Betway October Leaderboard Offer

Betway’s promotion, October Leaderboard has started and here is what you need to know about it.

How to qualify for the Betway offer?

  • You must opt-in to the promotion to qualify. Just log in to your Betway account and click the Opt-In button on the promotion page.
  • Once you opt-in you’re ready to bet and win points on the leaderboard.

Betway Oct Leaderboard

  • Bets placed and settled between 1st October 00:00 IST and 31st October 23:59 IST will qualify towards the October Leaderboard offer.
  • For your bets to qualify, your winning bets must be placed and settled on at least 1.50 odds.
  • The 1.50 odds can be the combined odds of a bet with multiple selections.
  • Do not play both sides of a market else, your bets will not be qualified for winning points. If you place a bet on under 25 runs and another bet on the opposite selection, neither of the bets will qualify for points.


  • The top 25 players on the leaderboard win prizes. There are 2 cash prizes for 1st and 2nd place.
  • Players finishing at number 1 and number 2 in the leaderboard will win Rs.10,00,000 and Rs.1,00,000 cash prize respectively.

Betway Oct Leaderboard 2

  • The minimum prize is a Rs2,500 Free Bet which is for players at places from 11th to 25th.
  • The prizes will be credited to the winner’s account within 72 hours after the final Leaderboard standings are published.

How to win points?

  • The odds of your winning bets will be the points you win. For example, if you win a bet of Rs.500 on the fall of next wicket at 6.00 odds, you win 6 points.
  • In case of winning a multiple bet, the point will multiply. For example, a winning multiple bet of Rs.1000 at 5.00 odds will win 10 points.
  • Note that bets with 2 or more selections have double points.

What happens in case of a tie on the Leaderboard?

If you tie with another player on the leaderboard, the bet with the highest applied total odds is considered. The player with the higher bet wins.

Cashed out bets, either in full or partial, will not qualify for points. To win points on the October Leaderboard, make sure you do not violate the terms of the competition.

Things to consider

Consider the key requirements of qualification for the competition, and winning points, and double points while placing a bet you would win which has high odds to increase your points. Also, if it’s a multiple bet, with 2 or more selections, the points will double.

Consider having a separate plan for this competition if you opt-in. One thing that could help gain more points is the In-Play betting feature.

Check out our South Africa vs Zimbabwe Highlights from the 1st ODI to see how a batsman with the odds of 51.00 at the start of the innings was the top team batsman at the end.

The shift in the odds from 51.00 to just over 1.00 offered many windows to win high returns on the bet and win points.

The month of October has some great cricket coming ahead. There are good number of matches to score points in. Stay updated with betting markets, and odds from Betway with our betting tips and predictions.

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