There was a 143 kph short of a length delivery by Mohammad Amir to Anshuman Rath, which went on to the off stump and Anshuman Rath blocked it with his solid defense.

Though, there was one ball which pitched short of length outside off and Rath opened the face of the bat and guided it down to the third man for 4 runs.

Rath did the same thing again on a short of a length ball from Faheem Ashraf, trying to run down the ball to third man, but didn’t move across his leg stem guard and edged the ball comfortably to the keeper and lost his wicket.

The skipper wasn’t the only batsman to struggle on short of a length delivery that pitches outside off and came in on the off stump.

C Carter of Hong Kong also struggled on such deliveries and eventually lost his wicket trying to drive a short of length ball pitching outside off by walking down the pitch and chipped it to extra cover in the safe hands of Imam-ul-Haq.

While Ehsan Khan was out on a google from Shadab Khan, as he Ehsan Khan misread the ball for a leg break and the googly that came in from length just outside off trapped him lbw.

Babar Hayat was another batsman who was dismissed on a googly from Shadab Khan. He was stumped out as couldn’t pick the googly and charged down the pitch to play the ball over the top.


India has the right bowlers to attack these vulnerabilities in the Hong Kong batting line up. There’s Kuldeep Yadav, and Yuzvendra Chahal who can deceive the batsmen with a googly, there’s Bumrah who can beat the Hong Kong top order batsmen with pace and Bhuvneshwar Kumar to edge the ball to the keeper in the initial overs, especially against a left-handed batsman.

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