Balkh Legends vs Nangarhar Leopards – APL Prediction No9

Balkh Legends won by 25 runs

  • Date: 11/10/2018
  • Time: 9:30 PM IST
  • Venue: Sharjah Cricket Stadium

Balkh Legends vs Nangarhar Leopards Betting Odds

Balkh Legends – 1.66 Bet Rs.100 on Balkh Legends you will win Rs.166 if Balkh Legends win this match

Nangarhar Leopards – 2.10 Bet Rs.100 on Nangarhar Leopards you will win Rs.210 if Nangarhar Leopards win this match


Balks Legends vs Nangarhar Leopards Betting Tips

Balkh Legends have scored an average 50.5 runs batting second while the Nangarhar Leopards have scored an average 41.5 runs batting second. Balkh and Nangarhar have batted 1st once out of 3 matches they’ve played and have scored 51 and 50 respectively.

How has the loss of wickets in powerplay affected these teams?

  • When Balkh lost 1 wicket in 1st 6 overs while chasing, their score was 45 and Nangarhar on losing 1 wicket in 1st 6 overs have scored 46.
  • When Nangarhar lost 3 early wickets in the powerplay, their score in 1st 6 overs was 37, while Balkh legends on losing 3 wickets in the powerplay posted 56 runs.
  • Highest 1st 6 Over Score market has the odds of (1.80) for Balk Legends and (1.90) for Nangarhar Leopards. If you bet Rs.100 on Balkh Legends, you get Rs.180 on winning the bet.
  • Balk Legends’ 1st over score in last 3 matches is as follows: 11-0, 14-0, and 9-0. BET NOW
  • Balkh Legends 1st Over Runs (6.5) market has the odds of (1.83) for Over (6.5) selection. That means, if you bet Rs.100 on Over 6.5 runs, and Balkh Legends score more than 6 runs in 1st over, you will win Rs.183. BET NOW
  • Balkh Legends have scored over 45 runs in 1st 6 overs in their last 2 matches and in their 1st match they had scored 45 runs in 1st 6 overs.
  • The market for Balk Legends Total Runs – 1st Over to 6th Over (45.5) has the odds of (1.40) for the Over 45.5 runs selection. If you bet Rs.100 on this selection, at 1.40 odds, you will win Rs.140 if the Balkh Legends score more than 45 runs in 1st 6 overs. BET NOW
  • The Balkh Legends Wicket markets for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Over have high odds for the Yes selection. Here is how this market works. If you bet Rs.100 on the Yes selection say, in the Balkh Legends 3rd Over – Wicket market at 3.60 odds, and if Balkh Legends lose a wicket in the 3rd over, you will win Rs.360. BET NOW
  • Here’s a summary of the Balkh Legends performance in 1st 3 overs in their last 3 matches –
  • Balkh Legends have only once lost a wicket in 1st 3 over in their last 3 matches. This happened in their last match against Paktia Panthers when Chris Gayle was out in the 3rd Over.
  • The odds for the No selection in the Balkh Legends 1st Over -Wicket market are set at 1.20. A Rs.100 bet on this selection would win Rs.120 if no wicket falls in the 1st over for Balk Legends. BET NOW

Balkh Legends vs Nangarhar Leopards Match No 09 Betting Odds

Balkh Legends  




Nangarhar Leopards  




Balkh Legends

Balkh Legends suffered their 1st loss in the APL when they lost to Paktia Panthers after 2 consecutive wins in their 1st 2 matches. Paktia Panthers were on top throughout the game and outplayed Balkh Legends in all the departments.

Balkh Legends were sloppy in the field and dropped catches that should have been taken and that turned out to be too costly. Their top batting order collapsed and no partnership was made at the top chasing a target of 205.

Their bowling wasn’t great either in the last match as their bowlers could only dismiss 3 Paktia Panthers batsmen.

Though the Balkh Legends were not on their A game against the Paktia Panthers, their batsmen and bowlers have given great performances in their previous game including Ryan ten Doeschate, Colin Munro, Bopara with the bat and Gulbadin Naib, Mohmmad Nabi, Aftab Alam, Mirwais Ashraf with ball.

Mohamad Nabi played a quick 15-balls 40 runs innings with 2 fours and 4 sixes in the last match. Balkh Legends has the goods, the previous match was probably an eye-opener for the team and they can be expected to make a comeback in this match against the Nangarhar Leopards.

Nangarahar Leopards

One of the common things between the Balkh Legends and the Nangarhar Leopards is that both of them have defeated Kandahar Knights. Both of these teams gave their best bowling performances against the Kandahar Knights. Ben Cutting picked 5 wickets against the Kandahar Knights and Gulbadin Naib of Balkh Legends picked 4 wickets against the Kandahar Knights.

Another common thing between the two teams is that both Balkh Legends and Nangarhar Leopards have lost to Paktia Panthers chasing. Nangarhar Leopards had lost 5 wickets for 51 runs in 9.1 overs chasing 184 runs in 20 overs.

While Balkh Legends had lost 5 wickets for 92 runs in 11.2 overs chasing 205 runs in 20 overs.

One thing that is clear from the previous performances of both the teams is that the top order of these teams doesn’t perform well under pressure and the batsmen have thrown away their wickets.

The Nangarhar Leopards batsmen flourished in their last match when they batted first against Kabul Zwanan and scored 188 runs for 5 wickets in 20 overs.

It should be noted that the Nangarhar Leopards could have crossed 200 and probably should have if they were to win as the pitch was made for batting, but in the 15th, 16th and 18th over of their innings Nangarhar scored 2, 4, and 3 runs and lost 2 wickets.

This inability to convert a good start to a big score had cost them the game and might as well cost them one more against the Balkh Legends.

Our Prediction Balkh Legends vs Nangarhar Leopards Match No9

Balkh Legends are the favorites to win the match. The inclusion of Chris Gayle in their batting lineup along with Colin Munro, Ryan ten Doeschate and Ravi Bopara gives them an edge over Nangarhar Leopards.


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