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World Cup Winners

Naturally, with so many things going on at once, the job of deciphering the best bets, picking out the latest tips and generally staying on top of the action isn’t easy. Fortunately, that’s what we’re here for. Using our expert eye, we’re able to bring you a complete World Cup 2018 breakdown. From tips on how to bet to where you should be betting, we do it all.Basically, if you’re looking forward to the greatest football show on earth and you want a few cheeky punts on the side, stick with us and our complete guide to Russia 2018.

World Cup Betting Our Way

russia 2018The most important step in our World Cup betting journey is the place you’re going to ante up. Our top rated betting sites are the obvious starting point, so let’s take a quick look at the options you’ll find at our top operators: Boyle Sports: Boyle Sports’ markets start long before the main event gets underway. Thanks to qualification betting as well as the site’s €50 Free Bets, you can make a pretty penny before you start to speculate on groups, outright winners and individual match results. Bet365: With Germany currently leading the betting at 5/1, bet365 is going big on its outright win market. As well as having the power to request odds for this market, you can bet on individual groups as well as teams to reach/not reach the final stages – and even in-play in the form of live bets. New customers can also claim a Free Bets bundle worth up to €200. Ladbrokes: Get your bankroll rolling with all the group games at Ladbrokes. Covering live satellite events from England to Germany, the betting markets available and in-play action will keep you on your toes as Russia 2018 kicks off. Newly registered users can also get a Free Bets bonus worth €50.

All the Latest World Cup Odds

One of the most important aspects of any bet, whether it’s on the 2018 World Cup or another sporting contest, is the odds. Doing your research and picking out the perfect bet types to complement your research is important, but if the odds aren’t in your favour then you’ll have wasted your time.To help give you a quick overview of the tournament, we collate the latest and greatest odds throughout the competition. By clicking through the BettingTop10 World Cup hub, you’ll see a list of betting lines that’s updated on a daily basis. Top 10 Countries To Win The World CupBelow are the top ten countries that top the polls to win the World Cup 2018

  • Brazil 6.00 (Bwin)
  • France 27/5 (10Bet)
  • England 16/1 (Paddy Power)
  • Portugal 49/2 (10Bet)
  • Croatia 40/1 (Paddy Power)

Other World Cup Odds Below is a list of other odds that make for great betting fun. We’ve included the odds for these betting markets where they are currently available. This section will be updated regularly as we get closer to Russia 2018 and bookmakers release their odds.

  • Winning Confederation – UEFA 1.40, CAF 41.00, CONMEBOL 2.80, CONCACAF 67.00, AFC 81.00 (Bwin)
  • Will there be a new winner of the world cup – Yes 5.00, No 1.14 (Bwin)

Soon to be posted by the bookmakers:

  • Number of goals
  • Group to feature Tournament winner
  • Team to receive the most cards
  • Top assists
  • Team to score the most goals
  • Team to concede the most goals
  • Best Finishing position

The BettingTop10 World Cup Tips

Running alongside our collection of odds is a predictions page. Penned by experts and covering every top team and player, our World Cup betting tips will help guide you towards the most profitable options.In fact, when you combine our weekly tips with the wealth of stats out there and our daily odds updates, you should be able to find the perfect bets for your bankroll and personal preferences.

