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India vs Pakistan Betting MarketsIndia takes on Pakistan once again in the Asia Cup 2018 at Dubai. Both the teams have won their 1st Super four match and are looking to secure a second win.

The winnings odds for India are set at 1.51 and those for Pakistan at 2.25. It is clear that India are the favorites here given the track record in the past Asia Cup tournaments and this Asia Cup 2018. Read here our full prediction for India vs Pakistan Super Four stage.

Let’s take a look at other betting markets that offer great odds for bettors.

India 1st Over Runs (2.5)

There are two selections in this market – Over and Under. Odds for Over 2.5 runs are set for 1.44 and Under – 2.62. BET NOW

There are 2 markets for the 1st Over Runs – (2.5) and (3.5). BET NOW

It is less likely that India will score under 2.5 runs and hence the odds for Under 2.5 runs are set high at 2.62. BET NOW

The runs in the bracket change with respect to the over that the bet is being placed on. BET NOW

Take a look at the markets for 2nd over runs –

India 2nd Over runs (3.5)

The odds for the two selections, viz. Over and Under in this market are set at 1.50 and 2.50 respectively. While in the India 2nd Over runs (4.5) market, the odds for the Over and Under selections are set at 1.80 and 1.90 respectively.

This shows that the bookmaker sees India’s chances of scoring over 4 runs almost similar to that of scoring 4 or less.

Notice how the odds for Over (4.5) decrease as the serial number of over increases. BET NOW

For the 2nd over, the odds for Over (4.5) are set at 1.80. As you move on to the 3rd over, the odds for the selection Over (4.5), come down to 1.72. And for the 6th Over, the odds for Over (4.5) runs are set at 1.61. BET NOW

While the odds for Over (4.5) decrease from 1.80 to 1.61 in the markets from 2nd Over runs to 6th Over runs, a new market is introduced at the 5th over – Over (5.5) runs. BET NOW

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India 5th Over Runs (5.5)

The markets for over 5.5 runs exist for the 5th and the 6th over. The odds for 5th Over – Over (5.5) runs are set high at 2.05 and in the 6th over for the same selection viz. Over (5.5) the odds are set at 1.95. BET NOW

What the pattern of change in odds with respect to the market tells is what the bookmaker is expecting of the Indian innings. India is expected to score at a faster rate from the 2nd over and onwards and this can be seen in the odds offered for Under (4.5) runs in the 5th Over Runs market – 2.10. BET NOW

That means bookmaker expects India to fire in the opening overs which can be understood as the Indian openers are in a great form and have played well against all the teams in the Asia Cup 2018 including in the match against Pakistan.

The same pattern is observed in the betting markets for Pakistan 1st Over Runs to 6th Over Runs.

Here’s a brief look –

Pakistan 6th Over Runs (4.5)

The selection Over (4.5) has the odds of 1.66 while the Under (4.5) has the odds set at 2.10.

Other markets for India batting are these –

  • India Total Runs – 1st Over to 5th Over (20.5)
  • India Total Runs – 1st Over to 5th Over (25.5)
  • India Total Runs – 1st Over to 5th Over (30.5)

The highest odds offered are in the 3rd market that is 1st Over to 5th Over (30.5). The odds offered on the Over (30.5) selection in this market are set high at 2.90. BET NOW

The odds for both the selections in the 1st Over to 5th Over (25.5) are almost same set at 1.85 and 1.80 respectively. BET NOW

There are 3 markets for India Total Runs – 1st Over to 10th Over and 1st Over to 15th Over with two selections each.

Same markets also exist for Pakistan batting though a little change can be expected. For instance, the Pakistan Total Runs – 1st Over to 5th Over market has Over and Under selections for (19.5), (24.5) and (29.5).

The odds for Pakistan Total Runs – 1st Over to 5th Over – Over 29.5 runs are set at 2.90.

Similar markets will be available for In-Play betting along with betting markets for Individual player performance. The odds in the live betting change along with selections which gives the bettor the flexibility to place bet when it suits their approach.

The match coupons as the above listed are also available for individual player performance. Here are some of these betting markets –

Ambati Rayudu Total Runs – 50 Over (27.5)

Two selections are offered for this market and the odds for both Over (27.5) and Under (27.5) are set at 1.83. BET NOW

Babar Azam Total Runs in 50 overs market offers odds for Over and Under 28.5 runs. The odds are same for both the selections – 1.83. BET NOW

If you want different markets for the individual batting performances of Ambati Rayudu, Babar Azam, Fakhar Zaman and other batsmen from both teams, In-Play betting is the choice for you.

The markets and selections for individual player performances change along with odds and bettors can capitalize with their cricketing knowledge in the live betting.

There are betting markets for fall of wicket and the odds offered in these markets are high.

For instance, the India 1st Over – Wicket market has two selections – Yes and No. The odds offered for Yes are set at 6.00 and that for No are set at 1.10.

There are 6 such markets for fall of Wicket from 1st over to 6th over.

Boundary betting markets

Pakistan 1st Over – Boundary

This market offers tow selections with odds of 2.50 for Yes and 1.45 for No. BET NOW

The boundary markets are offered from Pakistan 1st Over to Pakistan 6th over.

These were the additional betting markets that are available for bettors to bet on apart from the usual top batsman, top bowler, and match winning markets.

Stay updated with match highlights and post-match analysis from Asia Cup 2018 to stay sharp in your betting game.

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