IND vs BAN Asia Cup Final – Additional Betting Tips

In the India vs Bangladesh Asia Cup 2018 final, India are the clear favourites having won every match they’ve played in the Asia Cup except one draw against Afghanistan.

India’s performance in the death overs against Hong Kong in the group stage and against Afghanistan in the super four ODI was not up to their own standards they have set in other matches.

Here are some tips to help you bet on other markets in addition to the match winner market. We also give an insight to In-Play betting with an example of the Bangladesh vs Pakistan Super Four ODI. Find out how betting odds and markets are designed, find out how bettors use In-Play betting feature to win high returns on their bets.

India total runs 1st Over to 10th Over (56.5)

There are 3 variations of this market (51.5), (56.5) and (61.5). Two selections offered in each market – Over and Under. The odds for Over 56.5 runs are set at 1.85 while those for Under 56.5 runs are set at 1.80.

Quick Stats

  • India has scored average 56 runs in Powerplay 1 (0.1 – 10.0 overs) in Super Four matches and lost 0 wickets.
  • Bangladesh in Powerplay 1, has conceded an average of 34.5 runs in their last 2 super four matches and picked an average of 2 wickets.

Bangladesh Total Runs 1st Over to 10th Over (35.5)

For Bangladesh there 3 variations of the 1st to 10th over total runs market are (35.5), (40.5) and (45.5)

The odds for Over 35.5 runs are set at 1.44 and 1.34 the odds for Under 35.5 that are set at 2.60 BET NOW

Quick Stats

  • Bangladesh in Powerplay 1 (Super Four matches) – Average score – 35/3
  • India conceding in Powerplay1 (Super Four matches)- vs Afghanistan – 63/0 , vs Pakistan – 28/1, vs Bangladesh – 34/2








Here’s how the odds are set in accordance with the above stats –

  • Bangladesh average 1st to 10th Over runs in Super Four – 35
  • India conceded average 1st to 10th Over runs in Super Four – 41.6
  • Betting markets – 1st to 10th Over runs (35.5), (40.5), and (45.5)
  • The markets are set for the runs in the range of 35 and 45.
  • There is a high probability of runs to be scored between 35 and 40 in the powerplay1 of Bangladesh innings.
  • The odds for Under 35.5 runs are set at 2.60 which are the highest in the market range of Over 35.5 runs to Over 40.5 runs.
  • The chances of Bangladesh scoring Under 35 runs are low as India has conceded less than 40 runs in powerplay1 when they pick 1to 2 wickets and Bangladesh has score average 35 in powerplay1 even after losing 3 wickets.
  • They are more likely to score between 35 and 40 and if they don’t lose a wicket they would likely score above 40.
  • The odds for Over 40.5 runs are set at 1.80, for Under 40.5 runs – 1.85, for Over 35.5 runs – 1.4.
  • The higher odds are set for the less likely event and lower odds set for more likely events. 1.85 and 1.80 odds are offered in 1 market for Over and Under 40.5 selections.

Live Betting Tips IND vs BAN

  • The match odds for Pakistan vs Bangladesh Super Four match changed after the Pakistan innings started and 3 wickets fell in Powerplay1.
  • A bettor analyses the situation after the Bangladesh innings taking into consideration the two teams run rate and fall of wickets through the 3 Powerplays.
  • The chances of a Bangladesh win could be predicted at the end of Powerplay1 of Pakistan innings.
  • The odds for Bangladesh win lower than those for Pakistan after the 1st Powerplay.
  • The In-Play betting feature comes handy in such situations. A bettor could wait for the odds to go a little higher for Bangladesh during the Powerplay 2 of Pakistan innings with 2 in-form batsmen on crease.
  • Placing a bet when the odds were higher for Bangladesh considering both teams would continue their powerplay forms, the bettor could win higher returns on the bet.

This is how the In-Play betting feature helps bettors win high returns by timing their bets well.

Pakistan and Bangladesh performed in the powerplays as could be predicted from their previous performances. Stay updated with all the stats of the team performances through sessions, performance on metrics like partnerships, overs to score 150 runs, 200 and 250 runs. Check our India vs Afghanistan Highlights page to see how India performed in the powerplays against Afghanistan.

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