The World Cup group stages kick off on the 14th of June 2018 in Russia and everyone’s getting in on the action. If you are looking to see who to bet on then keep reading. Below you will find all the information you need for choosing the winning team in each group as well as the latest odds from leading bookmakers.

2018 World Cup Group Winner Odds

As you can see from our tables below, there are predicted winners and the latest figures from the leading sportsbooks for each of the groups. Be sure to check them all out.

Group A

Uruguay are tipped as the favourite by all the leading bookmakers and currently come in at 1/1 with 45% probability of taking the lead and moving forward. Russia are a close second at 6/4 and a 37% probability. Egypt have a 13% probability and Saudi Arabia are the least favourite at 25/1 and a 5% probability.

Group B

Spain are the favourites with bookmaker William Hill putting them at 1/2. They have a 68% probability of taking this too. Portugal are next at 9/5 and a 31% probability, followed by Morocco at 14/1 and a 1% probability. Iran are the least favourite at 33/1 and a 0% probability of going forward to the next stages.

Group C

France is the bookies favourite at 1/3 and an 83% probability. They are followed by Denmark at 11/2 and a 12% probability. Next is Peru at 15/1 and a 4% probability with Australia the least favourite at 25/1 and a 1% probability.

Group D

Argentina are the favourite to win at 8/11 and a 57% probability. Croatia are next at 3/1 and a 33% probability. Iceland come in at 16/1 and an 8% probability and the least favourite to advance from this stage of the competition is Nigeria with a 2% probability.

Group E

Brazil are tipped to come out on top with a 93% probability and are placed at 1/3. Switzerland are next at 7/1 and a 4% probability followed by Serbia at 2% and Costa Rica being placed at 20/1 and 1% probability.

Group F

German are the favourites at 10/21 and a 79% probability of taking the number one spot. Sweden are next with an 11% probability followed closely by Mexico at 6/1 and a 10% probability. Korea Republic are placed last with a 0% probability of advancing.

Group G

Belgium are tipped to lead with a 50% probability. They are placed at 10/11. England are a close second at 6/5 with a 43% probability. Next is Tunisia at 25/1 with Panama coming in at the bottom at 40/1 and a probability of 1%.

Group H

Columbia are 16/11 to take the lead with a 36% probability. They are followed by Poland at 28/15 and a probability of 34%. This will be a close call. Senegal come in third at 5/1 and a 19% probability with Japan in the bottom position at 17/2 and a probability of 11%.

How Group Winner Bets Work

The first stage of games will kick off in Russia on the 14th of June when the first of the group matches will be played. Group betting is where you will be placing your money on who you think take the number one position and not on who you think will win be crowned the champion. There are three match days with the final ones taking place on the 26th of June. After this the results will be made available and we will see who will progress to the next stage.

Quick Guide To Betting

The early predictions are in as you can see from the above tables and if you are planning to bet on any of the teams to top their respective groups now is the time to get the best deals. It is important to remember that these are not the final odds and once the games kick off in June we will see these changing to reflect the outcome of the games as they are played. Be sure to take a good look at the probabilities listed too as these will be very helpful when determining what team you want to put your money on.

Other Possible Bets

There are lots of other bets that you can make besides the group winner. You can bet on the team you think will reach the quarter finals, the semi-finals, and of course the finals. There’s also the overall winner and you can check out our winner’s page for more up to date information on this. Another popular choice is the top goal scorer and right now the competition is hot with favourites such as Messi, Ronaldo, and Neymar featuring as bookies favourites.

Be sure to keep a check out on BettingTop10 World Cup 2018 pages where we have all the up to date information and advice so you can make the most out of your world cup 2018 bets.