Bangladesh vs West Indies Prediction – Make the Right Choice

The last series played between the two sides in West Indies earlier in 2018 was a competitive one. While the West Indies won the Test series comprehensively the Bangladeshis won the ODI and T20 series handsomely. In the recent years the two sides have played competitive cricket against each other. Bangladesh has been playing well at home over the last few years and West Indies after their long tour of India would have got hang of the conditions in the sub-continent. This means that the upcoming series would be exciting especially for the world of cricket betting.

If you wish to make the most informed bets during West Indies Tour of Bangladesh 2018 we at Betting Top 10 India shall bring you the most informed Bangladesh Vs West Indies predictions. We enjoy great reputation in the punters’ community for bring well-analysed predictions and betting tips and we shall continue with the same ‘form’ to use cricketing terminology.

Who Will Win Bangladesh Vs West Indies?

Though West Indies have a great record against Bangladesh playing in their opponent’s territory most of their wins came earlier in the decade. Bangladesh is a completely different side now and has been challenging the best of teams in the world in their home conditions. It will be too early to call the Bangladesh Vs West Indies series as the visitors have struggled during the Test matches in India while the hosts too fumbled in a Test against a relatively weaker Zimbabwean side. It will be a contest between two equally matched sides and should be a great show on the field.

How has Bangladesh Vs West Indies Test record been so far?

As far as Bangladesh Vs West Indies Test history is concerned the visitors would start as overwhelming favourites. West Indies have won 10 Test Matches out of the 14 played between the two sides and lost only twice. Bangladesh have lost 5 out of the 6 Test Matches they have played at home against the West Indies and drawn the other one. West Indies may have history on its side but this Bangladeshi side is different from the ones they played earlier in the sub-continent.

What is history of Bangladesh vs West Indies T20s?

In Bangladesh vs West Indies T20s both the sides share the honours as far as history is concerned. They have both won 4 games each playing against each other. But Bangladesh would feel confident having defeated the West Indies 2-1 in their last tour of the Caribbean.

What is history of Bangladesh vs West Indies ODIs?

In ODIs the West Indies have a better record against Bangladesh. Of the 31 Bangladesh vs West Indies ODIs games played so far West Indies has won 20 and lost on 9 occasions. But Bangladesh has been playing well at home since the last World Cup and has won 9 out of the 14 ODIs they have played at home during this period. West Indies also showed their team strength during the last ODI series in India and with their hard hitting batting line-up they shall pose serious challenge for the home side.

Where Can I Find Bangladesh Vs West Indies Score?

You will be able to track the latest scores of this series on the websites of Bangladesh Cricket Board and Cricket West Indies. There are many cricket portals that will offer you real-time update of the games as well as the scores. You can also keep track of the scores on several bookmakers’ website as well as news portals from around the world, as well as cricket betting predictions.

West Indies Vs Bangladesh Fixtures

West Indies Vs Bangladesh Fixture will have the two sides start off with a two-Test series which would be followed by three ODIs and three T20s. Here is the schedule of the tour –

BAN vs WI Fixtures

Why should you read West Indies Vs Bangladesh 2018 predictions?

If there is one thing that can be predicted about this tour – it will be competitive. Both the sides have their advantages going into this tour and if you wish to call it right while betting you need to keep track of everything from team composition to form of individual players. As your preferred destination for non-stop cricket predictions our experts would keep you updated throughout the series. You wish to make the most informed decisions while betting and we shall take you a step closer to win.