The World Cup has had animals predicting the outcome of matches for quite some time now. The most famous of these is Paul the octopus. Below we have information on the past animals and their accomplishments in predicting the results of World Cup matches along with the animals who will be predicting the results for Russia 2018.

Paul the fortune telling octopus made a splash in 2010 by predicting the outcome of the World Cup matches. The German octopus correctly predicted the results of 12 out of 14 football matches. China has a panda named Ying Mei who correctly predicted that Brazil would beat Croatia. Big Head the turtle was Brazil’s animal oracle in 2014 and he predicted correctly their win over Chile. Australia had Flopsy the kangaroo. Switzerland had Madame Shiva the guinea pig who tipped Switzerland to beat Ecuador and was spot on as Switzerland won 2-1. Germany had a number of animals predicting match results including an armadillo called Norman who predicted Germany would win against Portugal. Germany also had Nelly the elephant who predicted that France would be the winners in the quarter finals against Germany. The Netherlands Sijtje the cow predicted Netherlands win over Mexico.

World Cup Animal

Animals To Predict World Cup 2018 Matches

For Russia 2018, we know that there will be a number of animals predicting the results. So far, we know that there will be a meerkat, a racoon, two turtles, and an otter. We have listed these below. Will they be able to predict who will win? Will you use their predictions to help place your bets? Here’s Russia’s animal oracles who will be predicting the scores for every match.

  • Harry the otter has a great reputation in Sochi for predicting sports results and had a 75% success rate at the Olympics.
  • Suri the meerkat who began his career in 2012 in the European Championships and predicted the victory of Russia over the Czech Republic.
  • Alicia the racoon
  • The turtles
  • Tuzik the cat
  • Achilles the hermitage cat who predicted correctly Russia’s win over New Zealand and Austria’s win over Cameroon in the Confederations Cup.
  • Nika the polar bear who predicted Mexico’s win over Portugal in the Confederations Cup