World Cup Betting Tips

To help you get the most out of our betting hub, as well as the competition itself, we’ve prepared a few general tips for you. Although you’ll need to combine these with any information and insights that arise during the tournament itself, the fundamental concepts should apply in all situations. Use Us: OK, it might not seem like the most sophisticated tip you’ve ever read, but the reality is that it can be easy to think you know it all. One of the biggest mistakes football bettors make is to assume they have all the answers. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. Indeed, because there’s so much going on during the World Cup, it’s almost impossible to stay on top of everything that’s happening.Fortunately, we have multiple resources that allow us to gather more information than one fan ever could. Take advantage of this. Even if you think you already know the answer to something, it doesn’t hurt to confirm it through our expert predictions, daily odds or any of our other World Cup resources. Don’t Go Too Hard Too Early: The group stages are over and the final 32 are ready to do battle. It can be easy to throw money at big odds and various betting markets with all the excitement, but it’s not the best way to do things. There is always the chance that some long odd teams will get a win but the best odds tend to come as the group games progress. You also have a lot more information to work with after seeing how the various teams performed in their group stages before getting to Russia 2018. Check our daily odds and this will help you to make better choices.. Don’t Miss the Best Bonuses: As we’ve said, the World Cup is a time of plenty in the online betting world and that means you’ll find more bonuses than usual. Our mission is to bring you all the latest bonuses so you don’t have to go off and search for them yourself. The best bonuses range from Free Bets, money back on losing bets and enhanced odds to acca insurance and extra credits for making a deposit. Make sure you take advantage of our tips because these deals will help keep your bankroll in the black when fortune flows against you.

Bookmaker Predictions

The bookies are releasing their predictions and odds too. For the quarter finals they are predicting Portugal v France with France winning, Brazil v Belgium with Brazil winning, Spain v Argentina with Argentina winning, and Germany v Columbia with Germany winning.For the semi-finals predictions are looking like France v Brazil with Brazil winning and Germany v Argentina with Germany winning.The final with Germany v Brazil has odds of 12/1 at William Hill, Germany v France has odds of 14/1, and Brazil v Spain or France v Argentina both have odds of 16/1.Top goalscorer odds are available at a number of bookmakers too. 10Bet has odds of 39/4 for Lionel Messi, 39/4 for Neymar, 43/4 for Cristiano Ronaldo, and 55/4 for Antoine Griezmann. Other Predictions Germany, France, Brazil, Spain, and Argentina are the side that are currently tipped to have a chance at winning the title. Germany won the 2014 world cup title against Argentina and they are a strong option to reach the finals and take the trophy this time. They averaged four goals per game in the qualifiers and only conceded four goals in total.Brazil won their group with game to spare and they have excellent players like Gabriel James and Neymar so they are going to be a force to be reckoned with. France has Les Bleus and should impress.Spain will probably be happy enough with the group draw although they may fall a little short when it comes to the crunch matches because they just aren’t as strong as they were back when in 2010. France are going to be questionable even though they have a lot of talent they’re not great in high-pressure matches.Argentina have a lot of prove after a disappointing qualification campaign and Jorge Sampaoli will have a job on his hands. Brazil only play one way and their lack of a backup plan may be to their detriment. This really only leaves Germany as the best option to win the tournament again.Germany are the current cup holders and will return to the competition in a bid to become the first team to retain the title since Brazil in 1962. They have made 18 appearances in the World Cup, hold 4 titles and they are ranked number 1 in the FIFA rankings.France have appeared in every World Cup since 1994. They have had 14 appearances, hold 1 title, and are ranked number 9 on the FIFA rankings.Brazil were the first team from CONMEBOL to book their place in the 2018 World Cup. They have had 20 appearances altogether, hold 5 titles, and are ranked number 2 in the FIFA rankings.Spain took the title in 2010 and earned their place by topping group G with a game to spare. They have made 14 appearances, hold 1 titles, and are ranked number 6 in the FIFA rankings.Argentina are a strong contender for Russia 2018 and have made 16 appearances in the World cup, holding 2 titles, and ranking number 4 in the FIFA rankings.

The 2018 World Cup Schedule

The 2018 World Cup is set to kick off in Russia on June 14, 2018 and finish 32 days later on July 15. In total there will be 32 teams in the mix and play will take place in 12 venues across 11 host cities. During the group stage, you can expect to see around four matches per day between June 14 and June 28.By the time the Round of 16 gets underway on July 30, the World Cup 2018 schedule will switch to two matches per day until eight teams filter into the following race to the finishing line:

  • Quarterfinals = July 6 X2 matches and July 7 X2 matches
  • Semifinals = July 10 and July 11
  • Third Place Playoff = July 14
  • Final = July 15

World Cup Facts

List of all the world cup winners by year

  • World Cup 2014 winners: Germany
  • World Cup 2010 Winners: Spain
  • World Cup 2006 Winners: Italy
  • World Cup 2002 Winners: Brazil
  • World Cup 1998 Winners: France
  • World Cup 1994 Winners: Brazil
  • World Cup 1990 Winners: West Germany
  • World Cup 1986 Winners: Argentina
  • World Cup 1982 Winners: Italy
  • World Cup 1978 Winners: Argentina
  • World Cup 1974 Winners: West Germany
  • World Cup 1970 Winners: Brazil
  • World Cup 1966 Winners: England
  • World Cup 1962 Winners: Brazil
  • World Cup 1958 Winners: Brazil
  • World Cup 1954 Winners: West Germany
  • World Cup 1950 Winners: Uruguay
  • World Cup 1938 Winners: Italy
  • World Cup 1934 Winners: Italy
  • World Cup 1930 Winners: Uruguay

Most number of goals in a WC: The record for the most goals at a single world cup is held by Just Fontaine a Frenchman who scored 13 goals in 1958 over six games. The overall top goal scorer in the world cup is Miroslav Klose a German player who has scored 16 goals overall. Confederation to win the most World Cup Tournaments: Europe has been the biggest winner. Germany and Italy both have four titles each, while England, France, and Spain all have one, bringing Europe’s total to 11. Country with the most bookings in a World Cup: The Battle of Nuremberg is the nickname given to the match played in round 16 of the 2006 FIFA World cup between Portugal and the Netherlands where a record four red cards and 16 yellow cards were given out. This was a new record for the number of bookings in any international tournament. Most Red cards goes to Brazil who have had 11 players dismissed, followed by Argentina with 10, and Uruguay with 9. Most Goals Scored: Germany holds this record with 224 goals scored. Most goals scored in a single WC goes to Hungary in 1954 with 27 goals. Most goals scored in a match by one team goes to Hungary in their game against El Salvador in 1982 when they scored 10 goals. Most goals scored in a match by both teams is 12 in the Austria v Switzerland game in 1954. Most goals conceded: Germany also holds this record with 121 goals conceded. Most goals conceded in a single World Cup goes to South Korea in 1954 who conceded 16 goals.

Russia 2018 World Cup Stadiums

Russia has spent more than €10 million building the stadiums and infrastructure for the 2018 world cup. The event itself will kick off on the 14th of June and finished on the 15th of July. It will take place in 12 different venues across 11 host cities. We have included information about each of the stadiums below.
Opening match: Luzhniki Stadium Final: Luzhniki Stadium Luzhniki Stadium City: Moscow Capacity: 80,000 seats Opening: 1956 This is the largest venue Will host the semifinal and final Saint Petersburg Stadium City: Saint Petersburg Capacity: 67,000 seats Opening: 2017 Will host the semifinal and third place Fisht Stadium City: Sochi Capacity: 48,000 seats Opening: 2013Will host the quarter final Ekaterinburg Arena City: Ekaterinburg Capacity: 45,000 seats Opening: Built in 1957 has been redesigned for the World Cup Kazan Arena City: Kazan Capacity: 45,000 seats Opening: 2013 Will host a quarter final Nizhny Novgorod Stadium City: Nizhny Novgorod Capacity: 45,000 seats Opening: Built between 1955 and 1956 has been redesigned for the World Cup Will host a quarter final Rostov Arena City: Rostov-on-Don Capacity: 45,000 seats Opening: Under construction Samara Arena City: Samara Capacity: 45,000 seats Opening: Under construction Will host a quarter final Mordovia Arena City: Saransk Capacity: 45,000 seats Opening: Under construction Volgograd Stadium City: Volgograd Capacity: 45,000 seats Opening: Under construction Spartak Stadium City: Moscow Capacity: 42,000 seats Opening: 2014 Kaliningrad Stadium City: Kaliningrad Capacity: 35,212 seats Opening: Under construction.